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  1. Grimwalker

    Will FFG debut a new LCG at Gen Con 2018?

    Conquest would be a terrible platform for Star Wars. No faction except for the imperials contests control of planets via direct military force.
  2. Grimwalker

    Will FFG debut a new LCG at Gen Con 2018?

    Announced, yes. Anything can be *announced*. Released, no. That’s what I took “debut” to mean.
  3. Grimwalker

    R&R Second print run announced

    At this late date, definitely not.
  4. Grimwalker

    Will FFG debut a new LCG at Gen Con 2018?

    It would be very unlike them to drop a game unannounced like that.
  5. Grimwalker

    Peace in our time and runs

    Yes, you could use it. But if you choose the option to expose an ice, then no run will take place.
  6. I don’t think he does, the last sentence reads like a postscript.
  7. Grimwalker

    FFG Store & Netrunner

    At this point there will almost certainly be no more print runs. What are you missing? I’ll check the stock at my FLGS.
  8. Grimwalker

    R&R Second print run announced

    As someone who works in project scheduling for a living...yeah. If nothing else this would be a pain in the *** with a pretty long tail of impacts. Rush orders are more expensive on their face.
  9. Grimwalker

    End the Run

    When I’m speculating or offering an opinion, I state it as such. I don’t phrase it as “I know” unless I have solid reasons to say so. And if your position is based on “available information is corporate lies” then that doesn’t increase certainty for anything. I freely concede FFG didn’t believe in R&R enough to print a full run but the same can’t be said for any other product in the line. I.e., they only stopped having faith in the line after they knew it would be dead. And if their previous experience from Conquest, Star Wars and AGOT 1st ed says that final products don’t sell well I think it’s an understandable mistake. The degree of demand for it reflects just how healthy Netrunner was up until the end.
  10. Grimwalker

    End the Run

    I can’t actually answer those questions about the design cycle without disclosing things I’m still under NDA about. I’ve written and discarded three different paragraphs to open this post with and I just can’t. Ask me again offline after October. I know for a fact that Mep is wrong about “not having faith.” Mep is extremely prone to taking his own speculations and feelings and stating them as facts taking his own personal experiences as representative of everywhere, and it’s rather vexing. As for why R&R has minifaction cards? Well, you want product purchases to drive future purchases. If ever a product leaves a customer feeling like “Okay, I have enough” then it’s not doing its job. Give people a reason to go deeper into the card pool. I don’t think there is a reason to take a Data Pack set and stuff it into a Deluxe box when they could just publish six packs in six weeks like they did with L5R.
  11. Grimwalker

    End the Run

    One thing is certain: R&R did get a short print run, but that was only after the decision came down. It certainly was months ago, but it can’t be helped because it needed to sell out by October. It sucks for everyone.