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  1. FalloutGuy004 said: I would like to hear from other Thrones Board Game fanatics some strategies they have found that work for house Tyrell in a 6 man game. The way I see it, they are the most hamstrung to start the game. Limited access to castles, and Crowns(the painted kind on the board). No stars to start the game from the Raven Track which is brutal. And the only house to truly have 3 enemies close enough to battle with them early in the game. On the positive side, they have an above average deck. Its no Greyjoy deck, but the queen of Thorns card is one of the best 0 cards, if not the best in the game(argument for patchface in Baratheon, but you have to time it right), Mace is strong, and Ser Loras card is huge as an army destroyer and a late game castle grabber. Another positive is that the land and sea areas are very insulated and you can set up a very tough defense to break through. Final Positive, you can get to 6 barrells for supply realitively easily. That allows you to be a major force later in the game. Who are Tyrells best allies. What first moves would you make. How much focus on the sea. Which 7 castles are the best to target. Will write my thoughts later, but at work and out of time. Playing as Tyrell in a six person game is interesting, because you have no stars, a late turn (which doesn't matter for a few turns since no one really bothers with you, and a high Fiefdom start, only bettered by the Greyjoys. So play to your strengths, and play defensively. If you get too close to Martel you will be sent to the bottom of an influence track which will piss you off even more. Castles and power should be your first concern, since muster cards can come up, or you can bid for a star. Opening moves: That said my starting move; would be to move all my units. From Highgarden the footman down to Oldtown, For the hope that the Muster card is played. The Dornish Marches footman to either Prince's Pass (although you are getting closer to Martel territory) or The Reach in the hope that the Muster card is played. Marching the boat from Redwyne Straights into the Oldtown Port (to farm power in the next turn. The 7 castles I target are Highgarden (home) Oldtown (right below home) The Reach (right to home) Flint's Finger (steal for 7th castle) If you want to attack Martel the other 3 will be Starfall, Yronwood, & Sunspear If you want to attack Lannister the other 3 will be Lannisport, Starfall & Yronwood If you want to attack Baratheon the other 3 will be King's Landing, Storms End/Yronwood and Starfall Allies: depends on who are you playing with. Greyjoy: Keeps Lannister off your back, but requires sunset sea to control Lannister, and that can be dangerous Lannister: Keeps Greyjoy far away from you and is really only concerned with the castles in the middle of the map Baratheon: Can check and eliminate Martel; if Martel pisses him off with Doran [forgot his name] (the 0 card) Martel: Harasses Baratheon, slowly chipping away at his defenses In short: focusing on building crowns & castles for mustering or gaining stars to muster. Only attack Martel after he uses Doran. Setup to steal 3/4 Castles in one turn (with Loras, Mace & Queen)
  2. Hello guys, I am new to these forums, and I have been reading a lot of the topics on this game, (I just randomly bought the second edition because it looked cool in the store) and you guys have answered a lot of my questions and posted interesting house rules. I don't think I've read on here a new variation that I have come up with; assigning the house cards to physical units. (This way if you are a Stark you can assign the Robb Stark card during your first battle to a specific footman/horse, and continually use the house card until the unit dies.) I feel this would add a more realistic aspect to battles. To me it didn't make sense that a specific character would be there for one fight then be missing for the next 6 fights that occur in that same area/or with the same units. I am not saying assigning a card to a piece of land, but to a unit. Do you guys think this idea would work? I understand there would be some balance issues, so you would only be able to use the printed effect once, (or else Loras could essentially take over the board in one turn) and you could apply the strength of the card to the battle. -Thanks for the feedback
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