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  1. It most certainly does count towards the win condition of 15 Power.
  2. Four challenges.
  3. They don't sell directly to stores for the most part, they sell to distributors. And whether or not a store sells the product doesn't say much about whether there's an active play group out of that store. And, I'll repeat because it looks like you missed it: Nobody from FFG reads these forums. The only people who'll see this are the bare handful of people who come here. These forums are suuuuuper dead. You're better off asking on Reddit (r/Netrunner) or on Facebook's Netrunner Dorks group for local players wherever you'll happen to be. Also check out
  4. I surely understand the value of it, but the lists of regionals and store championships come from stores that register themselves for a single event. They then publish that list, it's one-and-done. That's a far cry from standing up and maintaining an interactive database. I've already told you your best bets for reaching out and making contact with other players. Make a post to say "I'm going to be in {city} on {date}, any Netrunner players I could meet up with?" It'll help you a lot more than complaining on forums that the company doesn't read.
  5. You're better off asking on Reddit or on Facebook's Netrunner Dorks group for local players wherever you'll happen to be. In my experience, whenever someone says "It's not a lot to ask," much of the time it really is. There would be a pretty significant amount of overhead in building such a tool and keeping it updated, and while WOTC does it, MtG is a whole other thing in terms of scale. Much of what that company/game does simply doesn't scale down to the level where LCGs are.
  6. Looks like you need to repost this in the L5R forum.
  7. I have no power to censor anyone. But my opinion is just as valid as anyone else's, and my view is that pointless threads that do nothing but spread negativity should be left to die, and I am free to encourage people to do that.
  8. Not a single thing in this thread has been in any way productive. The only thing it does is unnecessarily promote an air of negativity about games dying. If you want to go talk about Star Wars winding down, go on the SWLCG forum. Don't salt the earth for all LCGs by having the top post be about taking bets about what order they'll die in. To the next person who decides to post on this pointless thread once it's nearly a month old, please don't.
  9. TL;DR--I wouldn't worry, this is probably all just Marketing having to work around Gen Con with their product announcements. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The data packs will continue, for sure. I honestly don't expect this to impact the total product release timeline to a huge degree. What they've announced publicly and what's in the production pipeline are entirely separate. I'm cautiously optimistic, and hopeful, about Core 2.0. I guess I would say it's more likely than not at this point, but neither outcome would shock me at this point. If it's real, what I think is the most likely scenario is that Core 2.0 has already been sent to the printer, and they'll announce it--and have it for sale--at Gen Con, possibly along with the first pack in the Eighth Cycle. Then Core 2.0 and Data Pack 8.1 will essentially ship together, and be available for retail sometime around late September. And since Crimson Dust is looking like an August release, that puts everything pretty much back on schedule. Even if Core 2.0/8.1 don't arrive until October, an extra month here and there is hardly unusual over the game's lifespan, and it still puts the rotated metagame in place for World Championships, which is really the only salient point of timing worth even considering. Core 2.0 doesn't necessarily have to be a huge deal from a print quantity/sales perspective either. The whole concept is that it's comprised of the Greatest Hits from Core 1, Genesis, and Spin, so the existing playerbase doesn't need to spend a penny, they just put some core set cards into the shoebox under the bed when rotation happens, and leave some G/S cards right where they are. It's purely so that new players get a better point-of-entry into the game going forward. And, if Core 2.0 happens to be a pipe dream, then they're probably just going to go ahead and sell 8.1 at Gen Con, and they're holding the announcement so that when people see it in the FFG booth they're not going to say "pfft big deal I heard about this a month ago I'll buy it when I get home."
  10. The Core Set 2.0 rumors are independent of the next cycle of Data Packs. We don't have a lot of hard information, but-- A) they would want to have Core 2.0 out before rotation occurs i.e. before pack 8.1 comes out, and B) seems like the kind of major step they would announce or debut close to, say, Gen Con. So no evidence for sure, but the circumstances look like what we'd see if it were true.
  11. in the first edition AGOT forum?
  12. For better or for worse, the "introductory product" is the Core Set. Hopefully Core Set 2.0 wil A) actually exist and B) do a better job of being this thing. However, what you said here... ... is objectively false. I just punched up the runner deck that won the Dallas Regional: 17 products (and only a single copy of the core set and only two deluxe sets to boot.) Its corp side had 15 products, and two of those were extra core sets, at least one of which you could probably obviate by borrowing that third SanSan from a friend. I've been playing the heck out of the 16-product, single-Core-set runner deck that took 2nd at Colorado Regionals. Its corp side had 17 products, also only one Core Set. So no, you don't have to go out and buy everything all at once. What you should instead do is apply even a little bit of thoughtfulness: to start with a single core set and then pick & choose which directions you want to branch out in, and build your collection intelligently.
  13. psst 1st edition forum
  14. Not yet. It's a bit odd, maybe they want to sell it in advance at gen con and are waiting until it's closer to announce what it will be, so it will be a bigger splash. it's 100% confirmed to exist, though, Boggs has mentioned it in interviews.
  15. to the next person who decides to post on this pointless thread once it's nearly a month old, please don't.