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  1. waging_war said: My God! Some people are real pieces of work. If you don't want to buy a game cause America is the fictional bad guy in the game, then don't buy the game! Sit at home, watch CNN, kiss the screen when Tucker Carlson comes on, and belive you rule the universe. It's a game! Get over yourself. I'm Canadian and I wouldn't ***** if there was a game where Canada was the ideological enemy. Hell, I'd even play it! As a Canadian myself, I suspect that not only would most Canadians play it, but we'd be **** proud to be taken seriously as a military superpower villain!
  2. Darkeus said: Wow, I can't believe people got out of sorts about this. Come on! It is fiction. Did it really matter if the USA was the bad guy in this game? DId the original story really need to be changed anyway? Also, just in case it was not addressed, Fortress America is a real term. It concerns the fact that we are surrounded by two big ass oceans and there are not many ways to effectively attack the USA. Apparently there are two countries that border the USA, one called "Canada" to the north, and one called "Mexico" to the south. (I only mention this because I'm not convinced that all Americans are aware of it.)
  3. I'm intrigued by the premise of Fortress America, and I am definitely planning on picking this one up. But one thing puzzles me, and perhaps fans of the original game can enlighten me. What on earth happened to Canada? I can see that the border between Canada and the USA still exists, so we're not supposed to assume Canada was annexed by the USA or anything. Yet we're supposed to believe that in the scenario depicted in the game, the three invading superpowers have no interest in first invading Canada as a staging ground to invading the USA? They all choose to simply ignore Canada? I suppose the simple answer is "The makers of the game didn't want to bother with detailing a fourth invasion area" or something along those lines. But I find it hurts the game's verisimilitude somewhat to simply ignore Canada as if it wasn't even there. Unless you assume Canada is simply neutral or something, but even then it's hard to believe the invaders wouldn't pull a "Germany-through-Belgium" strategy to plow into the northern USA. Thoughts?
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