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  1. There is a Learn To Play book in the box, with a Rules Reference Guide to be published as a free PDF. As of this moment it’s not posted yet.
  2. I'm stirring the pot? I'm not the one who came back and necroposted on a thread that had been idle for almost three weeks just to attack someone who criticized me. I have nothing to add to this conversation, positively or negatively. I think designing imaginary cards for games that actually exist is a waste of time, and designing entire imaginary games that someone else might create is pure masturbation. I couldn't possibly care less. I neither encourage nor discourage such vacuous wastes of time. You do you, man. But that said, you haven't done anything to state how the criticisms leveled at your ideas aren't valid. Just because some criticisms are broadly worded doesn't mean you get to just handwave them away, which is all you've done. I'm not about to start participating in your onanism, it just irks me when I see people responding to criticism by making personal attacks instead of actually addressing what others are saying. anyway, I'm done here.
  3. Positivity vs negativity is not identical to proffering ideas vs criticizing ideas. When someone is continually laying out flawed or unappealing ideas, it’s entirely reasonable to point out their shortcomings. A response to that which is actually positive would be to incorporate those criticisms, address the flaws, and improve your ideas. A response that is negative would be to dismiss criticisms and instead go after your critics’ motivations, attitudes, and supposed lack of imagination. I don’t see where you’ve done anything but ignore any other opinions except your own. That’s not a positive contribution.
  4. it says "(paying all costs)" so...?
  5. It's freaking awesome. Now, granted that HB:CI is pretty much the best corp faction right now, there are many significant builds, BUT, ...even at that, you know that the next iteration is going to be a meaningful change, not just a speedbump.
  6. That’s exactly my point. With the larger pool of non rotating cards in other LCGs, reducing the number of legal cycles will cause the static portion of the card pool to be a proportionately larger share of the total. That’s a bad thing.
  7. Right now no new Netrunner cards have come out since last rotation, so that game is at a minimum of cards right now with five cycles. (132 Revised Core) + (4 x 55 Deluxes) + (57 Terminal Directive) + (5 x 120 Data Packs) = 1009 cards. Your math is way off. I wouldn't really want to go smaller than that. L5R and AGOT have eight factions and so will likely have eight deluxes for a minimum mature card pool of approximately 1200 cards. And since a larger share of L5R/AGOT is going to be non-rotating, it's going to be a bit harder to produce the necessary differential in the card pool to keep things fresh...a more rapid rotation only shrinks the share of the card pool that actually is subject to rotation. Just over 40% of the Netrunner card pool doesn't rotate. Assuming that L5R gets eight of the current 52-card deluxes, holding that game to only 4 cycles at a time would make 57% of the card pool static and unchanging. Hardly a boon to an evolving metagame.
  8. Revised Core Set is comprised of Original Core cards plus some Genesis and Spin Cycle cards. Anything from that era not in the new Revised Core has rotated out:
  9. That said there are some BROKEN card combos in the campaign cards, even allowing for the expanded power level that having them be Campaign Only enables.
  10. It’s okay. Don’t approach it too competitively and just treat it as a $10 bonus to a $30 Deluxe set of decent cards.
  11. Be sure to post in Netrunner Dorks as well!
  12. este juego se suspendió hace dos años, por lo que las tarjetas son difíciles de encontrar. Ya no se están imprimiendo. Los sitios web de Ebay o coleccionistas que venden tarjetas antiguas son la única opción.
  13. I don’t think you can build functional decks out of *just* TD Though. If that’s not a requirement, sure—go for TD.
  14. Not that we know of. Part of the impetus for the Revised Core was that Genesis and Spin Cycle were never designed to rotate and contained a lot of staple cards that would have been awkward to lose. Since Lunar and SanSan was where they started to “color outside the lines” losing them isn’t going to blow a hole in the metagame. At any rate, they’ll rotate probably sometime either at the end of 2018 or early 2019 which is not a huge amount of time to get your money’s worth. Better to focus on packs that aren’t so long in the tooth.
  15. Nope. Start with Revised Core and you need never worry about Genesis and Spin Cycles again.