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  1. I agree that fall damage is lethal, but I think that this is actually very realistic. For example you can be hit by a sword and be lightly wounded (if nothing vital is hit or if the hit did not pierce you), but if you fall from a height of 6 metres you are almost guaranteed to break a bone. Note that a broken bone is equivalent to critical damage so I think that the rules are spot on on this.
  2. @ Asymptomatic I do not agree that it is a disappointing talent. On the contrary, it is very useful when dealing with high Toughness characters when two separate hits would not damage the opponent. The talent basically gives the option to deliver one very powerful hit instead on two less powerful ones. Which is more useful depends on the opponent.
  3. @ Braddoc Actually against Dual Strike and Dual Shot the armor is applied to both hits individually and toughness once to the combined damage rolls of both hits. At least this is according to the errata of the old version. I do not have the second version of DH so I do not know if this has changed.
  4. It seems to me that more or less we all agree that loss of prerequisites means that the talent cannot be used. What we seem not to agree to is the degree of loss that triggers the effect of not being able to use the talent. I think that in order to keep it simple it is better to respect the RAW threshold. So in the example that I provided earlier the character would not be able to use Dual Shot, Dual Strike, Hip Shooting, Hard Target and Step Aside as his Agility would be lower than 40. Of course as Fgdsfg already said the character cannot unlearn how to Step Aside for example. He simply cannot pull it off anymore as he is not agile enough. Therefore the talent should remain in the player's character sheet so that if for example he spends XP to increase the relevant characteristic above the requirement threshold the talent can be used again. How does this sound?
  5. You are right in that many if not most Talents reflect you knowledge of how to do something as in your example of Unarmed Master. But, still Unarmed Master would most likely be classified as a Talent rather than a Skill based on the definition I provided. Note that I am not saying that this definition is a rule or anything like that. It just feels to me that Skills have more to do with what a character knows whereas Talents have more to do with the character's abilities. Regarding my comment on Palsy, I may not have phrased it correctly in my previous post, but I meant that since Palsy makes you shaky, if that brings you lower than the talent requirement then it is fair to say that you cannot use it anymore. I agree that the Characteristics damage rarely brings you below the prerequisites for a talent, but what triggered me asking this question is that if my character dropped below 40 Agility I would not meet the requirements for Dual Shot, Dual Strike, Hip Shooting, Hard Target and Step Aside. These are talents that I have already spent XP on so you can see that in this case it was quite important to know the answer to this.
  6. I am not sure if I would follow Fdgsfg's suggestion as I feel that talents are not about knowing how to do something. They are about being able to do things rather than knowing how to do them. The things that a character knows I think are reflected by the Skills rather than the Talents. So for example my character has the Dual Strike talent which has a prerequisite of Agility 40. If by getting Palsy I had rolled a 3 or more I would have agility less than 40. The description of Palsy says: "The character suffers from numerous minor tics, shakes and tremors with no medical cause. Reduce his Agility by 1d10". I think that it would be fair to say that after such a result the character is no longer fit enough to use Dual Strike. Also I would prefer in my GM ruled a clear "yes" or "no" in general so that we do not have to argue over this each time on an ad-hoc basis.
  7. "...but be aware that players might be a lot more frustrated with not being able to use a talent they spend XP for then when you simply steal their gear." Actually I am the player that faced this issue and I do not mind if the GM feels that I will lose it. It's just that it is always nice to know if it is RAW or not. As it happened I rolled Palsy on the malignancy test and rolled a "2" so I now have Agility 40 so it was a close call .
  8. If a character has a characteristic permanently reduced (due to a failed malignancy test for example) and as a result does not meet the requirements for a talent that he already has, does this mean that this talent cannot be used anymore? I think yes, but cannot find anything in the rulebook. Can you direct me where this is explained please?
  9. No I mean the Power of the Warp talent from the Radical's Handbook, which is available to those who select the Daemon Vessel elite advance package.
  10. The talent description says that you may choose a number of Psychic Powers and/or Sorcery Arcana equal to Willpower Bonus. Can these be different each time the talent is activated or do you choose them the first time and are stuck with them from then on?
  11. I think that in the novel "Rebel Winter", it mentions that the Vostroyan Firstborn are enlisted for ten years of service. After the ten years expire they usually re-enlist, but there is a character there who was planning to retire.
  12. According to the Inquisitor's Handbook, modifying or creating power weapons is a Very Hard test so it has a -30 penalty. Also note that Trade (Armourer) and Trade (Smith) are two different skills. One is used to create/modify weapons and the other to forge metals into shape for example to create a blade or a suit of armour. Taking the above into consideration, canibalising a power weapon that he has to "just create a hammer" is too simplistic in my opinion. Think of all the different circuitry that a hammer would have compared to a blade for example. Let alone that building the hammer is not easy as he would need to have a workshop and the proper materials to do it, which includes the appropriate blueprint as others have already said. I would flatly say that he cannot do it.
  13. "They have a talent called Hip Shooting, but it's basically just an ability to make your full tactical move and snap off a single shot. It's an awesome talent (especially if you rock a grenade launcher), but i think..." The last sentence of the description for Hip Shooting in DH says "As a Full action, you may simultaneously move up to your Full Move rate and make a single attack with a pistol". Therefore I do not think that you can use a grenade launcher in this way. It is not a pistol.
  14. Why not make it a no win scenario where they gradually find out what's going on, they basically have to survive and the only option in the end is exterminatus?
  15. Hakaisha said: BUT, there is a talent called double team, that gives you an additional +10 if you outnumber an opponent, and +20 if both of you have it. But combat Master nulifies that too, so if your opponent has Combat Master, you get no bonus. As already officially clarified at an older thread, Combat Master only nulifies the basic bonus for outnumbering an opponent. It does not nulify the added bonus from Double Team.
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