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    Infinite Shard of Life

    I can almost 100% guarantee you'll never see a deck with more than 3 shards, one per house. Remember the algorithm!
  2. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Custom Virus Question

    d) You would destroy all other Faries. That is the trait line. The abilities you are referring to are keywords.
  3. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Is there a list of all the cards without any pictures?

  4. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Vladr vs elusive on a flak

    If it had been worded "Deals 2[D]" it would be outside the normal attack, but since it is "Deals *+*2[D]" is is in addition to the normal power attack and is negated by elusive.
  5. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    How to contact Vault-Users

    Doubt it. Primarily to prevent this exact thing actually. Would you want 1000s of people trying to contact you for that one deck.
  6. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    When do Chainbound events start?

    Pretty sure it won't be til after the Age of Discovery. They've got to get the app fully up with the extra bits first, and some way to register plays as well.
  7. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Australian Archons

    I'm not, but there seems to be a sizable FB group of them https://www.facebook.com/groups/287228111831610/
  8. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    If every deck is unique....

    The decks are not random, they are procedurealy generated to *be* unique. Otherwise printing the deck list and QR code on the Archon card would be impossible (or at least very error prone). I strongly suspect each deck is printed one one sheet, cut and packed. The sheets are generated in house at FFG and sent to the printers.
  9. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Super neat! What are the card counts?

    The stream is available on the Team Covenant Facebook page under "videos".
  10. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Super neat! What are the card counts?

    At the end of the Team Covenant demo Richard Garfield and the head of FFG came up. He discussed that finding g a company willing to do the unique printing that they s required was a challenge. As for names, they are likely procedureally generated. Large database of terms that fit the theme and a pattern rule for how to put them together.
  11. Aahzmandius_Karrde


    Release is Q4 this year. Looks like only decks available were given out to InFlight attendees.
  12. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Star Wars Legion Wiki

    Well, there's been this: https://www.reddit.com/r/SWlegion/wiki/index
  13. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Johnny's Legion Terrain: More Imperial Terrain

    Do you have an idea of the amount and ratios you used of the material?
  14. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    unit per squad count

    It'll be dependent on the squad. The Stormtrooper and Rebel Troopers both start at 4. You can see this explained in the Team Covenant video.
  15. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Keywords and upgrade cards

    This is correct.
  16. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    The day after (GenCon)

    I'm guessing that the book in the case was either a preproduction proof, or one of the first print run.
  17. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Game demo videos

    I think you might have misinterpreted this slightly. There's the base set of 4 command cards, Standing orders (4p), Assault (3p), Push (2p), and Ambush (1p). Each commander will come with 3 unique command cards 1 each of 1-3 pips. When you build your command deck of seven cards you may only have 2 cards of any one pip value. Technically, and you can kind of see it when he's showing the rule book, you build 2 each of 1-3 and add Standing Orders for your 7th. The only part I'm confused with and his description doesn't make clear is when you have 2 commanders wether you can take both commanders cards of a specific value, or you're required to take one of the generics. There can still be strategy of taking just one commanders card of a pip value and choosing the generic because of some of the limitation of units that you choose on certain commander cards. Oh, and one would assume that the core set is coming with 2x the generic command cards and the Luke and Vader set.
  18. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    GenCon Doomsday Clock

    12pm tomorrow should be the "In Flight Report". Might need to get a ticket if there's any left.
  19. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    No end of turn declaration step? We need one.

    Based on the results of his roll he's going to resolve Kylo's special next and doesn't want his opponent to potentially discard a high value card. Edit: I meant resolve.
  20. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Has FFG lost their license for Imperial Assault?

    All is products have always shown as not available since day one of the game. FFG is not allowed to sell the product directly because it is a Star Wars board game and Hasbro has that license. All IA product must be sold through distributors to retailers.
  21. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Dice Rolling App?

    You mean something like this: http://dice.swdestiny.com/ ?
  22. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    OP Rules Released for Destiny

    I can see this both ways, but if you're re-rolling them all at the same time as long as you assign them immediately afterwords I'm not sure it matters. Yes that allows you to put your better dice on the ones with more health, but it it is not time wasted by performing 4 separate rolls. Conversely this allows the ruling that they are specifically assigned to allow the opponent to target a specific die by targeting their removal at the appropriate card instead of letting the player choose the "weaker" die to discard. So these rules combined give advantage both ways.
  23. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Dice no longer in the cardboard

    Ya, pre-release dice were in the cardboard at both locations. My release box from CSI was loose. I do wonder though. Have any mismatched die/cards come from dice that were in the holder? If something gets bumped on the line and they just put dice randomly back because they weren't in the holder... That could explain a preponderance of mismatches being resolved inside the same booster box as well.
  24. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Beginning a game, battlefield control and Claim value

    While you don't get to claim the battlefield, you do have control though for the few cards where that can make a difference.
  25. Aahzmandius_Karrde

    Natural Talent