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  1. http://hoardobits.com/ Right now they're doing New Years inventory, but they carry the main game box set components split up, you can order separately. I picked up a flak troop and 2 sets of dice, reasonably priced and shipped fast. Check back there in a couple weeks it sounds like, maybe the dust will be back up by then. Think they also sell components via an eBay store
  2. @Mav As per question #2 and hero casualties, do the new multimodel/wound single unitl bases like the Axis 3 man squads follow the same rules as heroes then I assume? Whole bases eliminated before casualty rolls?
  3. Nope, referring to the the new warfare campaign book: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3781 the questions have to do with post game clean up and unit experience rolls with multiwound single models. I can't seem to find any concrete statement as to how heroes and vehicles are handled in these rules, Just wondering if other people may have made sense of it
  4. Haha omg… Oh yeah! So obvious I missed it! Thank you! Anyone else on Hades? Not a lot of discussion on it at all, my fear is the same as posted in the other thread- that Dust Warfare/Tactics will die a slow drawn out death. There just isn't the hub of sustained excitement and discussion activity as there once was then again this is one of those rare simple and elegant games where there just isn't a lot of debate- things just tend to work (well, work when you can remember simple rules like "Team")
  5. 1) How are vehicles handled in terms of casulty rolls- do they make them? 2) Do Heroes make casualty rolls if they take a point of damage? 3) it appears the only skill vehicles can get is Hades Veteran, correct? 4) page 45: "Units with the Team special ability invert the results of their casualty rolls.." -What the hell is the "Team ability" and where can i find it (searched all over the place to no avail, i just cant find it) Also, anyone have any luck running this campaign w/ just two people? if so, what rules have you tweaked? We're just starting out a modified map I altered and set up w/ 3 platoons to a side to see how it plays… be curious to see how other people have dealt with the balance when reduced to two.
  6. Anyone in the metro Detroit area play? Down-river area here…
  7. The hero cards might want to have an indication as to which abilities are tagged as "shared". It's a fairly important thing as some abilities don't transfer to squads.
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