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  1. Hi, Looking for games of either Tactics or Warfare in Birmingham. Willing to try to set something up if others are interested?
  2. Bartali

    SSU Red?

    Have a look at the Vallejo colour charts on their website. If you're after a match to Red Gore, have a look at Vallejo Game Color Gory Red
  3. Something like a 1/48 Universal Carrier would open up lots of new rule options for example
  4. theguildllc said: 'Up dated' Panther II for Dust I was about to post and ask how 1/48 tanks fit in to the Dust Tactics squares, but this pic has answered my question Just about by the looks of the pic ?
  5. I'd just play the starter set for a while and get a feel for the game before getting other units. Be careful of the game balance if buying new units - a Heinrich or Ludwig walker for example would unbalance the game in favour of the Axis. Contrary to other posters, I probably wouldn't recommend a command squad though - probably a bit too expensive and unreliable to justify their inclusion
  6. FlorisH said: How was it? Didn't find out about it till Saturday, so not enough time to sort childcare for the day. Shame. Same, only read this today. More advance notice for Dust Tactics UK games please !
  7. Bartali

    basing glue

    Whichever PVA based glue you can get the cheapest
  8. Bartali

    ssu cards

    I don't get the thinking behind the air lift mechanic for the walkers ? Both Natalya and Nadya want to be air lifted, but can't. Nastasia and Nikita don't want to be airlifted, but can. Only Nina seems to be a good fit.
  9. Bartali

    Stripes ?

    I've noticed Dust Studio's paint a few of their Panzer Grey Axis walkers with a yellow stripe, such as the Wotan-AR For those WW2 Panzer aficionados, does the stripe have any significance ? Looking to add something similar to add some colour to a Panzer Grey Hans.
  10. Major Mishap said: Bartali said: LotusPwn3r said: I'm waiting to actually spend hard-earned caesh on SSU troops until I can get multiple KV-47 walkers. That's the sole source of my incredulous response to this news… [cynic head on]FFG want all the Warfare players to buy the Zverograd box first before releasing the KV47 box[/cynic head on] And why wouldn't you want the set? Everything bar Grand'ma and Koshka isn't useful for Warfare, although they may get some mileage out of the building if they need more terrain
  11. LotusPwn3r said: I'm waiting to actually spend hard-earned caesh on SSU troops until I can get multiple KV-47 walkers. That's the sole source of my incredulous response to this news… [cynic head on]FFG want all the Warfare players to buy the Zverograd box first before releasing the KV47 box[/cynic head on]
  12. Not been to Maelstrom myself, but have heard plenty of good reports about it. The 40K UK GT is held there amongst many others. It has a bar and does food.
  13. Vallejo Russian Uniform or Russian Green ?
  14. I can bring a revised core too if needed. What are aiming to get from FFG ? Do you/we need their input to get the ball rolling ?
  15. Ikka said: Tourney-busting army lists may be awesome for the one who uses it, but causes more damage to the game as a whole- as young/new gamers get frustrated and exasperated never winning against said lists and quit the game. This hurts everyone in the end. I would advise those that do use some of these lists to be… aware of this fact. The problem is, GW can't write balanced codicies. They often have poor internal balance and downright bad unit selections. Don't blame the tournament player, they will of course take the strongest options available to them. Blame the people who write the rules. Dust Tactics is in a funny position at the moment. If FFG/Dust Studio want it to be played at tournaments, they will have to restrict unit selections. What to one person may be entirely fair, may to another person be 'broken'.Having someone a Tournament Organiser enforce what they feel to be fair, often ends up being just as bad - just look at some of the awful comp tournaments around the world. Shouldn't be too hard to sort out - leave the main rules as restriction free, and update the Tournament FAQ to enforce unit restrictions. Re Cheerleaders - I think that's perfectly fine tactic. Bigger problems occur when a playing fields units of just one type - a SSU player fielding just Helicopters for example, negating a large proportion of their opponents forces.
  16. I think it's probably the photo that's making the minis look shiny - I don't remember them looking that shiny in the flesh (plastic) ! The mud has already had a coat of Vallejo Matt Varnish in that photo to seal the pigment. I'll probably give the whole mini a coat of varnish to protect them though.
  17. My first squad done from the revised core set. I say done - looking at the photo I have a few things to tidy up ! I also want to get a couple of things to put on the bases, maybe some sandbags ? Any other ideas ? Next up, I've started working on Hans.
  18. Thinking some kind of flyer ? The other thing i've noticed, what's the picture on the back wall ?
  19. Have a look through the Vallejo Model Colour range, they contain far more greys then Citadel's
  20. I'm sure this has already been posted, but in case (like me) you haven't seen it before, a nice blog post by the guy who painted the Wotan/Flamm-Luther javascript:void(0);/*1338154836257*/
  21. There's far, far more abusive ways to take advantage of the unrestricted force selection than the above. Until there's A3 aircraft, 18 squads of Recon Grenadiers springs to mind in a 300pt game
  22. Loophole Master said: It's funny, cause range 10 is something that was introduced by Dust-Models with their cards for the Ryu and the Barking Dog. It seems FFG just went along with it with the Wotan, which is little more than a Ryu variant. I think it makes a lot of sense for the laser, since the Hermann's heavy laser has quite a range limitation (from an axis pov). I thought Dust Studio/Models designed the rules for Tactics , with FFG distributing ? As opposed to Warfare where FFG do both
  23. Lara and the flaks are range 4 aren't they, while 'coptors can shoot at range 6 ?
  24. With the release of SSU, most people will be factoring in some AA shooting into their lists. I’m expanding out of the Revised Core set, and looking at the available options. For axis this appears to be Heinrich, Luther or SturmKonig walkers. I’ve discounted the infantry based ones as theoretically a Range 4 unit can be kept at a squares length by the Range 6 ‘copters. At the moment I’m thinking between double Heinrichs for small games, double Luthers for medium and a SturmKonig for 300pt games. Any opinions ?
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