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  1. Grimwalker

    How's your local LCG scene?

    It’s inconceivable that anyone should be interested in playing Netrunner but not want to play both sides. Was that ever a thing in the ONR days? How would you even hold a tournament if players weren’t expected to play both sides?
  2. Grimwalker

    What will Wizards Do?

    One of the devs from Cyberpunk VG specifically disavowed having anything to do with the decision. Apparently some of the team were familiar with ANR.
  3. Number of LCGs that actually *have* died for not having "good entry points" = Zero. AGOT first edition would have been broken by rotation, Star Wars was cannibalized by Destiny, Conquest and Netrunner fell to licensing issues that had nothing to do with the game. But Mep has never been one to let reality intrude on his fantasy.
  4. Grimwalker

    Misc. Organized Play Question

    This final kit is bull. The asset should be the common, too.
  5. Specifically, the plots are revealed simultaneously and then “when revealed” apply based on initiative/FP. But constant effects don’t wait, they’re “on” as soon as the cards flip. (going from memory here so if I’ve misremembered I will remove my shame and spent the rest of my days as a member of the night’s watch.)
  6. I’d think you of all people would be over the moon at the Keyforge announcement. All preconstructed decks, newbie friendly, no deckbuilding, no card pool, every game is on the ground floor because that’s the only floor there is.
  7. Grimwalker

    Will FFG debut a new LCG at Gen Con 2018?

    Conquest would be a terrible platform for Star Wars. No faction except for the imperials contests control of planets via direct military force.
  8. Grimwalker

    Will FFG debut a new LCG at Gen Con 2018?

    Announced, yes. Anything can be *announced*. Released, no. That’s what I took “debut” to mean.
  9. Grimwalker

    R&R Second print run announced

    At this late date, definitely not.
  10. Grimwalker

    Will FFG debut a new LCG at Gen Con 2018?

    It would be very unlike them to drop a game unannounced like that.
  11. Grimwalker

    Peace in our time and runs

    Yes, you could use it. But if you choose the option to expose an ice, then no run will take place.
  12. I don’t think he does, the last sentence reads like a postscript.
  13. Grimwalker

    FFG Store & Netrunner

    At this point there will almost certainly be no more print runs. What are you missing? I’ll check the stock at my FLGS.
  14. Grimwalker

    R&R Second print run announced

    As someone who works in project scheduling for a living...yeah. If nothing else this would be a pain in the *** with a pretty long tail of impacts. Rush orders are more expensive on their face.