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  1. After some more games I guess you're right. I changed its worshipper ability and think it's working now. Though I feel like it's still a little bit too easy.
  2. Wow, sixty pages already. D: I have to look through these. Maybe it would be easier, if all Ancients Ones would be linked in the first post. Lot of work for someone, though. Anyway. I created a new Acnient One myself and playtested him the last days. I think he works now, even if in my opinion he's a little too weak since he's not really interrupting the players in closing and sealing gates. I wanted to create one to focus on flying monsters ... and in games with him there can be quiete a lot of them. So here he is. I'm not a native speaker, so please correct me, if there are mistakes on his sheet. And also, if you might have a better name for him. This one was my head hitting the keyboard three times. Illustration by me. Whorshippers: Seghtejt is worshipped by all kinds of flying terrors. All flying monsters have toughness 3. If a flying monster would be gained as a trophy or returned to the monster cup, return it to the sky instead. Ability: When Seghtejt is selected as Ancient One, place 3 Byhakees and 1 Flying Polyp on the sky. Flying monsters do not count toward the monster limit. The sky is always adjacent to the first player's location. Start of Battle: X is the number of flying monsters in locations and street areas or the sky - whatever is higher. Attack: Each investigator must pass a speed (+1) check or lose X Stamina. This check's modifier decreases by 1 each turn.
  3. Agree with most of them... Just a few cards I'd like to add: HE: Descendant of Indraugnir Lizardmen: Frenzied Carnosaur (!) Orcs: Arachnarok Spider (I personally prefer it over High Mountain Troll because of the feared keyword) Undead: Abyssal Terror, Dark Acolyte (very good with orcs)
  4. It's possible to sacrifice a unit into your slave pen if it would be destroyed in combat, yes. But you made a mistake before. When the Jezzail Team uses its action right after beeing declared as a defender, and before combat damage is counted, the targeted Defender of the Hold will leave play before it can do some damage. The remaining Defender of the Hold and the Jezzail Team then deal 1 damage to each other in combat. So, you have a Jezzail Team with 1 damage on it and no Defender of the Hold in play.
  5. "If a card would go to an out of play zone, it goes to its owner’s out of play zone." (FAQ 2.2, p. 11) The other thing isn't that clear at the moment I think, yes. Though, I'm sure it is intended that the unit leaves play at the end of the turn. Otherwise it would/should read "You can play units from other players' discard piles as if they were in your hand."
  6. Are you sure? Mind the wording on Invoke Khaine's Wrath: Action: Destroy all units that participated in combat this phase. So I guess there should be a difference.
  7. Why not simply change "destroy" in "cancel and discard"? I think this would be very near to the original wording.
  8. As for the valley - didn't you think it is to risky like this? As when playing against empire this is pretty much a card you never want to play.
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum and Warhammer: Invasion 1) No, there is no limit. 2) You pay the loyalty costs only if you do not have enough loyalty symbols (at the right lower corner of the illustration) in play. 2 examples: - You play a chaos deck and therefore have no orc loyalty symbols in play. You want to play the orc card "Urguck", who has printed costs 3 and 3 orc loyalty costs. So you have to pay 6 ressources. - You play orcs and have in play only a lobber crew, which gives you 1 orc loyalty symbol. So, together with that on your orc capital board, you have 2 loyalty symbols in total. Again, you want to play Urguck. You have to pay the printed costs of 3 and 1 of the loyalty costs in addition, since you only have 2 loyalty symbols in play. (You can find that on page 11 of the rule book.) I hope this helps you. Otherwise, feel free to ask again.
  10. As for desertion: Yeah, for the neutral factions, that's a hard one. The question is, if players want to include this card for 4 of 10 matchups. So I'm not sure if it's too good at the moment. But I agree, that it is a card that has to be observed in next time. Personally I think, that Paranoia is even more important to change due to the neutral factions. That card can be good against standard races too and is a 1 cost kill for any unit in a neutral deck.
  11. 2.) I know, but I think some players do not. I just think it would be good, if it was said in the ambush section, because that's where those players would look for it. 3.) Yeah, I've read that. But it's not that clear in that sentence. All you're determining there is, that those cards have an effect that lasts until the end of the turn. But that does not really answer the question, if units, that enter that zone later, are affected by those effects. I understand what you wanted to say there, but I want things to be clear for everyone. Just add something like "Therefore, units, that enter the zone later in that turn, will be affected by those effects too" - then everybody will know how to play these cards. 4.) Well, I could say that everything you've changed had been FFG ruling before ... so that isn't the best argument. But I see what you mean, and obviously, this isn't one of the most important rule questions after all. ; ) Though, something have to be done to the "illegal game state" paragraph someday, because it's contrary to the Sellswords rules questions. 5.) Didn't know that in this context. I've always been discarding cards for bats and stuff just how they came from my deck. Good to know.
  12. Thanks for sharing. How many players have been involved? Here are some things I'd like to say or ask: 1.) Please use "hit points" instead of "hp". Acronyms normally are rather confusing than useful. 2.) Ambush: Maybe add an explanation if ambushing a card is an action, and if players may play something in response (especially in case of a ambush tactic). 3.) Still no clarification of Toxic Hydra - would like to have one. : ) 4.)"Soul Stealer Q. If a unit already has Soulstealer on it, and I play a 2nd Soulstealer onto that unit who controls it? A. If you play Soul Stealer on a unit that has already been stolen, then your effect and your opponent's effect cancel each other out and you will regain control of the unit." I've already explained in another post why I think this can't be right... I'd like to know what you guys think about it. (http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/94895-unnoficial-faq/?p=926914) 5.) "Undead player decides the order of the discarded cards." Why this one? Discarding cards normally occurs in a fixed order.
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