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  1. IF YOU LIKE RISK, YOU WILL LOVE THE GRID!!! Best Browser Text Strategy Game of 2012 - The Grid The New Grid Is Here And It's Spectacular! The Old Grid is gone! A brand New Grid has arrived and its shiny! Featuring dozens of commands, new rule twists, and a clean, sharp look and feel, you will begin to feel the sheer awesomeness right away! For those who enjoy typing commands into a DOS Prompt, or viewing a graphical representation of a database, the New Grid will accommodate you and will always strive to put the 'geek' first! What are you waiting for? When The Grid sirens call… you must answer! Description: It's a unique MUD-like real-time strategy browser board game that single-player adventurers and friends can play together against other online adversaries. Build your territory larger and larger while keeping your assets like farms and cities safe. Summon wizards to increase your stats and your ability to protect yourself. Steal gold from others and play as a villain, raining havoc down from the skies to destroy random players across the board as they become more and more enraged. There is so much you can do in this game - it's a revolutionary concept! (play) The Grid: http://codeelf.com/games/grid/ (view)
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