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  1. Thank you for your awnser. We played it right then. Thank you for confirming. Another question came up when paying the scenario. A) what happens with the objective card when the hero which claimed the objective dies? B) in case a player lost all his hero's (when there are still allies I supose the player isnt finished yet? Sorry I gues this is written in the rulebook but doesnt have it right now), he is finished and not in play any more. Does this mean he is totally out of play, his cards? Or can his friend still bring him back or use cards from his discardpile, deck with e.g. stand and fight and fortune or fate? Even some rounds further? C) What happens, with the creatures engaged with a player when that player is finished? Do they return to the staging area? D) After ngaging enemies from the staging area and before defending we use Rain of Arrows ( 1 damage to each enemy engaged with player, tab range character). We used Legolas as ranged character for this. 2 enemies died because of the Rain of Arrows, does Legolas character text count ( after participates in an attack that destroys an enemy place 2 progress tokenson current quest)? And if so 2 or 4 tokens since 2 enemies died?
  2. I have a question regarding this quest. The First quest card tells is to: search the encounter deck for 3 objective cards. Place them in the staging area and attach 1 encounter card to each of them. Question are: a) do you resolve the when revealed text? b) do the encounter cards threat add up to the threat in the staging area? c) how do you claim an objective card? What happens with the attached encounter card? Next 1 hero is taken prisoner. Do you still count its threat?
  3. Thank you Richsabre. Will do and when I have any other questions I know there is a good community here to ask them. Thanks again.
  4. Yes we did complete flies and spiders and wanted to continue with journey down alduin. It went well so we well..we wanted to continue and think like you said it is nightmare mode. It is in the rulebook as nightmare but doesn't state really what stays and what not. So wanted to know if we did it correct like this. Normal mode all will reset and you play the new quest with all cards of you back in your deck and threat reset, no hits etc.
  5. Thank you for your quick reply Richsabre, I appreciate it. I was playing with my brother and the first quest went well so when we were through the 3 parts we decided to continue with the second quest. We weren't sure how it works correctly. We kept the hits and resource tokens and cards in hand and allies played, as well as attachments. Creatures on table we took away and attachments on them discarded. Is this the correct way? As you awnsered any excess quest progress can not go to the new quest.
  6. Thank You for your reply Richsabre. Maybe you know the awnser on a progress related question as well. With Northern Trackers you can deal 1 progress token in lands in the staging area. Say the land has reached the max progress it can have. Do you resolve by discarding them immediately, before quest phase resolving so they don't count as threat strength or after it so they do still count but taken out after and thus take profit of it next round?
  7. Hello, I have some questions about quest progress. The question came up during Journey down Anduin. The card state players can not defeat this stage while any Hill Troll cards are in play. Situation is Hill Troll is in play but with forest snare on it so it can not attack and thus we have time to built up attack force to defeat it. Meanwhile we have enough willpower to win during quest phase. Does the quest cards text be interrupted as we can not do progress yet until the Hill Troll is defeated or can we make progress? In that case what happens when we reach the 8 quest damage points needed? Where does the access damage go to, does it stack up and when the Hill Trol is defeated it goes over to the next main questcard 2a/b? Wih the access damage it could be completed right away as well?
  8. Thank you all for your replies. gave me some inside in the game and I think I like it. I like games where you can work together with friends. Deckbuilding I am no to into but who knows… took the step and bought the game. I must say it looks great and really invites you to play. Even may want to deckbuild abit.. With just the core set it arent to many cards to pick from which makes it overseeable. Last night I played a trial game with my brother. Although the rulebook is easy to read we run into some questions. Planning: when must action, respond cards be played is it here aswell? Do you keep them on table till a moment that you want to use them? I skip quest and travel for now will come back to that: Encounter: First a player may choose to engage a creature. This makes later engagement check for this creature invalite. Engagement and engagement checks are there to see to which player a creature is bound? For example player 1 has engaged creature A when a creature is not defeated in one turn the creature stays on player 1 next turn even though according engagement checks it should go to player 2 now? Now traveling: there are the creature A and a location card in the staging area. We want to go to the location. Does the engaged creature (assuming above was right) go with us to the location? (cause it is engaged?) Or does it stay on the main quest in staging area and wait for us to complete the location and then get engaged with player 1 again? If creature A comes with us to the location and somehow survives but the location card is overwon. Is creature A then discarded? or goes with us back to the mainquest? Even so for when the main quest is overwon and we continue to a following part of the main quest. Can you travel from location to another location after the first is overwon or you always get back to the main quest? Questing in relation to traveling: Steps are questing then traveling. We are at the staging area and there is a location card we want to go. First we need to submit us to the quest in the staging area and then travel right. So the new encounter cards will be deployed at the staging area. (as above when we move they can or can not move with us when traveling?) When on the location, next turn how and where is the quest submitted and compared with and where do the cards from the encounter deck deploy? The original staging area or the location? Seems to me both at the location. Any over damage will be added on the mainquest. (can you also choose a location in the staging area or isnt that location part of the adventure yet? I think it isnt cause you cant quest there yet, what about Snowbourn scout? can he add a progress token on location cards in the staging area?) Hope my questions are clear if not I like to know so I can try and re-write my question.
  9. Thank you very much Richsabre. These are insightfull awnsers. I dont mind deckbuilding.. When buying expansions you get all cards, not like magic or a ccg you have to hope for good cards And the scenario play seems nice aswell. I like cooperative games. I like arham horror alot. Though with deckbuilding with another, he has to like deckbuilding aswell. Nice you can soloplay then:) Can you use expansion cards of later cycles in previous cycles. What makes the deluxe cycle pack so it is needed for the smaller packs?
  10. Can this threat be erased? Somehow I had some trouble with connection last night and the pages gave errors so I made post today without looking. I see now my earlier post did get through. Sorry for the spamming.
  11. Can this threat be erased? Somehow I had some trouble with connection last night and the pages gave errors so I made post today without looking. I see now my earlier post did get through. Sorry for the spamming.
  12. Hi there, I am interest in LoTR living card game but have a few questions. I've seen the gameplay trailer and read some forums. Most forums talk about deckbuilding. Is this really necessary? - When you buy an expantion can you play it as it is or do you have to deckbuild. - Does deckbuild make the game easier to play? (a bit of a challange is nice in games so why would it be nice to deckbuild and make the game easier? Also what is the replay value?) I read that minimum seize of decks is 50 cards. - Are there rules for how many cards of a card type can be added? - Does a bigger deck make it easier to play? Other questions I have are about the soloplay I read much on forums. I thought it was a cooperative game for 2 players. - Am I wrong? - Is it more difficult with two players? - Do the many expantions make it better to even play with 4 players? What are your thoughts about it? I hope to find some awnsers that can make me decide this game is something for me. Greetings
  13. Hi there, I am interested in LoTR living card play but like to know some things. I've seen the gameplay vidoe and read some forums. There are many forums about deckbuilding. Is this really necessary or are the expantions playable without deckbuilding? If both can, is it more easy to play without deckbuilding? Are there rules of how many ards of a type you may add to your deck. I read that 50 cards is the minimum card seize. Is it easier to play with more cards? Another thing I read much on forums is about solo play. Is LoTR more a solo play game? Is it easier with more players and what are your thoughts is with the many expantions more playable for even 4 players?
  14. Hi there I am interested in LoTR living card game but like to know some things. I seen the trailer about gameplay and read some forums. There are many expantions and many forums talk about deck building. Is this really neccesary? When you buy an expantion is it playable or do you need to deck build? When you dont have deck build is it still fun or is it more easy? Do you just need 1 expantionpack or you have to buy more like in ccg? I read 50 card is minimum deck, are there rules for howmany cards of a type you can put in? Can you use all expansions with eachother? Also I read alot about solo playing. Is LoTR more an solo game? Thouth with core set you can play with 2 players. Is it easier to play with 2 or solo? With all these expantions you think it will be better playable with 4 players?
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