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  1. You know what. When I said my copy said otherwise, I was referring to a reference image I found online. My physical copy also says "Not Defense." I will do some digging and get back to you! Edit: Alright I did some digging. It seems it may have been fixed on a reprint of the expansion. Which means its prime FAQ material. Thank you!
  2. Hello rjb, thanks for all your questions! Are you referring to the Siren alien power sheet? Mine says "Not Main Player."
  3. Hello Cosmic fans! FFG is beginning to update the Official Cosmic Encounter FAQ, and we would like your input! Please post any questions/clarifications that you would like to see in the Official FAQ. We are particularly interested in fleshing out any common questions that may exist in the many Cosmic Encounter expansions. Please note that this thread is only for FAQ question suggestions. We will not be answering any questions in this thread, and only some suggested questions will make it into the FAQ. Thanks for reading! I’ve provided you with a special alien power below, usable only on the forums. --------------------------------------------------- Poster (Provides Questions) You have the power of FAQ. As a forum poster, you may use this power at any time. When a question is revealed to you that you think should be in the FAQ, you may post it here. A helpful bunch, the forum posters are always ready to assist in anything related to Cosmic Encounter. The other alien races are grateful for their participation. Any Player, Optional. All Phases.
  4. Good question, for one I figured the price would go down. Also I just liked the idea of having a collection of FFG games. Anyway, I think I figured out FFG is distributing it rather than publishing it. Either way, opened it up, love the components, can't wait to play!
  5. So I just picked up Dungeon Fighter at my FLGS, and I thought it was supposed to be distributed by FFG. I realized its an english version from Heidelberger Spieleverlag and Cranio Creations. I'm quite confused, many websites including amazon list Dungeon Fighter as being a FFG published game, yet I can't find mention of it on this site. If an FFG version is going to come out, I don't want to open up this one. Anybody have an answer?!
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