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  1. Hello! Sorry for my english. I have some questions: 1. Followers. If any card or special ability of a character cause ghoul or minstrel to lose one of their followers, could they lose one of their rised/charmed enemies instead of a normal followers? Could, for example, Sorceress take one of that rised/charmed creatures as her follower? Or could the card "werewolf" (from reaper expansion) make one of them werewolf? 2. Alternative ending "thives guild" from the "Sity". Sould the player on the crown of command choose wich object he wants to take from another character, or it should be chosen by random? Thank you very much!
  2. Kreg

    Red Riding Hood

    Hi to everyone! I have one simple question. It's about a follower from "Blood Moon" expantion - Red Riding Hood. To my mind, its ability to move the closest enemy to the character is quite negative. And I'm inetrested: if a character must take her as a follower, when it is encountered, or can just leave her at thаt place?
  3. Velhart. I alredy have a lot of fun with this game! This is my first big board game, and "Dragon Expansion" is the first expansion i had bought for it. Now I got another one - Sacred Pool. And I can't get enough of a Talisman! There is only one problem - almost all of my frends don't know English well enough so I must to translate them the text from the cards. And sometimes they don't belive me! )))
  4. Shifting Spirit. Thanks for the answer! Yes, of corse I have read this page, but I wasn't sure if I understood it right. There are some cards in dragon decks, that are hard to play in such a situation. For example: "Dragonspine Pass" (if there are no dragons in the inner region, can I automaticalIy be teleported to the Dragon King? ). Reign of Fire (What happens to the dragon skales, placed on the inner region space?) And some more questions if you don't mind If I had left some of my stuff on the space in the inner region, should I discard them at the end of my turn like any other card? Can the Dragon Pristess use her special ability to offer a sacrifice in Dragon tower?
  5. The_Warlock. Thank's for explanation vary much! Now it's perfectly clear! But in that case it's strange for me, why the "Dragon slayers" is the ending which could not be used in the Hidden variant of the game, when players don't know, what boss await them ( there is a revealed icon on it). Velhart. I must say, that at first time we used the Dragon King ending, we were playing almost according to your homerules, only without automatic king effect ! ))
  6. 1. Alternative ending "Dragon king" : may I still use my Dragonscales during the fight with him? And what kind of dragonscales shoud I use? 2."Domain of Dragons": May I use all the dragonscales during the battle with the Dragon King, or just the dragonskales with matching colour? 3."Dragon slayers". Should I still plase the dragonscales on the board in the start of the characters turn? 4.Minotaur. Does he gain +1 to his attack score during battle in inner region? Thanks!
  7. Hi to everybody! I'm from Ukraine, so sorry for my English. I like to play Talisman very much but still have some problems with the rules in Dragon Expansion. For example, When we play in Dragon tower, how we must play the cards from the dragon kings deck, that is not an enemy? Can I take an objects? Should I encounter the place and events, take followers etc.? Thank you!
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