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  1. So is everything else I put in my 'rules of gaming' alright? Besides the Characteristics and all. I do the detailed method of giving exp. so I can avoid giving too much out at one point. Is this alright to use and all?
  2. understood, so far, Ive had no issue with this but it will be helpfull in a future scenario.
  3. So as anyone can guess from the title's name, this topic will talk about my rules for character creation in the game along with rules. First off, Minimum starting stat for a character is 40. The change here is that instead of rolling 2d10's, you roll 1d10. In addition, starting out characters get 1,500 from char creation instead of the 1,000 prescribed in the rulebook. Second item, Chapter and Adv. spec. For the chapters, I will allow any/all that follow these guide-lines. The biggest is simple, any chapter made using the rules in rites of battle and/or honor the chapter, can be used EXCEPT joke versions, (Ex, angry marines.) Along with the Fire angels and legion of the damned. The reason for the last 2 is that I believe that they are the same chapter so its up to you to decide if this is in the game along with some other changes. Adv. spec. Now, I consider the Black shield adv. spec to be a form of Chapter, NOT a speciality. The reason is that you have removed your chapter from other's knowledge. Now how many adv. specs you can use in my rule? A maximum of 2 (or 3 if your a tempest blade O.o) just for multiple uses. I usually give my players the Kill-marine adv.spec for free because they sometimes have VERY big fights. As such, I made it so that if they have a dissagreement/more than one way of thinking, they could do it themself. Hope you guys enjoyed this.
  4. The sound of warning lights in my sacred armor reawakens me to the fact that i'm in an area of danger. Attempting to get some attention for help, I call out to someone. "Orarie!!! Marchen!!! Lihne!!! Anyone there!!" All I get in response is static, and after shaking my head mutliple times, I realize where I am, and am immediatly horrorfied at what has occured to my squad that I lead into battle. I see that 8 of my brother's are dead, the people I swore to protect with all my power. Gone, like the forces of death that the cursed warriors of chaos brought unto us. "Wait, 8? Where's Nilche?!" I think to myself as I still attempt to get up. But cannot, as I see that both of my arms, which were the things covering my brother from our earliest days, are gone. Along with the armor that was with it. But due to the greatness that was the emporer's progeny, I would not bleed to death. Attempting to crawl next to my nearest brother. I see that the symbol of our chapter, the Blood ravens, still hold true to what they are. Not dirtied in the least, except the red is brighter from the dried blood of my brother. "Nilche!!! Where are you Nilche!!" I cry out in worry for my brother as I attempt to find out what happened to us. "You don't have to yell brother, I'm right here." Nilche replies as he casually walks over to me in a confident manner. "Oh thank the Emperor your alright Nilche!! I thought you might have been taken by our enemies!" I reply quickly while trying to get near him and check his vitals as I was still squad leader….not noticing the fact that he was advancing on me with my exceptionally crafted Plasma pistol along with his bolt pistol aswell. "It seems that your alright brother, strange how you have no damage when you were at the brunt of the blast with me-!?" I barely finish my sentance as my brother crouches down next to me and grabs me by my throat!? "Not that strange at all, considering I was the one who ordered the attack my brother." Nilche replies to my shock. "What?! You can't be serious Nilche! Your not the type of person to betray people-!?" I am then thrown into a wall while Nilche continues talking. "That is something you didn't ever realize about me brother. Even when we were born to that weakling of a mother, you never thought about why people didn't keep on fighting against you when you where protecting me? Its rather simple." Nilche then points his bolt pistol at me and fires a round at my helmet, destroying my helmet and causing gashes to appear on my head. "Agh." I almost screamed out at the pain as my brother continues toward me. "I killed every single person who did that. Which was fun as using my powers." Nilche then cracks his neck in a distasteful fashion as his Psychic field appears around him. "Nilche stop this now!! You don't know what your doing!! Think of the all-father-!!" I dont get to finish the name as my brother Nilche laughs maniacly….like a servant of chaos. "You seriously don't get it do you?! I don't give the corpse emporer's existance about that!!!" I gasp from hearing this blashemy come from my own flesh and blood. Starting to remember about the times of fun we had playing with eachother. "What I care about is the fact that while I was younger than you, I had more abilty as a psyker than other!! Yet my brother, who is stronger than me, chose a vow of suppresion to keep him from being stronger!!" Nilche then points my plasma pistol at me before putting it in it's overcharge mode. "I chose that so I wouldn't endanger you or the other's of the squad!!!" I shout back as my brother can only shake his head no. "No, it wasn't that. You were afraid of the fact that I was destined to be a greater psyker than you and put your powers away to keep your lead over me!!!" Nilche then is about to fire the plasma pistol before thinking better of it? Quirking my bloody eyebrow at this, I hear a roar from outside and see a group of Hereteks enter the room. "It seem's that the person who's doing the killing will be them. Pity, since I wanted to kill you myself. Oh well, enjoy yourselves….it will be your last." Nilche chuckles as he throws his bolt pistol, which I personally made myself as a gift for his success, onto my chest along with his combat knife. "Nilche!!! Don't do this brother!! There's still a chance for redemtion!! Just don't go!!!" I yell as a Heretek kicks me in the head before they start to encircle me. "I told you, I am fighing for myself now, say hi to mom and dad with the corpse emporer. There deaths were excuisite. And I'll be sure to destroy your souls eventually." Nilche wakes away confidently while the hereteks only gloat at the downed warrior they were going to kill. "Bro…why…." I ask to no-one as the Hereteks start to use the ends of there guns to smash into my face. "Pathetic. This person is pathetic. Kill him!! Kill him!!! For our gods!!!" I hear these black words in my mind as my disbelief is causing me to start losing my control over my pskyer powers. "Tell me…..why bro…." I ask as a Heretek is about to hit me in the face again, but fails as a barrier appears around me? "What in the name of Tzench?!" one of them shouts out as he tries to shoot through the barrier, but fails. "Why….WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shout out as a wave of energy incinerates the hereteks near me to ashes before they can mutter a response. As my power returns to me, i use my Pskyer power to get back up before levitating both of my brother's old weapons to my side. "Brother….." I start to mutter as more Hereteks come into the room, seeing a person to sacrifice to their god. "…I swear….." I reply as they charge toward me, not noticing my psyker power's are at their fullest potential now due to my anger in the warp. "….I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I roar into the warp as the Hereteks see my eyes glow lighting blue and my old Force sword fly around, intercepting the group near me by cutting them all into pieces in a rapid fashion. "You guys aren't fit to even have sentience. Die." I reply as they charge carelessy toward me, while I throw righteos flame and thunder from the warp into their worthless bodies. Instantly causing them to break apart and start to retreat. "You aren't escaping." I reply to myself as I stomp my foot onto the floor beneath me, causing a crevice to envelop the retreating group of herecks. With another stomp, the crevice closes with a loud crunch. "May you be sent to a torture that the Emporer himself is hesitant to give." I reply out before walking outside…..to reach my base. Several months later. At Watch Station Erioch. Walking into these hallowed steel hallways, I attract attention due to my presence in the warp, along with master crafted Cybernetic limbs for my arms…and without a shoulder pad for my chapter and complete black paint.. Going to the door for the Chamber of Vigilince, I kick it open to the surprise of the people inside, Most notably Watch captain Midgerigal as I use my pskyer powers to rapidly shut the door. "Who are you?" Mordrigal replies in a calm manner. "I'm just a being of vengence, here to eliminate a stain on my chapter, along with myself." I reply in a gruff tone as Mordrigal only nods at this before continuing. "And your chapter?" I then throw a piece of parchement on the table which the council was using. The parchment unfolded to show a banner of the Blood Ravens 10th company, 2nd squad. "So are you here as a member of your chapter?" Mordrigal inquirs before I reply in a quick manner. "No. I'm here for redemtion. Put me as a black shield." I reply to the conclusion of the meeting.
  5. Gaire said: In short: Alpha Legionnaires are closet loyalists who play the LONG game about as well as the Thousand Sons. Pretty much pal?
  6. igotsmeakabob!! said: Vendettar said: Omfg, "Legion" really f…ed the 40k-universe!!! What? Why? Because we found out the reason why the Alpha legion fought with horus in the first place and still use the battlecry 'For the emporer' along with the instance of meetining Alpha Legion in the emporer protects on samesh saying 'Swear as we have, Swear to the emperor.' Another unnusual thing is that most of the Pre-heresy Alpha legionares looked very much the same to there primarch…who is actually 2 of them as twins!?? The name, Alpharius Omegon is the combined names of the 2 twin primarchs….and this secret is not even told to the other people of the imperium at large. The reason that they worked with horus is 'SPOILERS' that they found a vision from a group called the 'cabal' who are a multitude of races (mostly eldar) who told them 2 versions of the future, One was how the 40K universe is now EXCEPT that the Alpha legion still worked with the forces of the imperium…who then are told of the result of this as Chaos just returning at its full power as the heresy. The second vision is a doozy for most people, If the Alpha legion helped Horus to win the battle against the Imperium. After Horus manages to kill the EMPEROR OF MAN he snaps out of his insanity/mind control and looks at everything he has done in horror and basically has his forces kill every single human being and destroys chaos for good! So in the belief that the Emperor of Mankind would do anything to completly destroy chaos, The Alpha Legion decided to work with horus….albeit its still a mystery how they couldn't have won even with there intelligence network? The Alpha legion's goal is now to unhook the Emperor of Mankind's life-support from the Golden throne and cause the destruction of chaos…. I feel sorry for them as a result of this, They will litterally make themselves as demons to save the universe…they got some very good resolve so I would definitly put some points into Willpower as this would break a normal marine.
  7. ranoncles said: Published on - 14:19:00 I’d like to offer a different view to Ghurkal’s idea. I think a legionnaire who lived during the Great Crusade would be a wonderful role-playing opportunity. Yes, he would have knowledge now lost to mankind. On the other hand, he has returned to an Imperium very different to what he knew. This is a man (or superman if you will) who abandoned his battle brothers and gave up his allegiance to his Primarch for a greater love to the Emperor and mankind. Only to find out that the Emperor is a living corpse, the empire has fallen in the hands of petty bureaucrats and religious zealots and the dream of the Emperor has turned to ashes. And his former battle brothers haven’t just turned evil and betrayed all they stood for, some of his friends and brothers are actually still alive. If he even survives the psychological blow, I’d expect him to turn very reticent and remain very uncommunicative about the ‘glorious’ past which has turned very bitter for him. The main issue with such a choice would be to make it suitably epic. Such a returned/reanimated Space Marine shouldn’t be just another member of a kill-team with an unusual background story. He should be the central theme of an epic adventure. He should have knowledge that could make a vital difference. Something like the personal flaw of a former battle brother which could be used to kill an otherwise unkillable ascended Chaos Space Marine turned Deamon Prince. Or perhaps he is the only person who can talk a vital Chaos Space Marine in repenting his deeds and showing the Imperium how to traverse the Hadex Anomaly to the Stigmartus recruiting worlds. Many of the future CSM’s had no idea what they were getting into during the heresy and just followed orders (e.g. flight of the Eisenstein). Perhaps some just need to be shown a way out by someone they trust. Who better than a former squad mate to tell them about black shields? Obviously, the central theme around the reawakened SM shouldn’t overshadow the other players. Perhaps they must show this returned SM that the Imperium is worth fighting for. And help him get to the place he has to be to make the vital difference…. As to the Mk VIII armour, that doesn’t fit the returned SM theme at all. This guy should be wearing 10,000 year old Crusade armour….and be damned proud of it. So what? Mark V/Mark VI or older?
  8. Morangias said: afterimagedan said: Also, how can Raptors (and also, Raven Guard) work out in the game when they have lots of concealment and scouting skills? Especially the Raptors who have sniping bonuses in combat? How do those look in games? Anyways, I know probably only a few own Honour the Chapter right now. Thanks for the help! Raven Guard have a unique Talent which makes them ignore power armor penalties when making stealth-related rolls. Their Solo Mode also boosts their stealthy skills to godly levels and grants their surprise attacks a Pen boost. Stealth helps you in two ways: you can negotiate obstacles without engaging in combat, and you can launch deadly, unavoidable surprise attacks. Raven Guard can do both with flying colors while still being fully functional, PA-clad Adeptus Astartes. To this end, their abilities can help all specialties, but they work best on Tacticals (snipers) and Assaults (flying ninja!). The way it works is really simple, you try to hide and ambush the enemy, if it works - you started the fight with a big bang, if it doesn't work - you're a Space Marine, you can take it. Raptors, on the other hand, are born and bred snipers. Between their special weapon sights and their Solo Mode, they make the Ascension Vindicare look like a hobo with a shotgun. They are also quite stealthy, but not to the insane degree of their parent Chapter - going in scout armor is actually an option for them, or you can keep Stealth as a backup option and focus on combat marksmanship. Their talents are put to best use on Tacticals - just attach a sight and go to town with a Stalker Bolter. Agreed my fellow friend; The main thing for a raptor character is the ability to handle things alone, thats why my character is a kill-marine to handle things alone.
  9. i think the most dangerous character would have to be A librarian 'kill-marine' for the purposes of any game, Add in a very good chapter and I think you'll do fine (I.E. Iron Hands because of the 'Flesh is weak' chapter talents and with the deed 'Price of victory'.) The next thing I would do since I'm doing the same with a good friend of mine is to think of abilities that have multple purposes in combat. The last few things would be to work on interaction skills as you will be the only person to shape the adventures in your campaigns. Make sure that you have a 'balanced' setup for handling all the opponets that you'll eventually face in the campaign's. This is all the advice I can give you since I haven't seen how you play….good luck my friend.
  10. I would be glad to join your session if you would allow me to Steg51. How would I do that in the first place though?
  11. Oops sorry guys looks like we're out on stuff sorry!! It was just updated sorry again…
  12. Thanks for the help guys!! Im sorry to have been a bother here.
  13. I think I might have found a Deathwatch session for you guys to do, However it is very small. Here is the page link http://gencon.highprogrammer.com/gencon-indy-2012.cgi/event/RPG1237861 Hope you guys enjoy it!!
  14. Hello everyone!! I just joined the warhammer-verse about 2 month's ago and this is my first post. The main reason I am opening this forum is that I would like 3 of my question to be answered by people able to and that I couldn't find the answer's elsewhere in the forum's. My first question involves a relic I was creating for an new character, this Relic follows the rules for the Astartes Assault cannon so it could be attached to a termminator armor. The stats that appeared onto this were storm, reliable, and innacurate, the damage would be around 3d10+3, pen 3 because of its double barreled damage, its ROF would have been around -/-/6 per barrel and I did this to avoid overpowering the weapon further than what it was. The question I was going to ask is if I should downgrade it further for its use in decent play… My second question involves trying to find out questions involving the bonuses that are from Master-crafted bionics because the most I can find is in exceptional craftmanship bionics and I would like to Know what a Master-crafted bionic legs and senses. My third and final question would have to involve One of my personal created chapter's that Ive made, I was looking for tips on making a advanced speciality for my characters involving the tactical marine and that he would get a complete change in their advancement table, I would just like to know that if it would be simpler to just create a new Advanced speciality or to just make a new speciality? I know this might sound like one and the same but what I was meaning was that I would have had to create a new char advance for a new spec and abilities along with stats and starting weapons, this is difficult because I don't want ot overpower my character and go into the realm of power-gaming. The Adv. Specialty would be much like the wolf scout for its being on its own…. I would like these questions to be answered only if you can give it/advice on how to handle other weapons creation to reduce the power of my storm astartes assault cannon and for the other things. (Note: I have read the errata and that's why the assault cannon is weaker than what the normal one is in damage.) I Thank you for your time in looking at my questions and hope that I didn't provide too much of a Headache! Hope to get a reply!! Later!!
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