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  1. But the psychic projection gets expensive. Anyway to make it cheaper? or rise it faster? Maybe without arcana exxect?
  2. So in other words; No ablative force field without psychic projection?. 100 DP sounds expensive, but it helps in the long run.
  3. I was asking more about the psychokinetic shield. Let see, say if I get a PPotential of 180 I get a psychic shield of 1000 LP. Do I use psychic projection for defense and then we remove the damage taken from those points? is this right? And if so. Let say I don´t purchase psychic projection. Just dodge or parry. then what would happen?
  4. I guess stacking would be overkill. And how about psychokinetic shield? is it automatic like a limited form of damage reduction? Or do we need defensive psychic projection?
  5. Thanks for the answers. They helped a lot. Now I got another one: Can then, in theory, sustain the same power twice? Like psychokinetic trap or regeneration?
  6. Okay, I know how to use psychic powers; roll d100, add potential, see table and thats what you get. That much is simple. My question is regarding the psychic crystals and potential. I have noticed they have very limited numbers. Well, not counting certain artifact rules… In magical potential the bonus gets multiplied. Does this happen with psychic potential? I might need an example, sorry for asking.
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