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  1. No, that's the public Deck ID. The 15 character code that's under the QR code is what you would need.
  2. Actually if you knew the alphanumeric code that was on the card you could recreate the QR code, but there is no way to get the code from the deck in the mastervault.
  3. In the "what villain next" thread a question came up about characters not being a Villain because they would be/we're a Nemesis. But why? I don't think they should be mutually exclusive. Looking over the current Nemeses and Side Schemes from the Nemesis decks no interactions would fail if your Nemesis was the current Villain. The only thing that would occur is that the Nemesis card would bounce because of uniqueness and therefore Shadows of the Past would surge. So bring on that Vulture scenario pack loosely based in Homecoming. He just might perform a little Highway Robert on the side.
  4. I think the word you're looking for is challenging. Not every game has to be like others. It's fine if this style isn't your bag. I listened to tons of people complain about the ways Keyforge wasn't like Magic and that it "broke" the system and wouldn't work, yet here we are 1+ million decks in less than a year. This aspect of deckbuilding is going to work for me exactly for the reasons that Keyforge worked for me. It lets me make a deck quickly and have some options without getting too deep into the "Meta" and lets me start playing faster.
  5. Setup is just the reverse side of the Scheme card and are numbered inside the Scenario. For instance The Break-In! is card #4 for the Rhino Scenario. Side 1a is the setup and side 1b is the Scheme itself.
  6. No, Scenario Packs are strictly villain cards. Hero packs will be all hero cards except for the Obligation and 5 Nemesis cards. We can look at what we know of the Green Goblin pack to "prove" this. There are 78 cards in the set. The Risky Business scenario has 24 cards, where the Rhino and Klaw Scenarios have 21 cards. The Goblin Gimmicks Modular has 8 cards where the Modulars from the core contain 6-7 cards. So going with the known numbers and the minimums of the others we already have 71 cards. I find it more likely that the Scenario and three Modulars have more than the minimum cards than they've squeezed in 7 hero cards.
  7. Interesting thing not noted here is that the rules rank the modular sets with a difficulty ranking. So it doesn't seem to just be swap one "Theme" with another. There seem to be some gameplay elements built into the encounters. Ranking per the rules: Standard Bomb Scare Under Attack Legions of Hydra The Doomsday Chair It'll be interesting to see how the sets that come in future Scenario packs slot in to the difficulty rating. We know there are 4 new modulars in Green Goblin. Will they be 1-4, 2-5, some double ups on 2 & 3, or go beyond 5?
  8. Any card which does not meet the requirements goes back to it's original location. Just as if WW had played an upgrade with no creatures on board the card will go back to the top of the deck.
  9. I can almost 100% guarantee you'll never see a deck with more than 3 shards, one per house. Remember the algorithm!
  10. d) You would destroy all other Faries. That is the trait line. The abilities you are referring to are keywords.
  11. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p81uugi4N4cQGU8QRFQXiZ-hU39zO8ZfcSCeVqwXzIY/edit#gid=0
  12. If it had been worded "Deals 2[D]" it would be outside the normal attack, but since it is "Deals *+*2[D]" is is in addition to the normal power attack and is negated by elusive.
  13. Doubt it. Primarily to prevent this exact thing actually. Would you want 1000s of people trying to contact you for that one deck.
  14. Pretty sure it won't be til after the Age of Discovery. They've got to get the app fully up with the extra bits first, and some way to register plays as well.
  15. I'm not, but there seems to be a sizable FB group of them https://www.facebook.com/groups/287228111831610/
  16. The decks are not random, they are procedurealy generated to *be* unique. Otherwise printing the deck list and QR code on the Archon card would be impossible (or at least very error prone). I strongly suspect each deck is printed one one sheet, cut and packed. The sheets are generated in house at FFG and sent to the printers.
  17. The stream is available on the Team Covenant Facebook page under "videos".
  18. At the end of the Team Covenant demo Richard Garfield and the head of FFG came up. He discussed that finding g a company willing to do the unique printing that they s required was a challenge. As for names, they are likely procedureally generated. Large database of terms that fit the theme and a pattern rule for how to put them together.
  19. Release is Q4 this year. Looks like only decks available were given out to InFlight attendees.
  20. Well, there's been this: https://www.reddit.com/r/SWlegion/wiki/index
  21. Do you have an idea of the amount and ratios you used of the material?
  22. It'll be dependent on the squad. The Stormtrooper and Rebel Troopers both start at 4. You can see this explained in the Team Covenant video.
  23. I'm guessing that the book in the case was either a preproduction proof, or one of the first print run.
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