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  1. Sorry, but in most areas including mine, Dust has not even made a dent to the GW juggernaut. I wish the opposite were true. Right now as they are its: 1. Warhammer 40k 2. Warmachine/Hordes … 40. All others
  2. Well this came up during Gencon Tournament; If the command section is off the table (Fubar, reserved, or Airdropped) and no command section is on the table. Then you need to spend an action to nominate a new command section.
  3. Duckshirt said: What I don't get is how Sigrid's Laser PISTOL does more damage against infantry than the Laser Grenadiers and Heavy Laser Grenadiers walking around with giant power packs on their backs. Explicame that, por favor. You are looking at it from the point of view of the weapon. Her stat line takes into account her skill, valor, and Heroine abilities.
  4. ItsUncertainWho said: Actually I like Doom's idea of giving the Laser Grenadiers Assault. It would certainly make me more willing to move them. And yes, the Heavy Lasers don't need any help. Add Manfred to the squad and you are good to go.
  5. I think they need a hero that gives them a buff of "spotter" , "agile", and 4 extra lives.
  6. I'd want Axis Monkey "Caesar". He would have Blutkreuz Ape, Reserved, Damage Resilient. He would have 1 wound and no weapons. I just something else to add to my Ape Platoon.
  7. felkor said: Oh well, as you say, Warfare is new, and FFG doesn't have a lot of experience with minis games. Hopefully they learn their lessons for next year. And hopefully I can go next year! I just need to find some people in the area willing to go to GenCon with me. I would also suggest they try and not compete with WM straight up. It seems many people were at other tournies and had advanced so they could not make it.
  8. "Scout" allows you to move 6 inches after the march move onto the table.
  9. HuronBH said: Thank you for the update. I look forward to hearing more about the event and maybe getting some more battle reports. Stinks about the turnout. I have to say both lists are interesting. Markus and the Gorillas are pretty standard around here but I am shock Angela chilling with a sniper team wasn't in either of your lists. The Axis meta around here pretty much has Her and 2 Sniper Teams in every army. Can you give us anymore info on what other armies played in the event? Was it mostly axis? Where there any SSU? Any Heavy Walkers make the field? I'd think a Fireball would be a likely section for any Allies army with assault elements. Thank you for any info you can provide us. -jay Jay, You saw Louis' and my list, but the other armies were : 2nd place : Allies Airdrop army with Rhino and Hammers in the Fireball. (Major Malfunction) 3rd place : Dual Heinrichs Axis army. 5th : A Hans and Ludwig with Lara + HRG. 6th: Allies Dual light walkers (AA + Phasers) with Jump infantry (2 Death Dealers and Tankbusters) I decided not to run Angela because I wanted Lara anti infantry support. The terrain was more open and her effectiveness would have been great for maybe 2 or 3 turns. -Reggie
  10. Shadow4ce said: I see you played the Hans. Did anyone think to ask Zach Tewalthomas if it's Grenatwerfer (Grenade Thrower) was supposed to get the, "Grenade" SA when they split, "Burst" and "Grenade" off from, "Spray?" The Grenatwerfer was played as the rule book states, so no burst or grenade. Also, there were a few rulings from the TO: 1. Artillery will only affect the miniature that is within line of sight. 2. Charge does not allow a reaction. 3. During Fubar if none of your units on the board are not the command units you then have to spend your command nominating a new temporary command. At least these came up in my games.
  11. blkdymnd said: I can tell you, one of our group played in it, that he was very disappointed in the terrain amount, didn't seem like the 25% that FFG recommends in their own ruleset. No SSU players showed up, and there were a lot of axis (though he was an allied player). I'm pretty disappointed that there were only 7 players. I can get 7 players on an off weekend, this is supposed to be one of the biggest tourneys of the year. I did not think it was bad, but you can be the judge:
  12. Slightly disappointed at the turn out. 16 signed up, but only 7 showed. The TO was great and we all received a different cast of an unknown (to me) SSU female Hero. FFG provided all the terrain: 1 three story building, 3 hills, 2 tank trap areas , and 2 crate areas. There were some complaints of sparse terrain and you could only hide behind hills and the building. The tournament rules are balanced, but I did notice that "Critical Positions" favors a turtle tactic with long range fire dominating the board. Fubar was a mess of a deployment condition to use. You have to very careful and claim as many terrain near corners as you can, because if you lose initiative your opponent can simply bring units in from each of the corners and deny entry to you of board units. Louis Gentile used this strategy against me and by the time I got my support on the board he chewed up half of my gorilla platoon to nothing. It was a close game, but securing entry onto the board left with an exposed corner and a Luther coming in on the first turn to harass my only available entry spot. Louis played Richard (who is a member of this forum) in the final. Nice match up but I'm not sure what the scenario was. If I recall Louis had the following: Sturmpgrendiere Platoon Kommandotrupp Flak Grenadiers Markus+Gorillas Tank Killer Luther Flam Luther Sturmgrenadiere Platoon Manfred + BG Flak Grenadiers Snipers Luther My army was : --- Heroes Lara (29)………………………………………Attached to HFG --- Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (174) Upgrade: Implacable (15) Command Section: Kommandotrupp (25) 1st Section: Heavy Flak Grenadiers (26) 2nd Section: Axis Gorillas (24) 3rd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17) Support: MPW II-A "Luther" (30) Support: LPW I-C "Hans" (25) Support: Sniper Grenadier Team (12) --- Markus - Gorillas (96) Command Section: Markus (24, Hero) 1st Section: Axis Gorillas (24) 2nd Section: Axis Gorillas (24) 3rd Section: Axis Gorillas (24)
  13. Denied said: Axis Sturmgrenadiers don't have access to the platoon upgrade Improved Command 5AP I believe you mean a platton not led by Kommandotrup or Sturmpioneer.
  14. I typically divide my forces into Assault, Support, Defend. I also sub categorize them into Anti - (Infantry, Tank, Aircraft). For 250 points my suggestion would be: Dust Warfare - Force Builder Faction: Axis ( 249 / 250 ) --- Heroes Angela (30) --- Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (142) Command Section: Manfred (15, Hero) 1st Section: Recon Grenadiers (17) 2nd Section: Battle Grenadiers [upgrade] (20) Support: HPW VI-B "Sturmkönig" (90) --- Schwer Platoon (77) Command Section: Heavy Kommandotrupp (35) 1st Section: Heavy Recon Grenadiers (30) Support: Sniper Grenadier Team (12) Assault: Command Section: Heavy Kommandotrupp (35) - AA, AI 1st Section: Heavy Recon Grenadiers (30) - AA, AI Defend: 1st Section: Recon Grenadiers (17) - AI 2nd Section: Battle Grenadiers [upgrade] (20) w/ Manfred attached AI, AT Support: HPW VI-B "Sturmkönig" (90) AI, AA Sniper Grenadier Team (12) w Angela AI, AT IMO, Support as I have defined it can provide excellent long distance suppression to allow defense units to reach scoring positions while assault units can fire to score kills. Also, at 250 your opponent will be hard pressed to bring anything to bear against the SturmKonig, during the first 3 turns.
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