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  1. Hello guys another question! can the overlord use his overlord cards on lieutenants, like Dash that states "Play this card when activating a monster during your turn." (ie. is a lieutenants considered a monster) or overlord cards like Wristlet of Wind, that states "Play this card on 1 monster group during your turn and keep it in your play area." basically , is lieutenants considered monsters and being in there own monster group ?
  2. i would argue that the keyword in that rule is "condition" (Stun,Bleed,Doomed,Poisioned,etc.etc) aka this rule only applies to the cards you have with thoes names on, what im talking about is the stuff thats written on diffrent hero sheets and monster cards, f.eks. the Changeling that states 1Surge = -1 fatigue , as i see it, this isnt a condition.
  3. Hello everyone I just started playing the Shadow of Nerekthall Campaign, mostly because i like the idea of playing in a city area, but also because i thought this campaign could bring a few more options of playstyle with the Changlings and Influence system compaired to the starter campaign i just finished with the same group, a few weeks earlier, where i , as the overlord got absolutely hammered with only winning the interlude (because one of the players made a single movement mistake). So the questions we discussed was the following. 1. can Changlings use there Wither (1 surge = -1 fatigue) on an attack that is blocked, ie i roll 2 hearts and 1 surge and the defender rolls 2 shields. my argument was that its not a Condition so the attack dosent need to do damage, but the players "obviously" thought that if a attack was blocked "stuff" wouldnt hit you. 2. we also have an Avric Albright on the Heroes team,a and one of the other Heroes thought that you shouldnt be able to use that ability aswell unless the attack actually does damage (as to follow up on the first question) so to sum it up, as i read it, you can always use surges even though the final result of a attack dosent end up doing damage. oh yeah and a quick bonus question, figures with no attributes (like the reanimate) automatically fails any attribute test (like the overlord card Tripwire) ? Thanks in advance Best Regards Lasse
  4. Brohnnitho


    that is 100% correct ( to lighten the understanding, the attack is first made when the hero desides what to use the surges on)
  5. Brohnnitho

    Basic I vs. Basic II

    this is actually an interresting topic, i have rather recently played through the first campaign which the game is shipped with, i had all of the expansions mixed into the game up to the "shadow of nerekhall", i used the Basic II deck as i had previously play with only basic I in some single missions and wanted to try something new. as the overlord, the conclusion i came to after we finished the campaign was. as you are 1 mind against many (1 overlord vs 2-4 other players) if you are the game host (the person keeping track of setting up the map, reading up all the flavour text etc etc etc) if you drink beer during your game sessions if you have a rather relaxed and roleplaying feeling about the game ( i was pitched up against 3 extremely competitive people) you really want to minimize the amount of thinking you need to do if 1 or more of the 4 above lines falls into your category of gaming style. im going to use Basic I in my next game , although i can see some advantages of Basic II (i should probably also point out that the heroes ruled that "Uncontrolled Power" only does as much damage as the monster is able to take ie. if the monster has 1 hp left and the hero does 10 damage, only 1 damage is reflected back, this was before reading the updated rules)
  6. Brohnnitho

    Tips for the Overlord

    so how do you play ?( and everyone else in these forums) , the first campaign i played all characters and classes were wide open, they could pick and choose exactly like they wanted, needless to say they picked classes that had the "best" character abilities and heroic feat's (both of the text areas, not the stats). i like the idea that you can pick and choose what you want, but it seems like some characters are just more OP then others ( they had 2 characters that could reroll dices on every turn).
  7. Brohnnitho

    Tips for the Overlord

    thanks for all your answers. im well into the core rules so we have had little to look up during our campaign. i do have some of the Lieutenant decks but i kept away from using them as im not really that good at multitasking, which was also painfully clear during our last campaign where i made several mistakes which could have lead me to a victory, oh well , thats where my philosophy of many brains against one comes into play, as im more prone at making mistakes as where the others can correct eachother if they catch eachother in doing so. anyways im going to run the campaign from Shadows of Nerakhall as i have always loved the indoor scenery. anyone done this campaign that can comment abit opon it , is there anything special to know about the influence system ? i didnt quite understand it the first time i read it.
  8. Brohnnitho

    rule question

    and spending surges is always done AFTER any cards could be played ? by the way, what page in the rulebook explains the order you made in your comment Zaltyre ? and thanks for all your answers all of you
  9. Brohnnitho

    rule question

    and by same(ish) time you mean ? theres an exception to the rule ?
  10. Hello again guys as im going to start a new campaign with some friends , im trying to gather as much info as i can, as how to be a good Overlord when it comes to decision-making, as most of you overlorders know, it can be abit hard to be one against the many, so is there any tips from other overlord players on what to do, to be a good overlord player ? thanks in advance
  11. Brohnnitho

    rule question

    Hello Everyone i have just recently played a full campaign, the shadow Rune i think its called ?, i have all of the expansions incorporated into the game , except the last one, manor of ravens. i played as the overlord and i found it quite hard to win any of the quests except the interlude (which i only won because of an error from the other players side) it seems like its hard to compete 3 minds ( in this case ) against 1 when it comes to decision-making while still keeping a steady pace in the game. we did run into a few questions during the campaign and im trying to remember them as i write this text. the first one is, when do you declare what you will use your surges for, can the heroes wait to use surges until after i have played my overlord cards ? is there a rule saying heroes first then overlord can react or is there a kind of stack system like magic the gathering ? ill try to remember the other ones and write them down here, but for now this was the most gamechanging one i think.
  12. Hello everyone so i read the text on the Sorcerer's Summoning ability, am in the onlyone who think its an extremely weak and / or wrongly named ability, the ability's text says the following.... Summon (Special Abilty) : Choose a minion monster within 3 spaces of this monster. Place that minion monster in an empty space adjacent to this monster. for me it sounds more like , you are able to teleport a minion monster 2 spaces closer to the monster using the summon ability, and if thats the case, shouldnt it be called "Blink" or "Teleport" instead ? (i might be missing something here though, so please correct me if im reading the text wrong) and also, it seems abit weak to use 1 of the monsters actions on moving another minion monster 2 spaces....
  13. Brohnnitho

    Champion - Horn of Courage

    i havent played the champion class myself but i had one guy in the party i was playing against (me as the overlord it says somewhere what you can use the tokens for, then a skill grants you the ability to give them to someone else i think, or the ability states that the person you give a valor token to can use it for either +1 damage or +1 defense. try and read through the Champion abilities, it should make sense
  14. Hello guys As the overlord, i have been having some doubts about which parts of the encounter setup should be read / shown to the heroes when explaining each encounter. for example, in the Cardinal's plight, encounter 1, there are 3 special search tokens where the relic token should be shuffled into so the token could be any of thoes 3. my question is, should the heroes know that the token is only in one ofthoes 3 or in ANY of the avaliable search tokens ? also, does the overlord setup his monsters first or do the heroes setup there heroes on the board first ? Thanks in advance! Best Regards Lasse
  15. Hello there everyone Im a huge fan of the Descent game, and after i heard about the second edition i sold my first edition as quickly i could. but after i read about how the overlord spawns monsters in the second edition (ie. choosing from a vide range of all the monsters that has been created in this game) im really hoping that Fantasy Flight games will create a package with all the plastic figures that has ever been released for this game, either 1 hero package and 1 monster package or even a combined one, that way they will both be selling the converter kit AND the new plastic package, and us who might have sold there old first edition + thoes who never got the whole game collection with expansions and might think its abit waste going out buying full expansion games just for there plastic figures / character sheets. anyone else hoping for the same thing ?