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  1. Is the Conversion Kit an available selection as part of your collection? I would love to be able to use all of those old heroes and monsters! I was surprised The Shadow Rune campaign from the base set wasn't available to play, which made me wonder if there plans to include campaigns from the physical box sets, or are they just not translatable to the app for some reason? Also, how do the two available campaigns (Rise of the Goblins and Kindred Fire) compare to box set campaigns (e.g. The Shadow Rune, Lair of the Wyrm, etc.)? If I enjoy being Overlord and want to run a campaign with a grand scope, would I be better served using one of the campaigns that came with the base box? One last question: does using the app actually speed up game play (including set up time)?
  2. 1. How is the set rotation structured? I.e.: a. How often are expansions released? b. How many small expansions between large expansions? c. How long before expansions are no longer "tournament legal"? d. Are there plans for the Core Set to be replaced at some point? (Similar to how MTG puts out a new "edition" every few years.) 2. Is power creep an issue to the point where it would be better to buy newer expansions rather than older ones? 3. Are the small and large expansions both structured like the Core Set (three of some cards, two of some cards, and singles of some cards)? 4. What kind of investment (in terms of duplicate Core Sets and expansions) would I need to make to be able to have enough cards to build at least two playable decks of each faction? 5. Would any particular expansions help get me to this goal better than others? Thanks in advance!
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