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  1. Mep is dead wrong. Netrunner is not a huge buy-in, because you don't need to purchase the entire catalog at once. The advice given above is sound.
  2. I've never had this issue with Dragon Shield Matte.
  3. A garbage CCG from 1996 that lasted a year and a half that almost no one remembers fondly? Hard pass.
  4. It's on the boat right now. Maybe end of November, give or take a couple of weeks?
  5. Yep, in general, work backwards. Revised Core set, and whatever current packs are coming out. Look up what cards there are in other sets and you only need to buy what interests you.
  6. whoops. Oh well.
  7. Oh god yes. L5R just hit stores five days ago and Netrunner's core set is being relaunched after long delays caused by (IMO) a larger-than-planned demand for L5R. Logistically, they couldn't launch an A-List product before EOY. AT BEST you're looking at an announcement in the next few months and a Gen Con 2018 debut, but even that is entirely speculative.
  8. Awesome! Clearly this is the better option IMO ;-)
  9. Sorry to necropost on a thread that I was more than a little opinionated about, but as Nicholas Cage said in The Rock, "Gee, kind of a lot's happened since then." Notably--holy crap, a Revised Core Set. Holy crap, an actual ban list. I think the best place to put a pin in Netrunner, should you be inclined to do so, is *probably* going to be in about 7 months, at the conclusion of the Kitara cycle. Essentially the reason being--now that we know that the Core Set is being revised, lots of abusive/OP cards from the original core set and the first two cycles are going away. If we're going to see "fixed" versions of those removed staple cards like SanSan City Grid, Account Siphon, Scorched Earth, and the like, then it makes sense for the Kitara cycle to get them into circulation. And if not fixed versions, then new designs that exist in those vacated niches. So, if people wanted to stick around until then, I think the game will be in a pretty good place at that time. Right now things are a little wobbly, as things have gone away but their replacements are still in the future.
  10. It seems to me nobody would take Genesis/Spin in such a format. The Revised Core Set would give to you access to much of the G/S Block. I truly do strongly object to including cards so broken and non-new-player-friendly that they’ve been purged from the core set itself. Let them stay dead, particularly since the designs of later cycles are literally predicated on rotated cards being absent. Just imagine, for a moment, what is in the pipeline for Criminal once Account Siphon and Desperado are gone. You want to put them BACK? #TracyMorganNoNoHellNo.gif
  11. I found it in a few places by googling “neutralize all threats demolition run.” in so many words, Demolition Run offers you a choice, but NAT dictates what that choice must be: if able, you must pay the trash cost.
  12. I see what you mean. Sure, if you managed it so that the last card in HQ was an IPO that took you over the $20 caution level, it would immediately self destruct. Emptying your HQ as corp is not always easy--particularly if you have assets or agendas that would be risky to install before you were ready.
  13. I like Cache Refresh better. I think it may displace as it’s much simpler to administer and it has official company support. But yes, I fully expect rotation and the Revised Core Set to be the norm in going forward—there’s no doubt at all RCS will apply to CR format.
  14. I don’t get how you figure Security Leak immediately destroys itself. It enters play immediately, and starts each subsequent game in play. The only way to get rid of it is to get rid of all cards in HQ. That can take some doing. As for Pink Slip, I have no idea. You may have missed if there is a corresponding card set 4 to go with that Sticker Set 4? Yes: some benefits are one-shot boosts that don’t keep on giving.
  15. There are some catchup cards for both sides should you fall too many games behind. Since these cards are not searchable online, can you please quote the text of the cards and conditions you're asking about? People who aren't avoiding spoilers (i.e. who have played through TD) may not still have these stickers and cards lying around.