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  1. I'm sure there will be at least one and probably more expansions. An easy expansion would include pilots and ships (though I don't think that would add that much to the game by itself). It really needs more contacts, encounter cards, and market cards (especially gear and mods). I do not feel the replayability is very high as is... unless you don't mind seeing the same thing over and over and over again.
  2. I think IA would be much more popular than it if it was out for 2 years before X-Wing as it would have been the only current SW minis game in town for a while, and that would have helped. But, I think X-Wing would have more quickly caught up and exceeded IA for lots of reasons, including it has more curbside appeal (I demo both all the time and folks are much more drawn to X-Wing).
  3. Why? They are troopers and the regulars have a reinforcement cost of 3 each.
  4. One other interesting thing about this mission is that each figure CAN carry multiple tokens since it does not specify otherwise. I've confirmed this with FFG.
  5. Word on the street according to my LGS is 12/18 (opening day of the new movie). Hope this turns out to be true.
  6. Here is my list with command cards. Ben and I regularly practiced our similar lists (he replaced one set of regular sabs for Jyn) and were able to beat 4/4 on 4 of 6 maps at least a little more than half the time, which is why we tried to give it a try at worlds. Unfortunately, the two missions that these squads were less strong on (at least vs. 4/4) were the two that require you to control terminals (Mind of Its Own and Data Hist). As (bad) luck would have it, that was the mission drawn during the top 4 round which both Ben and I lost to 4/4. I did the best I could and kept it close (no doubt an early move by my opponent and rolling a few extra Xs made it better than it otherwise would have been for me). Anyway, it was a great event with some amazing people/players... we had a blast! (Pun intended.) SQUAD (39 points): 7 Elite Rebel Saboteur 7 Elite Rebel Saboteur 5 Rebel Saboteur 5 Rebel Saboteur 5 Rebel Saboteur 5 Rebel Saboteur 3 Gideon Argus 2 C-3PO COMMAND CARDS (15 points): 0 Of No Importance 0 Element of Surprise 0 Take Initiative 0 Deadeye 0 Rally 0 Urgency 0 Hard to Hit 1 Change of Plans 1 Strength in Numbers 1 Stealth Tactics 2 Lock On 2 Squad Storm 2 Slippery Target 3 Hide in Plain Sight 3 Maximum Firepower
  7. I don't like it either (we use printed maps exclusively in my area since the tiles are such a pain). But, on p. 5 it clearly states that "Only official Imperial Assault components are legal for use in tournament play." And, even the part you quote specifically refers to building the map. Again, while I think the tiles are the worst part of the game, it would be a mistake to not bring tiles to worlds.
  8. See here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/10/16/a-new-mission-objective/ And, I would not assume printed maps will be legal. I'd definitely bring tiles just in case.
  9. Try clearing your cash and downloading again... it does say 10/28 now.
  10. Cool... that's not what it originally said. I emailed them and it looks like they fixed it right away.
  11. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/10/16/a-new-mission-objective/ In the tournament rules, it says new map takes effect March 1. I'm guessing/hoping this is a typo that will be fixed soon.
  12. They also gave out a set of clear dice to the top 16 (or was it top 8) at worlds last year... so, you never know.
  13. This is my favorite so far... does especially well on the bounty hunter scenario.
  14. I disagree... I don't want any more stormtroopers but bought them anyway for the campaign stuff (most of the skirmish stuff was a repeat and/or wasn't very good). I don't want any more e-webs, officers, probe droids, heavy stormtroopers and more. And, I'd hate to have to buy them just to get a few cards and campaign stuff when there is already plenty of good campaign stuff out there.
  15. No. Turns out I don't really like epic play or the ships they've chosen to produce. I purchase only for regular X-Wing stuff and then sell or trade the rest. I expect to continue to do this indefinitely.
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