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  1. I live in Sweden, and generally we have to wait a few weeks/months before FFG products reach our corner of the world. My question is tho, when is the US release? Is there a date set or some kind of estimation?
  2. Hey! The Sheet doesn't seem to give me the Mechanicus Implants prerequesite for the "The Flesh is Weak rank 1" (its still greyed out even tho im an iron hand)
  3. Amazing! Would very much like to see some kind of guide too one day
  4. A mini-expansion that adds equipment and consumables to the search decks etc, but some nasty stuff aswell, just to add different approaches and tactics on your way to the treasures - I'd buy it in an instant!
  5. I have to agree on this. As I grew up with the original Drakborgen version, this game holds a special place in my heart. However after playing the game a few times, it kind of looses its luster as you youve seen most of the cards. Please more stuff!
  6. Most of the Kindle Fire user I know root their phone to access the Google Play Store too, and the basic code is the same for both android versions so that shouldn't be a problem really. +1 for Android app! (I'm buying the new Nexus Tablet once it ships, this app would be great for those boardgame nights!)
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