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  1. To the OP, you complain about the character generation system, rail against others that offer alternatives but then admit we don't know much about the rules yet. And if the rules let you create yourself, they will let you create any other normal human being. If you don't want to play as yourself, or play as yourself without medical conditions, go ahead. Ask the rest of your group if they want to play regular folks who aren't themselves. Then you're not "cheating". You come off as a bit too strongly offended by a game you admit we don't know much about yet.
  2. Now that's making lemonade out of lemons. Remember, when life gives you lemons, burn life's house down...with the lemon! When Life gives you lemons, squirt lemon juice in Life's eyes. Then leave a flaming bag of dog poo on his porch, ring the bell and run...
  3. So the majority keep the player cards sorted by sphere regardless of what adventure they came in. Good to know. Thanks all.
  4. Not as in what kind of box, I'd like a consensus on how your sort and store them. Do you keep all the cards from each set together? Do you combine all cards of a given sphere from all sets into master spheres sets? Some other system?
  5. Link? What is HCD? Ah, nvrmnd
  6. I've bought all the rebel scum ships (multiples of fighters), but just so I had targets for my loyalist citizens. It would turn my stomach to stand on 'that side' of the table... ;p
  7. Me too! Next time I walked my dog I kept having to stop myself from hugging all the trees!
  8. Some guy claimed to have cleared out the Fullerton store and had a friend doing the same in Irvine (both Orange County, SoCal), but I've had friends check both OC and south LA county stores today and none are on sale. I think it's a lie.
  9. Really glad you got great service! Many others use the main sites MiniatureMarket.com and CoolStuffInc.com and get about 30% off, but on the other hand, we don't get personal service like a phone call. ymmv
  10. Sorry to break in here, but I too have a restricted item question. So each character is limited to 2 restricted items, can they both be the same restricted item? And can other characters use the same restricted item? Ok, that was 2 questions...
  11. Anyone have lists of the best two 50 card dual-sphere decks using just one Core Set?
  12. Mine shipped! Won't arrive until Tuesday, but it shipped!
  13. MM hasn't shipped mine. I won't see them until some time next week... <sob>
  14. I am beginning to think MM ships alphabetically by last name... I'm always one of the last no matter how early I order...
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