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  1. What would this power look like under Only War/DH2? Focus Test: Willpower -10? Or Willpower -15? Or Willpower -20? Range: 5 x PR (I think this would be pretty straightforward) Effect: Psychic Blast, Radius = PR? PR x2? Damage Scaling: 2D10 Plus... 4 x PR? 3 x PR?
  2. Curious - if I'm going to be an inquisitor that has requisitioned some marines for some particular missions, which books should I be using to make my inquisitor? Ascension? DH2? Using Deathwatch rules for psyker powers? Basically follow the guidelines for Grey Knights? Help!!!
  3. By Raw.. this would seem to allow me to slot in an order, faith or oath talent even though I may not have an order, faith or oath slot in my current career. Seems like an interesting way to allow you to use your other talents from previous careers that may no longer be valid, correct? Otherwise, once you go from apprentice wizard to witchunter for example, you wont ever by able to slot in your order talent correct?
  4. I know of the creation rule that characteristics cannot exceed "5" - but what about after that point, can I go to str/agil/tough/int/fel/wil etc of 10? 15? 20?!?! Im sure I missed this somewhere
  5. Necro'd Let's extend to Rank 4 and Rank 5. How's purple sun of xereus? (waiting on delivery of hero's call)
  6. Does the hero's call pdf have all the action cards, item cards, etc? Since the product seems to be impossible to find!
  7. Hmmm - thanks Not exactly what I was looking for 4 out of the 5 options you have aren't really mitigation but avoidance - dont cast! The 5th is interesting, especially for a human as they may transitions in a slightly easier fashion. I think we're just used to mages/wizards actually casting not avoiding casts - which was always a problem with the WFRP magic framework. I was hoping there was a talent or ability or something that reduced miscasts. Thanks
  8. Something that has you either re-rolling or ignoring the chaos stars? I realise that the dangers of spell casting have always been key to Warhammer, but it has always also been glaring imbalance (in my opinion). Considering the possibility for Purple die to stack real high, and the difficulty of getting rid of corruption should you get it from miscasting, Im looking for manageable ways around that...
  9. Out of curiosity... trying **** hard to purchase the Hero's Call boxed set.. but until then, just curious about this?
  10. Internus said: PS - It's a forum, not a chat room. It may take people longer than 20 minutes to respond, so be patient. a forum - always reminding me of the obtuse individuals, lacking in manners and basic arithmetic; unless 20 minutes is a metaphor for 16 hours and the thrad going to page 2. i appreciate your replies folks, thank you.
  11. Seriously.. i'm sure ALL of you have the ascension book and have played/considered Imperial Psykers becoming inquisitors/etc.. Bump Sam W.
  12. Can these advances be taken multiple times? Example, if I choose that as my optional benefit for becoming an inquisitor, can I increase my Psy Rating more than once for 1,500.. can I purchase more than one psychic ascended power? I ask because it seems rather weird (at least lore wise as I only have started playing the game), that an inquistor would be limited to Psy Rating 7 Max and only 1 Ascended Power at all… Or are other ways to continue to increase your psy rating/gain ascended powers? Thanks
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