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  1. The 40k games are really close though, and I imagine the same thing will happen here to some extent. The rules will be new, more in depth and in some cases "patches" over what they find to be broken. It may not be the best, but it is preferable to really having no updates to your system after splat books... For instance, the way semi-auto and full-auto works changes from Dark Heresy to Death Watch to Only War, but they can easily be worked in backwards and in many cases just are better rules. I don't know if they were meant to be or not, but they seem like it here at least. If they tweak some mechanical roll in AoR from EotE, I imagine it would be an update not a real retcon. I have had Dark Heresy characters in Deathwatch campaigns, and with a little tweaking they fit in well really.
  2. While Alderaan really is kind of space Earth, there are other planets where you can pass a suburban life off. Parts of Naboo, Corellia would probably fly. You could probably stretch it, it isn't "our suburbia" but there are probably parts of Coruscant and Nar Shadaa that would feel suburbany (in comparison to the rest of the planet). Dantooine can have a little more rural feel between some known settlements (at least from what I remember on SWG servers... *shrug*)
  3. The number one thing to work on, in my opinion, is improvisation. No plans survive contact with your Players. Just learn to be adaptable. Think what you would be doing if you didn't see your plot hooks. And when all else fails, just roll with it. I would suggest a nice easy one shot your first time out, dip your toe in so to speak, and then just jump head first into an adventure.
  4. Thank you for the quick response and help. The way I read it was that you had to roll to even get the attachment to work. Now I see it, just didn't get it right away.
  5. I'm just a tad confused on the "Modification Options" on all of the Weapons/Armor/Starship modifications. How does one go about getting them? Do you have to by that mod again? Does it take Hardpoints again or just credits if you have to buy it again? If it doesn't take the mod again, you just "get to pick an option" why are there some mods that only have one option? When it lists something similar to "2 Damage +1 mods" under options, does that mean, if it does have cost associated with it, that you must gain the optional modifications twice, or that you essentially just get +2 damage when you pick that option?
  6. Thank you so much for the link, and thanks for the translation/transcription work. Man that looks amazing. Awesome.
  7. Okay, so I was reading on the cipher forums about the Gae Bolg. What is meant by notion of use? What about power level? I'm using a homebrew campaign, and they picked up a sword of immense power, that I wish to scale with one of the players and wondered if this would be a better way to do it. What about "Fable"? Just some interesting questions and ideas?
  8. Okay, good, these are some of the assumptions I made too. I just wanted to check the acceptance of other players, and make sure there is some sense of it. In my current campaign, a ritual would be a little more accepted (it is a homebrew world), but still, you would have to designate how big of a ritual and what for. A powerful demon would probably want blood, and that wouldn't fly at all. I had a player trying to pull of a summoner back at the beginning, but didn't have a grasp of how your actions influence things in this system, and ended up frying himself with a summon check. Thank you for all of the feed back!
  9. Specifying a summoning ritual, especially one for invocations. Pg. 181 "During the time a character prepares an Invocation, he concentrates and synchronizes with it, so it is possible to use as a Passive Action." I assume this is referring to the ritual. Which is nice for summoners, for at least 5 turns of passive ritual to get a +0 to summon/control/bind. The real question though, is, if it is passive, or even if it isn't, can a person just have a "daily hour ritual" for a +20 to using his invocation in a day? I don't see any reason you couldn't really, it doesn't specify much, and "other, simpler Rituals just need chants or gestures". Would it be too incredible to allow people this? If it doesn't work like this, how do people realistically pull of "more than fifty year" rituals? Do they need to specify ahead of time, and they can never push the ritual ahead of time? Thoughts, comments, concerns, rude remarks? If a psychic can concentrate with "passive concentration" forever, is it too crazy to allow a summoner something like this?
  10. That is what I thought as well, but one of my players voiced some distaste that even with cinematic rules you never really hit a tiresome battle. Maybe my battles are too short, they just seem to hinge on a bunch of small blows and then a lucky kill hit.
  11. Okay, we had some prolonged fights the other day, and while my huge party dispatched most enemies no problem (something I'll have to look into), someone was wondering about fatigue. Do you lose fatigue after a certain number or combat turns? Moreso, can someone just give me an overview of where/when fatigue loss occurs?
  12. If I may post another question to the message (also, been reading a while, first post, hello all). I have a player with psychic powers that wants to use the same power twice in a round. I know that it is outlined that you can split your potential for multiple powers, but is the same power outlined as a "multiple power". For impact it shouldn't matter much, I don't think, but for some utility or disciplines that have area later it might be a problem.
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