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  1. Just watch the old movie Maximum Overdrive, and as others have said turn off the logic centers of your brain. Then again, you could use that as motivation: Pete: "That's impossible! An electric knife couldn't chase me like this!" GM: "Normally you would be correct Pete, but do you really want to stop and question it?" Pete: "Ummm, no, I'll figure it out later!"
  2. I'm thinking that is probably from the nanobot scenario; it looks like a swarm of nanobots stripped most of that area, including the deer, on the first pass. Considering those are supposed to be destroying all organic matter, it could very well be a picture of the process still in action (the fog perhaps being the swarms).
  3. I like revelations to. Those four horsemen aren't that tough. In Deadlands the Apache manged to drive off War itself and somebody shot down Famine's horse! Ha! so much for four horsemen! The Three Horseman and the Dude that has to Walk?
  4. I'm thinking more along the lines of that Will Smith SciFi movie, After Earth, where aliens had evolved the planet's entire ecosystem so that everything tried to kill you. In this case it's more of Gaea having had enough of us, I guess.
  5. Or it was just the end of the Mayan calendar. As a friend of mine once put it: "Oh no! My calendar says the world will end on December 31st!" The idea that the Mayan calendar coming to an end somehow implies a global apocalypse is a very modern idea. To the ancient Mayans, this would have been a time for celebration, not panic. It was merely the end of the Long Count calendar, but there were other calendars found that had longer cycles; one that I remember extending past the Long Count calendar was on a 10,000 year cycle, although I'm not even going to try and spell the Mayan city's name where it was found.
  6. The thing about the Mayan calendar is that it was incorrectly translated over to a modern calendar; the date the 'Long Count' calendar ended could have happened fifty years ago, or it could have yet to happen, which would allow people using that scenario to set it now. I'm a bit surprised they used that one, as the Mayans didn't actually have an end of the world scenario in their religion; some guy in the early 1900s came up with it as a way to sell books. For a good look at what warring pantheons might look like, there is an excellent comic book series called "God is Dead" that deals with returning pantheons, and their eventual fighting over earth (as well as a host of other topics); it often tends to be NSFW though.
  7. I can understand why they don't do PDFs right away though, as pirate copies of the PDFs will be on the internet in less than 24 hours these days.
  8. Merry Christmas indeed!
  9. I did see that, but wish the book's original ending had been kept so as to let the audience decide for themselves what happened. I was toying with the idea of using the government experiment into alternate dimensions as the precursor for how it came to be. This would also allow me to switch settings between one book and the next, and also give the players a sense that they could be able to stop things if they could locate the device and stop it. That in turn would provide a transition into one of the Post-apocalyptic settings.
  10. Interesting. You might want to have at least twice as many 'careers' as there are players though; I would have them draw in turn, and then draw a second in reverse order. That way they get two options for characters, and thus have a sense of choice.
  11. It is dice based, and from what I understood it works a bit like how the Star Wars RPGs work; you have two sets of dice, in this game all d6, and matching numbers from the two sets cancel each other out: "Whenever you attempt a task that is difficult or poses a serious danger, you roll a number of six-sided dice to determine if it succeeds or fails. These dice are split between two colors – one representing “positive” dice that help you, and the other representing “negative” dice that hinder you. Positive and negative dice can be added by your positive and negative features, your equipment, any existing injuries, the difficulty of the task, the environment, or other contributing factors. Once the pool of dice for the task has been collected, you roll them and compare their values. Each negative die result that matches a positive die result removes both dice from the final pool. If any positive dice remain in the pool with a result equal to or lower than the characteristic associated with the task, you successfully complete the task. However, even success may hold its consequences. Any negative dice left in the pool cause you to suffer stress, pushing you closer to your limits, as we’ll explore in more detail below." http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=5206
  12. I would suggest having them come up with a basic career if you go this route (pizza delivery, cop, clerk, etc.), unless you want to see what happens when a team of Delta/Special forces/Navy Seals/whatever encounters the zombie apocalypse. Then again, that could be fun too; Dog Soldiers meets zombies!
  13. Reminiscent of an old horror movie called Helloween, but as I recall the heavy metal music turned the teenagers into the demonically possessed.
  14. I don't know; I'm not familiar at all with the comic series. My understanding is that there's a lot of communication both ways, but whether or not that applies in this case is anyone's guess.
  15. Was he a cook on a US battleship? Never fear! Zombie FBI agents will open a case against him, making vague but unproven allegations of mob connections, and his career will be forced to transition to direct to DVD releases! In all seriousness though, if someone feels uncomfortable playing as themselves, let them play someone else. I'd probably ask them to pick someone normal though, to try and nix any power-gaming attempts; say a pizza delivery guy, or something similar so that it fits in with the group sitting down for gaming night when Z-Day starts.
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