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  1. The point of a Legacy game is that you make permanent alterations to game components and destroy others which are either done with or which you pass up on. If you're just selecting A over B and setting the B components aside then you don't really have a Legacy game.
  2. I'm trying to point out that there is no logic on display here. He complains about the card pool expanding too fast, but it's only $15 per month at worst, more often every 5-6 weeks. He complains about the card pool being too big, when Rotation is going to both imminently reduce and thereafter constrain the size of the card pool. He says he has no axe to grind, but presents an open call to any passersby to air whatever grievances they have that are sufficient to make them quit buying the game. He claims he's not salty but if someone stops buying something there's usually something they're dissatisfied about and he wants to collect more reasons for being dissatisfied. Not the action of someone who's happy with the game. I couldn't possibly disagree more, and I think that threads like these are harmful to the game as a whole. If someone wants to stop playing, that's fine, get out and don't let the door hit you in the tuchus. When someone loudly complains about stupid things before announcing that they're leaving, everyone else in the room is well within their rights to say that person's a jerk and should stop trying to spoil other people's good time. That's fine for you, I guess, even though "complete" is a strange word to a game where there is constantly new content coming out. On that note... This is yet another reason why the decision to ignore rotation is an own goal as far as whether or not someone's dissatisfied with the game. They've already said there will be no direct reprints. The writing is already on the wall with cards coming in that perform similar functions but are substantially different than cards that are about to leave the environment. "Re-buying" is not a cause for worry.
  3. Pretty much my reaction to every comment of yours on this thread.
  4. Then I genuinely don't understand why the hell you started this thread. I don't know why you're "jacking out" because your stated reasons for doing so are completely illogical, so I gathered it was something else. If $15 per month is too much of a financial strain, then why haven't you quit already and why do you feel the need to advertise it, **unless** you're being disingenuous about something.
  5. To me Salty means you are bitter or angry about something. To me a thread like this means, no matter how blase you phrase it, to be saying "**** this **** I'm out" and "who's with me!?" This thread has no purpose if you're not exhorting others to do the same. When people quit a game, they generally just leave, stop posting on forums, and spend their time doing other things. If you're here wanting to talk about it, it implies you have an axe to grind before you go, and by asking for others to give their reasons for quitting the game (but still expecting that they're hanging around forums) it invites others to grind their axes as well. And since the various forums have no shortage of people grinding axes about this game, some gripes legitimate and some not, I would prefer that this thread not exist if you're just going to drop out. Especially since your reasons for doing so are at best out of anyone's control, and at worst are just silly.
  6. L5R? Maybe they feel like another one after that? You don't know.
  7. If you're not planning to avail yourself of the card-pool limitation benefit of rotation, that's a personal decision that I don't think many people will follow. I mean, honestly, what even is the point of coming onto the forums and talking down the game because of your own private decisions? The only problem is of your own making. The size of the card pool is going to be capped at the Core, four deluxes, Terminal Directive, and the most recent five to seven Data packs. That's 982 to 1,222 cards. You have to have a certain depth to the card pool to have a healthy game, and that's where they've decided it should be. If $15 per month is too much for you to keep up with within those parameters, then I guess that can't be helped, but bear in mind that future releases are going to be designed for rotation, and if you don't set aside the old cycles you're going to set yourself up for some possible bad interactions. Rotation is not just about tournament play, it's about the health of the game. If you want to go, then just quit now and save yourself the expense. But don't make the game worse by posting negative threads to try and get other people to do likewise.
  8. That doesn't seem logical to me. Reducing the card pool by 240 cards is growing too fast? people already complain constantly about whatever cards du jour are distorting the meta, and the inability or slowness of new cards being added to change the status quo. so, no, I can't agree.
  9. Looks like it.
  10. Try on Reddit or Facebook's Netrunner Dorks community.
  11. They buy box stock in enormous lots so "leftover" is just a way of saying "stock on hand."
  12. R&D

    From the FAQ: Revealing Cards If a Corporation card is not visible to the Runner when it is trashed or discarded, then it is sent to Archives facedown. If a Corporation card is visible to the Runner when it is trashed or discarded, it is sent to Archives faceup.
  13. Well, here's the thing. It's not "the same thing" as such. It's a niche of a game function that exists because of how the game operates. Jackson Howard is a card with low influence cost, great rez-to-trash ratio, no cost of activation, and at paid ability speed. He was a man. Take him for all in all. I shall not look upon his like again. JH did several things for the corp: Raw draw power Recursion - i.e. getting stuff out of discard for reuse. mitigating Agenda flood. Now, all of those things are necessary for the game. Doing anything more efficiently than one per click, be it draw, credits, advancing, trashing resources, is what card effects are in large part meant to do. It's not hard to beat that baseline. Likewise there are many cards that have already been published that provide recursion for the corporation. In theory we could do without it but it adds a lot of flexibility if those effects exist. The last one is tricky. It's a necessary part of the game, because the requirement that the corp must put X points of agendas in their deck and must draw 1 card per turn means that the agendas are going to come out. If they come out at any rate faster than you can get them either scored or put somewhere safe, and if the management of that task starts to displace your ability to execute your preferred strategy, then you have agenda flood. And because randomness tends not to be an even distribution on small scales such as the size of a deck, or whatever portion of it gets drawn during a game, you're going to have days when you get no agendas and days when you get so many agendas. What do you do with them? With Jackson on the board, it's not that tricky. Install Jackson, overdraw your hand, pitch the agendas into archives, shuffle them back into the deck at the opportune moment. Without Jackson, what do you do when you've got 4 agendas in HQ and you don't have a scoring window? Well, we've got other solutions. Special Report shuffles them back in and gives you hopefully fewer agendas than you started with. Preemptive Action lets you shuffle 3 cards back into your deck from Archives, but it has to be on your turn, it costs one of your clicks, it takes up space in HQ until you're ready to use it, and it must be done at the end of your turn. Nowhere near as flexible as Jackson. So, the point of rotation is not to just reintroduce new cards that do the same thing as old cards. We'll never get "Johnson Harvard" that does the same as the old standby. The point is to introduce new designs that play with the basic aspects of the game in new ways, and require new strategies and new techniques to use. Not least because Jackson Howard was undeniably one of the most powerful cards in the game, and once he's gone the corporations are going to have to make do with replacements that serve part of what he did, but not all.
  14. No, because you are accessing more than 0 cards in that event. There is an access step, so replacement effects like Security Testing and Account Siphon will still function, but the number of cards you can access is capped at zero if you don't have any other effect that happens upon access.
  15. Because each box has a full set of tournament legal cards, it's assumed that interested players will buy a copy for themselves. Each copy of the set comes with a set of campaign materials for both the Corp and the Runner. So after you have played through the campaign as one side, you still have the stuff to play through as the other side. There are secret packs to open, stickers that get permanently applied to your PAD, and campaign-only cards that will get unsealed/altered/destroyed during the course of play, so you probably can't roll back your used campaign materials back to the initial state without some serious workarounds.