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  1. You still pay for crimelord, the resource cost doesnt come from a Die it comes from the card.
  2. For ours i made a bloody map of the city that someone had been working on but shes dead now... Also she had a diary that she picked up from someone else, the first chunk of pages are from a guy during the beggining of the outbreak, she picks it up 32 days later, the group continues it... Also picking up a mask that there gonna find soon that leads to a cult there gonna have a big problem with because they are unclean
  3. The Skinner The crew, running low on work has taken to salvaging for a local firm, they have a list of prime items that fetch a good price should they be lucky enough to stumble across them. The crew happens upon an old trade federation ship that seems to be mostly in tact. The ship has no power so the crew must wear suits. The ship is littered with battle droids that all seem inoperable. They stumble across a mobile droid seemingly comsuming another droid, its arms and legs seem to be doubled in length and the lower part of its face replaced with grinding nashing gears. the ship is littered with these horror droids that you later find out are the horrible creations of a droid who has been stranded on this ship for along time and at some point gained sentience and went mad, he captures and skins all who try and loot the ship and wears there skins. I played this game like a survival horror and it worked out well. The characters couldnt get into alot fo melee combat as they were in space suits and 1 tear could mean the end. During the runnign i threw in a part of the ship that was missing and they had to kinda space walk from section to section.
  4. I dont run rebels often but when i do my squad is 2 - xwing rookies, 1 Wedge, 1 Gold y wing and the y wing has been the diffrence between win and lose every time. The last time i ended up circling the big asteroid pecking away with my ion cannon , destoryed 3 ties with the y wing. Cant wait to add a firespray with ion cannons to my imp squad.
  5. If this is still available i am very interested in this, I have trusted friends going to gencon i would trust to handle the transaction for me.
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