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  1. I'm not sure how mobile and Ork Kannon interact. Do I get to decide where to move with mobile first and then Ork Kannon can be allowed to trigger, or does initiative have something to do with the priority here. Also, is there anything about response times that I should know about?
  2. If you have two units not together, and you want to attack a city, can you have them meet at the city, or do they need to be together before going into a city to fight? I was also wondering if army groups can cross over other army groups you have. For example, If I have a stacking limit of two, and I have two flags that already moved, can I go through that square with two other flags together, or is that not allowed because going through that square exceeds my stacking limit for a moment?
  3. If someone marches and uses all of the values from his army in a fight with another house, can he leave some of those units behind, or does he have to move everything he fought with?
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