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  1. What is the size of the base used for the Clone Wars tanks?
  2. byrns

    AMA with Andrew Navaro

    Hi Andrew, I am curious how the process is to get something approved by Disney for Star Wars. Are they particularly strict? Which materials are you allowed to use?
  3. I don't mind Palpatine being in the game. You could come up with an narrative for him being there pretty easily. I don't want a AT-AT in the game for the same reason I wouldn't want a Super Star Destroyer in Armada, it's too big for the table.
  4. There haven't been core sets available in Canada since launch it seems. (apart from Amazon.ca)
  5. Not that great we had 9 come out (one had a bye). About 1/2 the players including me have played less than 6 months so the competition wasn't too stiff lol. No video and no write ups that I know of. I can answer some basic questions... For example there were about 5 Vader Imperials, 1 Han Rebels, and 3 Scum IG lists. IIRC I didn't make top 4 (just missed out) and I didn't stick around to see the final match results.
  6. I've recently started with Imperial Assault and I already have the skirmish maps for the current rotation. I was just wondering which other maps are good to print out?
  7. Is there a site that has lists published?
  8. Hello, I couldn’t find this explained anywhere... I am very new to the game and have Synchronicity in my deck. The way I understood the card is that as long as I have at least one dice showing a shield and another showing a melee I can play the card. However my opponent said that my dice can only be showing those symbols (shield and melee). So if I have other dice in the pool showing any other symbol, a Blank for example, I cannot play the card. Which is correct?
  9. Too bad they didn't do textured trays similar to the bases for the heroes.
  10. Funny that all the online stores got theirs.
  11. I use Plastic Soldier Company Early Panzer Grey spray, and I find that Vallejo Panzer Grey matches very closely to it.
  12. This is what pre-painted would've probably looked like. (Prepainted MoM 2.0 figures) I wouldn't be happy with these...
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