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  1. Grimwalker

    The Next LCG

    They also nixed version 1 because...people wanted to play other than Rebels.
  2. Grimwalker

    The Next LCG

    Rex was explicitly a new edition of the Dune board game because they got the licence for the game, but not the IP. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2011/8/23/at-the-heart-of-the-galaxy/
  3. The odds of finding old data packs at an affordable price to round out clearance-priced Original Core sets without straight up costing more than three Revised Core Sets are extremely slim and not worth the extra time and effort. Mep, you know absolutely nothing about the material costs of adding cards, nor what the fully realized costs of increasing the card count would be. The margin on data packs is much higher because there are no additional materials costs and the packaging is minimalistic, so the Core Set is hardly a cash grab. I’ve playtested for FFG and I can tell you that card count is a HARD constraint. While the card counts and price point for LCG Core Sets has held steady for a decade, they’ve cut costs in every other area they could, from box size to components and now they’re not even putting the Rules Reference as a printed item. That is not the picture of a high margin product and the notion that they could just add more is pure wishful thinking.
  4. Ah, yeah, that would do it. The first run of the Revised Core Set is really hard to find right now, the next reprint is actually on the boat to various disrtributors so prices should come down in the next moth or two. In the meantime, communism is the way to go! Here in our meta we're explicit that nobody has to buy anything they're not ready to. We also are very tolerant of people printing paper proxies--that's a great way to try-before-you-buy; you'll get a good idea of whether a given set is worth having.
  5. I’ve had this conversation *dozens* of times over the years. Yes, it sucks that the Core Set feels incomplete, and dropping more money on more CS feelsbadman. counterpoints: • in order not to have the price point go higher than $40, there is a constraint on total card count. • to give an out-of-the-box experience with enough variety of cards, they can’t put 3x of everything in one set, that would constrain the number of cards by title and you probably couldn’t build functional decks. • to give an out-of-the-box experience with enough consistency to be playable with 1 CS, you can’t go the other direction (to minimize diminishing returns on multiple CS purchases) and have almost all 1x cards; some cards need to be 2x or even 3x or else you can’t build functional decks. (How many games would turn on whether the runner lucked into a key icebreaker or couldn’t find one) • While it’s true that buying multiple CS has diminishing returns, Such that a third one is only a 3x copy of 42 cards, consider that the original CS had *eleven* 1x cards, so when you decided you really did need that third Desperado or SanSan City Grid, it sucked even worse. The current state is a massive improvement. • FFG is never going to print a completion set. There’s already a product in the catalog that has all the cards needed to complete a Core Set of Netrunner cards: the Netrunner Core Set. • you don’t need to make the “extravagant” purchase all at once. You choose your level of involvement. Two core sets is good enough for most decks in the metagame, and there’s almost no deck that *needs* three copies of any of those 1x cards. They were chosen pretty carefully. • Where are you in Australia that you don’t have a local game store that can stock product at retail price? There’s a thriving Australian community, the current World Champion is Australian. My heart goes out to you for the shipping costs, but if you’re in a rural area, then almost by definition you’re a minority of the customer base. It’s not good business for a company to take on additional costs and efforts to service cohorts of people that don’t represent the most quality for the greatest number. I could certainly see the case where a 2nd Core Set would be worth it at $40 USD but not at $60 or $70, but if those edge cases with increased cost aren’t the norm then it doesn’t make business sense to prioritize them. Sorry mate, I hope you find a better solution that doesn’t cost you so much!
  6. Grimwalker

    Out of Stock?

    yeah, almost any FLGS which carries ANR could reach out to their distributor and then put a copy on hold for you.
  7. Grimwalker

    The Next LCG

    Obliviousness and sloppy thinking are irksome.
  8. Grimwalker

    The Next LCG

    The thread started off as realistic speculation about what FFG actually could do to publish another LCG, particularly its in-house IPs, but eventually went off into the weeds of wish fulfillment. Wishing for the return of a game that has already been cancelled and supplanted with a better game goes from “no good reason to think this will ever happen” to “we have good reason to think this really won’t happen.” Not going to yuck someone else’s yum on the former—their time is their own to waste—but the latter, come on.
  9. Grimwalker

    The Next LCG

    You think there’s any likelihood of that while AH TCG exists?
  10. These cards are not at all compatible with the modern version of the game, it should be said. Accordingly, there is little demand for them.
  11. Grimwalker

    Need help on what to buy..

    The old Netrunner from 1996 is long out of print.
  12. These are the old version of Netrunner that is no longer being printed.
  13. Grimwalker

    Netrunner or Magic the Gathering?

    I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but the biggest difference between Magic and Netrunner is the sales model. Magic is sold in randomly assorted packs, and the most powerful cards are rare and hard to find. Netrunner and other "Living Card Games" are sold in presorted packs which are not randomized.
  14. Grimwalker

    Numbers and Values on Cards?

    This is basic card anatomy. There is nothing that we can tell you here that is going to be better than the introduction in the rulebooks. The Learn To Play guide is here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/e0/f1/e0f1d651-033b-41bb-8132-c2f6f97aab74/adn_learn_to_play_v2_lo.pdf Once you have the basics down you can see about further questions? Good luck!
  15. Grimwalker

    Looking for players Baltimore Md

    Try asking on r/Netrunner, Stimhack.com, and Facebook’s Netrunner Dorks.