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  1. GrimDeath58

    Reprinting "Awakenings"

    What is your source for these "rumors"?
  2. GrimDeath58

    FFG Stance - Tabletop Simulator / OCTGN

    Pokemon does have a digital version. It's official, and if you buy a physical booster, it comes with a code to redeem a digital booster in game. Because of this all fan made attempts have been crushed. FFG should do this model also.
  3. GrimDeath58

    OP Rules Released for Destiny

    There are no slow decks, just slow players. Sure, some decks may have more "decision points", but if you are competent with the deck, it's not slow.
  4. GrimDeath58

    Tusken Raider, Holocron, Mind Probe...

    RRM Page 9 RESOLVING DICE THROUGH CARDS Many cards allow a player to resolve one or more dice. When a player resolves a die through a card, they use the normal die effect based on the symbol, and follow any extra instructions. • A player must still pay any resource cost on that die. • A player cannot resolve a modifier by itself. • A player cannot use modifiers when resolving a die through a card effect, unless the card allows them to resolve multiple dice of the same symbol.
  5. GrimDeath58

    Discard/remove from play clarification

    RRM page 10. DISCARD PILE The discard pile is a faceup pile near a player’s deck where they place their discarded cards. "Before attached character would be defeated, instead heal 5 damage from it and discard this upgrade from play."
  6. GrimDeath58

    Why even bother to use the X-wing?

  7. GrimDeath58

    X-wing wave 7 in Armada

    More bombers. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  8. GrimDeath58

    Are the prices a bit high?

    I'm not going to quote everyone here but some points I'd like to lay down here after reading. Warhammer/warmachine are not real wargames either. There is hardly ANY tactical movement that matters. It's all about lining up more dice odds in shooting and assault. They are really Yahtzee with minis. Real wargames use lookup charts, hex maps, and little cardboard chits that have funny numbers and symbols on them. Advance Squad Leader is a prime example. Painting minis is a hobby unto itself, not a requirement to being labeled a wargamer. One of the main reasons I got out of the warhammer hobby is i got tired putting my fully painted army down across a primered, or even bare army. The amount of unpainted armies has grown over the 25 years i played. With xwing and armada, i dont have to look at a sh*tty army across from me anymore.
  9. GrimDeath58

    So why exactly are rear shields weaker?

    More armor. More mobility. More firepower. Pick 2. This formula has always applied to all engines of destruction.
  10. GrimDeath58

    Are the prices a bit high?

    Gamers are so ******* cheap. Do any of y'all have other hobbies? My shooting hobby costs blow this out of the water. Range fees, ammo, cost of the guns, ect. When I raced sport cars and drag racing, oh boy! Tires, fuel, brake pads/shoes, food.... Golfing, just... ****. And all those hobbies, the money is spend and there is nothing to show for it. With gaming, the game is still here after i use it, and I can play it again, and again, forever! So, no. The price is not anywhere close to being too high.
  11. GrimDeath58

    Shorthand dice speak

    $%@& this @*$&!
  12. GrimDeath58

    The end of 2 firepower?

    Are you talking about the A3-Interceptor. The one that you can't have 3 attack dice on for less than 19 points? You can get a 3 dice interceptor for 18. Only 5 in 100 point list, 15 attack dice. At 15 and 16 points, only 6 for 18 dice same as an 8 ship tie or z swarm. At 14 points you get 7 ships and 21 dice. If I'm going to use a 18 dice list. I want 8 ships , not 6
  13. GrimDeath58

    The end of 2 firepower?

    When they make a 14 cost 3 attack generic ship is when the 2 dice ship is dead.
  14. GrimDeath58

    Meaning a discarded defense token?

    Spent exhausted defense token