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  1. To be honest, I had this exact same thought after I posted my previous response. But I was too lazy to go back and change it. This is the correct answer.
  2. Soul Shatter can only be cast as part of Psychic Combat. It cannot be cast otherwise. Even though it is cast before the combat roll, it is still part of the overall combat. Therefore Fiery Retribution may be cast. Both characters were killed.
  3. It's amazing how many cards conflict with each other. Today I had the Vagabond (turn ends with a movement roll of 1) and the World Eater Box (with a movement roll of 1 place a random terrain card on your space and encounter it). What happens when you roll a 1? As to your specific situation,m I would think that the path overrules everything else.
  4. My seven-year old's reading ability has progressed to the point that she can read Talisman cards. My wife and I always told her that once she could read the cards she could play Talisman. We have an extra copy of the base game. We'll be breaking that out soon so that she can start experiencing the game first-hand. She already hangs around and watches everything whenever we have friends over to play. My brother first introduced me to the game (2nd Edition) when I was about her age. I am proud to be passing on the love of the game to the next generation.
  5. Then what's the point of the inner region? Why not just make it so you have to go through the Portal of Power to get to the Crown? I don't see this as being a "die hard Talisman fan" issue. It fundamentally changes the game. The game is called "Talisman," and yet all of these different options for getting to the CoC completely negate the need to have a Talisman. Every other aspect of all of the expansions adds something to the game. This aspect takes something away from the game. That's not what expansions are supposed to do.
  6. It seems to me that there is something else that lets you increase your spell limit also, but I can't recall what that is right now. Having the Genie or the Spellstone or anything else that gives you extra spells that don't count toward your limit would be a more likely scenario.
  7. Osbo25

    +296 Modifier

    I did get a little worried when I drew the Dragon Toad, but alas, I survived. (I should have uploaded the image with the first post.)
  8. Osbo25

    +296 Modifier

    I pulled off a +296 modifier the other day. I was the Dragon Rider. Due to a glitch in the Digital Edition I couldn't get through the Portal of Power. (No, I didn't have a Warlock Quest.) I had to keep running around until I could change the terrain on the Portal. In my running around I collected 37 dragon scales. I also had the Dragon Amulet (all scales match your opponent) and the Dragon Talon (all scales add 2). I then encountered four enemies on a single space in the Dragon Tower. 37 * 2 * 4 = 296
  9. The spell Marked for Glory works with the event Lottery, right? I mean, you could theoretically wind up with 12 gold, right? I can't think of any reason why not. It's like hitting the multiplier with the Powerball. But let's go really big. You have the Totem Staff from the Dungeon, which lets you hold one more spell than your max, giving you four spells. You cast Marked for Glory, then Spell Call, then Marked for Glory. When you cast Marked for Glory the second time you use the Scribe to discard your fourth spell, and then you cast Marked for Glory a third time. That's a total of four spells cast, which you can do because that's how many you started the round with. And then you use the Gift of the Wild quest reward to add an additional three to your total. By my calculations, you could roll a base 6, add 6 three times (or 18), and then add another three. That's a roll of 27 from a 1d6. And, heck, if you're the Gambler you could reduce the odds and increase the total still more by however many fate you have. Am I wrong on this? It seems excessive, but, again, I can't think of any reason why this wouldn't be permissible.
  10. 1) NO TELEPORTING TO THE CROWN OF COMMAND. It bugs me that there are so many ways to get to the Crown of Command without actually engaging the inner region: defeat the Lord of Darkness with +8, Arnkell, Dragonspire or Great Portal, etc. The inner region is a fundamental part of the game. Under no circumstances should it be permissible to teleport straight to the place where you can win just by landing there! 2) DRAGON TOKENS MAY ONLY BE USED ONCE, AFTER WHICH THEY ARE DISCARDED. It is far too easy to become far too powerful by collecting dragon tokens. Add in Dragon Talon and/or Dragon Amulet, and you become nigh unstoppable against Dragon decks, which leads to rapid and unfettered building of your stats. As such, if you use a dragon token in battle or psychic combat, you must discard it. One use only! There. I've said my piece. Now, fire away and tell me how wrong I am.
  11. Yes, this is already a rule. Core Rule Book, page 13, section "Casting Spells," third paragraph. My wife and I play it where you can only use a dragon scale once, at which point you have to return it to the draw pile. Dragon Scales may also be alchemized for 3g each (same as Alchemist alchemizing magic objects), thus giving them additional value/usage.
  12. He would gain one fate, as it is an act of replenishing.
  13. Osbo25

    Talisman Speedrun

    Here's another way to get a one-turn win: Character: Sprite or Leprechaun (starting space: Forest; starts with 2 spells) Spells: Toadify and Marked for Glory (Bolster would also work, but would require a 6 roll) Movement roll: 3, 4, or 5 -- Move into the Dungeon Draw: Secret Passage -- Roll a 6, Teleport to Treasure Chamber Engage Lord of Darkness in Battle Cast Toadify -- Roll a 4, 5, or 6 Cast Bolster -- Roll a 2 or better with the Lephrechaun; roll a 3 or better with the Sprite, add 6 (for a total of 10 or better) Lord of Darkness rolls a 1, resulting in beating him by a score of 8 or better (If the Time Card is in play, roll a 1 or better for the Leprechaun or a 2 or better with the Sprite.) Teleport to Crown of Command
  14. when using lucky charm for rolling two dice, can I roll one die and then decide on the other? Bludgeon is correct. You use the charm before you make the roll. So you could use the charm to make one die a 6 (or whatever you want) and then hope you get the result you want with the other die. What you may do, however, is roll both dice, spend a fate to reroll one of them, and then use the charm to determine what that result will be. also, can dark fate be used on a die roll determined by lucky charm? I agree with Bludgeon on this one. Here are the wordings in question: Lucky Charm: You may discard the Charm when you are about to make a die roll. You choose which result on the die to use instead of rolling it. Dark Fate: A player may only spend dark fate to reroll a die that another character just rolled. (page 8, The Woodland Expansion rule book) The Lucky Charm explicitly states that a die result is chosen INSTEAD OF ROLLING IT. This means that there was no die roll. According to the rule book, Fate (either light or dark) may only be spent when there has been a die roll. This is different than, say, the spell Marked for Glory, which allows you to "add up to 6 to the result of the die roll." In that instance someone could still spend dark fate to make you reroll, even though you can still adjust the outcome due to the spell.
  15. I would turn you, your mother, and the Riding Horse your mother rode in on into a toad without thinking twice. Then I'd dig the heel of my boot into your stupid warty face. But for the sake of civility, no, I wouldn't reveal your spells to the other players, even if I did know what they were.
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