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    Hi all, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on this game. I've played five times so far on normal and lost every time, and I think I'm still missing something given the number of people who say how easy it is. For instance, in my last game a had one adventure that was locking a green glyph so I figured that was a natural target, and luckily it only had 2 objectives (or whatever they're called), one with one skull and one with two skulls. The first investigator I sent was the guy who can reroll his clues an extra time and he had 3 clues so I figured there was no way I could NOT win, but after taking out the one skull objective in the first round I rolled my remaining 4 glyphs 7 times (3 clues times 2 attempts each + the original) and didn't get a single skull! My remaining rolls also failed to land a skull. So then my next investigator went up and had a yellow glyph, but managed to not roll a single skull the entire time. My third investigator had no items and rolled a grand total of one skull, and my fourth went in with one clue and managed a total of zero skulls the entire time. Suffice it to say, I quit after that game… Is there something that affects the glyph rolls that I haven't figured out yet? That was probably the most egregious example, and sent me right here to ask what I'm missing, but every game so far I've encountered adventures that look easy and just don't seem to go down because I roll absolutely nothing that I need. It's to the point that if it really is just random bad luck I probably will delete the game because it's so frustrating
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