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  1. It's definitely principally focused on the Faramir (Le) ally. But, there is tremendously more hero readying in the game than for allies. It felt to me like the drawback to using the contract. We get to convert an ally into a hero, but we can't really go crazy with the. Ex/ Legolas will be a solid draw hero for tactics, but we can't stack 3 Unexpected Courages on him and get 4 cards in a single phase.
  2. There's a lot of potential for advanced play going on here. You can count cards and know that certain especially bad effects were discarded to Boost effects letting you be a little more risky as the game goes on. If the encounter deck is about to cycle, you can purposefully leave cards in play (not defeat the minion or side scheme) that have powerful boost abilities, etc.
  3. The AP was not released early at the event. The Con event coordinators said that there had been some logistical issues. The AP had not yet been unloaded (or arrived in MN). It was vague and I'm not even sure the Event Center knew exactly why.
  4. Missing a card in an AP is very uncommon. I've had situations where cards are stuck together. Do a quick double-check to see if your third copy is bonded to the back of another card. If so, a little flexing should cause it to fall off. If that's not the case, FFG customer support on this stuff is really good. Just contact them and explain the situation and the y should send you a copy.
  5. So, we're still missing the full text on two of the Fire in the Night player cards Quicker Then Sight and Outmatched Anyone have those yet? I'm super anxious
  6. You are not entirely wrong. There is a typo associated with encounter sets in The Long Dark. The encounter sets icons on the quest cards are correct The encounter set icons in the rules insert are correct The encounter set names in the rules insert are incorrect https://photos.app.goo.gl/W6frAEM943ep1C1i9
  7. GenCon and Fellowship 2014: Aragorn (Le) http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Aragorn-FotBD GenCon 2015: Gimil (T) http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Gimli-TRoB Fellowship 2015: Legolas (T) http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Legolas-MatPP GenCon 2016: Boromir (T) http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Boromir-TSoA Fellowship 2016: Faramir (Le) http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Faramir-TSoA GenCon 2017: Celeborn http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Celeborn-AoDG Fellowship 2017: Galadriel GenCon 2018: Glorfindel (Lo)
  8. This pdf is four years old now but still has a lot of the relevant cards. https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/88434/card-erratas
  9. Whoops, yeah, six heroes. Other users it's been up to 10
  10. I opted not to host it since there were only four new heroes in 2017. (Folco would have released during the competition). I'm considering hosting it in a dwiss round format, similar to Seastan's quest championship, once the harad cycle is complete
  11. I always make sure to have a deck like this on stand-by. If the group just can't work out issues with unique cards, I can step in with this an make things a lot easier. http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/802/the-deck-you-want-your-friend-to-play-1.0
  12. He was the Witch King, right? Wouldn't Tom be Nazgul traited?
  13. FFG has been doing a lot of unprecedented things with their card games lately: 1) Netrunner: revised core with rotation 2) Destiny: overhaul of their organized play 3) Akham Horror: releasing alternative art cards in novellas 4) Destiny: a willingness to errata the cost of cards and change fundamental game rules 5) L5R: releasing an entire cycle in six weeks It just makes sense that they would do something to similar to revitalize LotR. Now, I don't mean v2.0. But, recent events would lead me to believe it's not just an announcement for a new cycle coming in December.
  14. I Agree! There is value in guaranteeing that a certain type of card is not pulled from the surge keyword. Over the course of a game there is often one card type that you cannot tolerate dealing with. Maybe you're on the verge of location lock, maybe you're strapped for defenders. But, maybe there is one specific card that you know will end the game. There is value in reducing that probability to zero. But, does anyone do this? I'm armchair quarterbacking on this one. I don't usually play with the lampwright that often.
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