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  1. I can't find a copy of the scenario setup cards - but do you keep the Wraith on Wings burdens going into the Black Gate and Mount Doom quests? If so - if you split the teams into 2 games, how do you handle them?
  2. Yea, it just lets us know it isn't going on retail sale before 2018. And yea, the mats have been of varying degrees of quality - in terms of thickness - but the print themselves has always been really good for the ones I've seen.
  3. Say what you will about their lack of communication and super sparse news updates/articles, but hot **** do they deliver on their art choices for playmats. Yes it's hard to beat Magali, but from what I can see of this card, it's pretty spectacular as well. but I too am most excited for that playmat!
  4. I like using Scrying from my batch of Mystic cards to know the next 3 cards. If I'm concerned about being stuck in a role that has assets on the board, scrying will let you know where you need to sit for the next 3 turns (assuming no additional drawing).
  5. Likely will still bring my Caldera deck then, paired with a pure tactics Rohan deck.
  6. Thanks! Will the Black Gate side still need to quest successfully each turn? We are likely going to split into 2 groups of 2 and I'm just trying to gauge how much quest/combat I need to bring against them.
  7. Can the enemies at the Black Gate be trapped?
  8. 4 and 2!?! Hmm.. I'll have to see who I can talk into joining the group maybe.
  9. Excellent! thanks! On the split team option, is it suggested to send 2 and 2 or should 3 hold the Black Gate while 1 goes with Frodo (assuming 4 players)?
  10. How many scenarios are in this quest? What are they called? Trying to plan a Fellowship quest event and trying to gauge if we can complete the box in a session or not. I heard the last scenario can be played in EPIC mode - is that combined with the 2nd scenario or is the Black Gate it's own thing?
  11. I want to arm him with a pistol, shovel and lantern (bandolier obviously). Allows him to use the lantern or shovel for fighting or gaining clues and can use the other (or gun) to get those discarded items back after killing something. Just gives you lots of options for dealing with whatever.
  12. I don't know if they update their site with availability, but here it is for $40. https://teamcovenant.com/product/core-starter-set-arkham-horror-card-game-lcg They also offer a subscription thing so they will ship you the new pack/box so you don't have to worry about availability.
  13. With two cores I felt most of the main investigators from the core didn't splash much from their off faction except for Skids and Wendy. Both of them tend to borrow heavily from their secondary class, when I build them at least. Roland doesn't need Seeker cards if you are bringing a Seeker, but at best he snags Magnifying glasses, Shortcut and eventually Pathfinder. Agnes may try to steal Lucky! from Wendy but that's about it. Daisy may use Delve too Deep, Drawn into the Flames or a Rosary if Agnes hasn't already claimed them. Wendy takes a ton of rogue cards from Skids. Skids takes a ton of guardian cards from Roland. So if you are using Core only investigators - don't run Skids as he takes too heavily from Guardian, and you want Roland to have his toys. If you are using whatever investigators you have access to, then yea, the Dunwich investigators are great and just because you can have 5 non-faction cards in the deck doesn't mean you HAVE too. Also, I'd borrow cards out of that 3rd core you have available to help fill in things.
  14. Yea, it took me awhile to get the right pose + items in hands for the models I got printed. The $15 Nylon Plastic version is actually pretty terrible for models. The detail is really poor and it is very textured, making painting it a pain and it doesn't look very good as a finished product. The $30 Premium Plastic they use is really good quality and paints easily. So the cost would get pretty gross if you were to print one of each investigator.
  15. They cost a pretty penny too though. and aren't pre-painted.
  16. Oh man I love the touches on the book! Well done there. I've used HF for a DnD model as a gift, but you are right - they are a bit pricey. They do turn out really good though. My only complaint with HF so far is the items in hand/on the sides are sometimes ridiculously dis-proportioned but it looks like the gun models you got are all really good. If you look at swords and such they are very odd sizes.
  17. Well it is generally recommended to get a second core so that you have 2x of the cards and can make more reliable decks. As for playing with the entire card pool or not, that just comes down to your preference really. Generally, after you play a scenario you can upgrade cards from your deck to new XP cards, or swap cards out (putting in a new zero XP card still costs 1 XP in the rules). Several of my play groups decided to house-rule ignore that rule so we could more easily get to play with the new cards as they came out. Now that there is a solid collection of cards, I'd personally suggest you play with your entire card pool of player cards and just role from there. Having access to all your card pool from the start isn't going to enable anything game breaking because all the best cards still cost XP. This just gives you more options on your original deck builds as well as what to spend XP on. As for organizing, I'm not a "sleeve the entire encounter deck" kind of guy and just sleeve the Agenda/Act cards. These (and the rules/story insert) act as the divider for each scenario in my card box. All the "common" encounter cards that you get from the core and Dunwich that get reused in various scenarios I place at the front of the box and just search through it as needed when setting up a scenario. I haven't played solo myself, but I hear Roland, Jenny, Ashcan Pete and Wendy are all REALLY good at solo.
  18. Good point. Would be neat if the glyphs translate into a spell that Seeker has access too. Would also make sense considering Marie's deck building restrictions.
  19. Theoretical is the best kind! Because facts generally end other arguments. As such, I had already agreed with the consensus that TG isn't changing anything and it functions as you say it is. I think it's too funny that you don't see a point in debating it but continue to make your point It's also funny that you say "disagree all you like" but then give me an example of what wording would do the trick to let the Golden Rule overrule the "cannot" absolute. Anyways, I think we can all agree that the quality of this discussion has degraded to a point where it isn't actually providing any worth - theoretical or not. I feel compelled to get it going into a healthier direction, so, consider our new Mystic Akcahi - who can use level 0 "Occult" cards. And in Carcosa, we get access to an occult card: Looking at Strange Solution - which comes with a hefty XP cost once you've solved it - what do you guys think will result from "translating the glyphs"? Will it be worth it for Akachi to include and solve or will the result be an Occult card that she can't include due to an XP cost?
  20. The question is, if you look at 1.4 and 2.2, you see that "if" abilities are triggered after "when" abilities, but before "after" abilities. Makes sense. So the order of resolution is "when, if, after". If you look at 1.7, it states that "if" abilities are triggered after the "when" and "after" abilities. So the order for resolution of skill checks is "when, after, if". Why is there a difference? and isn't pretty much everything a skill check - so when is the first order of resolution even used?
  21. I disagree. Any rule - even "Cannot" - can be overridden with the proper wording. All TG would need to say is "Direct damage assigned to another investigator at your location can be assigned to True Grit instead" and voila - we have card text that overrides written rules text. The Golden Rule in the rule book stats that card text can override any rule, this would include this.
  22. Ah, lol, not at all. There is a very overlooked and slightly hidden "Rules Request" forum that you can find through the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. I'm betting my original question just got overlooked, they are generally really good at responding. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/more/customer-service/ Click Rules Question then find the link to the Rules Question Form.
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