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  1. Actually, couldnt mechandrites be hidden under the robes (coiled around the body/limbs)? And for face, I swear Mechanicus Factor has some sort of prosthetic face, and Radical´s Handbok has bionic called Twitch-Mask, which is especially made for masking? Much will depend on qualitty of bionics in question (I think it is one of the most common perks of Best Quality). I would be more concerned with masking the heat/energy signature. Or go completly other way and mask your Mechanicus character as servitor. Ordained techpriests could have some theological issues with it, but Skiitaris, tech-dabblers or Infiltraitors would be more accomodating.
  2. I must say I really like that each discipline has its own Perils, altough I wouldnt bind them to the Discipline Mastery talent. Even if not using the whole supplement, I think about using them at the very least. Variety of bad things happening (everybody loves Critical Damage Charts) is one of the funniest things in whole 40kRPG
  3. Actually, I am playing with the concept of undercover Tech-priest, in way of "hi, I am from maintenance, we got noospheric heads up, that your power-conduit machine spirits are erratic". It really depends on your take of 40kverse, GM and place (much easier done on Forge- and Hiveworlds, than on Feudal planets), but these things were something I liked on Factors and Mech-Assasins from DH1 Lathes worlds (when everybody went mad about Venatorii).
  4. ......Both are, of course, empty....and always have been. I hear aural humming of Sarcosan Wave Generator in the backround
  5. "Bob" pattern: http://www.servantsoftheimperium.com/comic.php?comicid=57
  6. Some nice ideas Oridealin! I also like, to create more complex enviroments, rather than just classical combo of mooks and traps. There are few things that cant be improved with dense poisonous fog, for example Another idea, how about making the tomb mobile, like massive mausoleum on the back of Titan or Ambulon-style walker? Endlessly wandering the wastes of some peculiar death-world? And make the whole mission styled as Shadow of the Collosus wandering. Survival and Navigation are, in my experience, badly underused skills. EDIT: and make it hidden with stolen/heretek Shadowfields, to prevent simple scan and lift by guncutter. EDIT2: and add dense poisonous or hallucinogenic fog on the whole surface. EDIT3: and cannibal cultists and techno-mummified lunatic-children
  7. It also has fanatical worshippers of insane Rogue Trader. Also some imprisoned aliens called Children of the Kingdom. And sadistic choice-trap.
  8. Thousand eyeless, canibal Ghilian-cultists worshiping and maintining the most over the top golden Rogue Trader crusier-turned-tomb. Commanded by Rite of Setesh-ised (and thus, driven insane) lesser progeny of the Rogue Trader in question, allowing the acces only to the gene-print of true Heir.
  9. This. Also, many Alternate Career Ranks (despite not really liking the career system, ACR were bit of a fetish for me *pokerface*) could be done by 2ed-ing the relevant talent, or the right combination of Aptitudes, Skills and Talents. At most, Elite Advances save all. On the topic of Sisterhood, rather than Celestians and Seraphim, non-militant Orders got slightly shorters stick in 2ed, but nothing that couldnt be rectified with houserule-fine tuning.
  10. I wonder, if there would be any problem implementing the new Critical Charts and Damage Types (seriously, Impact for autoguns was stupid as was in my humble opinion Energy for coldguns* and coldgrenades) to Second Edition. Is there any difference in Critical Damage Tables across the 40kRPG lines? I have never noticed. * *
  11. Does it count towards mechandrites? Or wait what? I also live from too many leftovers of DH1
  12. Classic Administratum clerk-Apostasy. If proven of course. What with the Imperial Tithe of resources and Psykers I ask you, perhaps worthy of Inquest or Explication.
  13. I wonder, has anybody ever used Toxin rules from the DH1 GM Screen booklet?
  14. Usage of non-personal/enviromental threats. If it has stats, Players can (and most probably will try to) kill it. Rather than solving the problem by creating non-stated NPCs, challenge them with likes: - booby traps, from old good spikes and explosives, to more esoteric ones - contaminated enviroment like irradiated areas of Hive, nerve-gas pumped to root the Acolyte infiltrators, or toxic sump under the cults refuge, also I do second Hallucinogen grenades - all the range of "wireless" Mechanicum attacks, calling it malefic machine spirits to intrusiion gremlins, inclouding the old good haywire, to hit acolytes equipement or bionics (or let your AM strangle himself with mechandrite, Creatures Anathema and other supplements present some nice ideas) - use Warp Phenomena, Perils and similiar tables (Hadex anomaly from Deathwatch for example), to create a truly bewitched and scary areas - hit players senses, let the fight in dense fog, or unnatural complete darkness (ideally unpenetrable by artificial light) created by Tyrant Star or Sunkiller engine Start using them gradually to avoid "Rock falls, everyone dies" and ALWAYS let players to be prepared somehow for them, but do not make it easy.
  15. Slightly off-topic, but Slaanesh and Genestealer Cults are very good combination to keep players on edge/red-herring them, especialy if they are at least if they know the 40k universe. It was done to me and my group by our DH1 gamemaster and with all the purple robes, hairless bodies, strange sigils and crab claws/pincers/tendrils we were not really sure how will it turn out
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