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  1. To be fair, all he really wanted was a source from which he could buy (real, physical) third party dice. I will be the guy to answer his question: no, sir; I am unable to provide you with a source, as I believe nobody is making them. Now, on to the good stuff.. wow that guy was a huge ****.
  2. hahaha! Oh man, it's funny because it's true. Jaekat, sounds like everyone has provided some great advice, so I'll just provide my well-wishing. I hope it all works out in your favor, and in record time! (insurance companies can be slow)
  3. Quick update: I checked specifically on Applied Perspectives website, and they are not the ones who suggested crayon, though I'm sure it works fine. Anyway, here is their official suggestion: I got this from here! More news before I even finish posting this! (sort of a pre-edit) I just found Litko's crayon suggestion: Crayola makes the world go 'round.
  4. I recall reading the official suggestion from one of those acrylic templates manufacturers, and they mentioned using crayon to fill in the lettering, as the surface where it's etched is rough enough to take the color, and it doesn't go overboard. As for dismissing spray paint because the sides aren't masked, you can .. you know.. just mask the sides. All you need is some masking tape. Another idea is that you can buy a paint pen, which is probably what a metallic silver sharpie is anyway. (that's only a guess)
  5. I just played this list last night; I did lose, but I had a ton of fun: Hobbie takes Focus action, Dutch pulls up next to him and target locks, then gives Hobbie a target lock (not an action, yay!). Finally, Wes joins the party and does whatever action, probably Focus. Ok so Combat is starting, give Hobbie PS:8 with Swarm Tactics, then attack with Wes, on Hobbie's intended target, to strip the tokens and enable Opportunist. Next up, Hobbie attacks, activates Opportunist, is now stressed, and spends his target lock, always and forever, no matter how many hits he gets, because afterall, he can just spend it and reroll zero dice. Cool, stress is gone, and he attacked with 4 (or 5 at range 1) dice, sweet. Last up, Dutch ions something and spends the target lock. His astromech attempts to re-apply the lock, thereby giving out yet another lock to whoever may want it. for next turn. So, as I mentioned, I lost. I played against my friend flying Omicron shuttle with Darth Vader crew, and 2x Bounty Hunters, each with Gunner. I think the problem there was my flying, because all my attacks worked out just about as well as I could hope. I just sort of went head-on into them and there's no way I can joust those beef-cakes.
  6. Wow, 52 inch diameter is just enough to fit a 3x3 foot square play area, and therefor I agree with you that it is perfect!
  7. I can't wait to get my hands on a Transport, so I can play with the (admittedly not very original) synergy of these best buds: Hobbie Klivian (25) (X-Wing pilot, PS 5) When you acquire or spend a target lock, you may remove 1 stress token from your ship. R3-A2 (2) When you declare the target of your attack, if the defender is inside your firing arc, you may receive 1 stress token to cause the defender to receive 1 stress token. Declare target, give/receive stress token, Roll dice, spend target lock (even if you choose 'zero' for how many you reroll, you need to spend it to remove the stress) On top of all that, I would like to use this guy: "Dutch" Vander (23) (Y-Wing pilot, PS 6) After acquiring a target lock, choose another friendly ship at Range 1-2. The chosen ship may immediately acquire a target lock. So then Hobbie can take the focus action and receive the target lock from Dutch, for double probabilities power!
  8. Great link, Thank you! I have done some comparisons to the link provided and we appear to agree on the probabilities, though my expectation values appear to need more work (as can be expected). lucmobz & MajorJuggler: I love the maths you've given me; I cannot wait to play with those formulas, especially in light of Forensicus' link. Edit: Also, as that link states, he uses an iterative process, so I am basically treating his work as empirical (and painstaking). That just adds to how happy I am that we agree, while using entirely different methods.
  9. Hi, what a quick response! I have a small chart of the distribution on the Constants sheet for you (attack die has 2 blank, 2 eyes, 3 hits and 1 crit) Yes, attack dice only on that first sheet. I began playing with attack dice vs evade dice on the Expectation Values sheet. I have put that sheet aside for now, but I am very much interested in your formula! Another yes for the last question; I should probably label that; The left half of the tables are for exact numbers of success, and you are correct on rows and columns: Rows for #dice and Columns for #successes. Edit: Also, evade die has 3 blank, 3 evade, 2 eyes
  10. I've been working on calculating some probabilities in Excel 2010. I'm not the greatest with probabilities, and so I hope someone is willing to double check my results (I was surprised to see that focus and target lock turned out exactly the same. I hope I formatted it well enough to read.. in case it's not apparent: going down the table means increases the number of dice you roll, while going across to the right is increasing the number of 'successes.' I've defined a success as either a hit or a crit, or in the case of the focus table, a hit, crit or focus. I made use of binomial distribution for the good stuff. The whole target lock table rests on the shoulders of the 1 die with 1 reroll calculation: P+(1-P)*P where P is the probability of rolling a success on a single die, so you have there the event that you roll a success, plus the event that you fail the first roll, and get a success on the reroll. I was just surprised to see that because of the number of hits/crits/eyes on the dice, that a focus yields the same chances. Expectation Values sheet is sort of a long-term goal, but for now I'm curious about my target lock and focus tables. X Wing Probabilities.xlsx Thanks for reading!
  11. This post prompted my first post on this forum! Great spreadsheet, and thank you! I was actually working on one myself, but yours is so much better formatted and more complete, so I won't bother continuing, lol.
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