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  1. We have about 4-5 guys that at Gamenight games on 2100 south 951 east in SLC
  2. I have about 4-5 that play gamenight games at 2100 south 951 east
  3. With the walker dissection upgrade at 3 ap's x 4 =12. Does the upgrade include infantry?
  4. So with that said, could I fire with my pounder with his 36" range at an enemies Ludwig?
  5. Who can shoot at who? From the text "Miniatures cannot draw line of sight to a Soldier miniature more than 16" away." Are enemy vehicles included in miniatures? Could someone elaborate.
  6. Hey Guys, Where's the Allied flyer? It's got come out next.
  7. What page in Operation Zerograd references those two items?
  8. Hey guys, What happens to non-air calvary unit that crash in transport helo? Can aircraft be given an order to fire in the combat pahse without taking a compulsory move?
  9. I thought so. thank you for you're thoughts.
  10. Hey guys, Can a walker jump 9" vertically and then 6" or 12" horizontally?
  11. Thanks guys, that's what I thought.
  12. My friends are playing Barrel Roll is a Fee Action, since there is no Token to represent this maneuver. Can anyone help with this one?
  13. I found it. Thanks anyway.
  14. If anyone can help me, what are the damage lines for the M3D-Cobra? I have one but only a tactics card. I know it costs 35 a.p. I want to see if they nerfed it down. Someone please help.
  15. It has to be Rosie and Sniper team, after Air Dropping a Fireball and disembarking them and shooting. Bye-bye poor Ludwig!!!!
  16. Thanks for all the hard work Rodney and others. I found one issue while reading. Under vehicle movement the text say's, "Can only move into its front art (90 degrees)." Hope everyone is enjoying Dust Warfare as much as I am.
  17. Do the (4) 4.2" rockets fire all at once doing 20/1 damage, or is it 4 separate shots at 5/1 damage, or is it one-shot at 5/1?
  18. Felkor, How can you run three radiomen in the same Command Section?
  19. If my Command Section is wiped out does the temporary Command Section benifit from the Special Order for that platoon?
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