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  1. Question about custom items for adversaries. Can't put a description in now? Also in 1.5 it would print off special rules that you typed out for them. I would like to avoid putting them in as general items so then I can avoid players who might be updating their character sheets from seeing some of the special gear. Thanks
  2. Just D/L the latest version and it won't even load at all. V1.5 worked great and I've tried running all applications as admin with eset turned off and none of them will work. Any idea what might be going on? **Edit. Couple of hours later and it just works for no reason**
  3. Invercargill and we have about 8 players standard at this moment. Can't wait for the tournament this weekend at Dunedin.
  4. As per page 77. Just because he has 1 rank doesn't mean that gets to roll. It's up to the GM.
  5. A fun detour is. Search for the headlight fluid. Making the players find something that is meant to be in the regiment but isn't. Good way to introduce characters for later use. The interaction inbetween players during this can be priceless if done right. Laughs all round. ….Then the bullets start flying.
  6. Has anyone played with the 'Wild dice' effect? And do you think that it flow into this new system with it's different dice? For the people that don't know what I'm talking about this goes back, for me, to d6 star wars. Out of your d6 dice pull one dice was coloured different, the 'Wild Dice', and it allowed some very different things to happen. Made up by the gm example: Shooting with 4d6 needing 10 to hit. you roll 4,3,5,1. But this one was on the wild dice. GM thinks of his feet and says "yes you hit! however you see the red little light blinking on the back or you blaster telling you that the little Jawa who sold you the magazine was lying about how many shots it had!!" The same goes the other way as well when you roll a 6. Something good has happened. I've had a lot of fun with the wild dice system and if anyone has done the same and got some stories please share! My favourite one was a group of 'not so smart' stormtroopers infiltrating a enemy base. They still wore their armour and decided to take a astro droid as well. After finally gaining entrance to a large/slow service elevator and going down some 200 levels, the squad leader thought it would be a great idea to let their Captain (another PC from another group, Trying to get them killed every possible moment they could with stupid missions) know how well they were doing. The units comms man makes the call. This was hard due to the all the stuff inbetween them and the shuttle. Something like this: (something to remember. These players are a very good group of roleplayers and when called on they can make it sound like they've been in the army forever) Sarge: "Phil!" Phil "Yes Sarge?!" "Get me through Captain somethinginhisbum and let's let him know how well we're doing today! Make it quick! I want to get home in time to look at his………" By this stage Phil was busy at work trying to get through as quick as he could. Can't have the sarge waiting now can we? Due to where they were I made it very hard and he needed 21 on 5d6. Well he does it but rolls a 1 on his wild dice…… Captain "Sorry this friendly Captain speaking. I'm not here right now. Most likely killing some rebel scum that's trying to climb in through your window. If you …." New Voice "Richard have you cleaned your teeth yet?" Captain "MOM!! I'm trying to record my voice message! Now I'll have to finish this later!" "After the beep please record your message. Glory to the Empire. BEEP" Sarge "Muhahaha! Cap getting slapped around by his own mum! Err sorry there Captain but just to report that we sneaking into their base as we speak. All going to plan we should be able to take out their leadership with no problems at all. Just another walking in the park. Phil kill the signal." Phil's brother Bill "Dam Sarge that was just to funny! Did anyone record that?" Sarge "I'm sure the R4 unit did. Looks like we're getting off this planet sooner than expected boys! R4 give us some party music!!!!. At this stage the R4 unit put on the Numa Numa song and four stormtroopers start dancing in the elevator. Now lets step back a bit……… Phil rolled a 1 wild dice. So yes, he did manage to get in touch with the ship. But in his haste he forgot to encypt it. Surprise!!!
  7. The funny thing is that he's not the chief Enginseer Prime it's just that the Navigator hasn't bothered to find out who is and thinks just because he say so it is so.
  8. Hi all just thought I would share one of my players reports on the groups Explorator. Thought this was very funny but at the same time thought that this was very Navigator style of thinking. Evaluation report on: Tech-Priest Marcus Praetorian. Position: Chief Engineer Rogue Trading Vessel "Maximus Imperator" Koronus Expanse Sector. Carried out by: Chief Navigator Casmirre Varden Rogue Trading Vessel "Maximus Imperator" Koronus Expanse Sector. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ISSUES RAISED Slovenly. Incompetent. Threatening psychical violence towards his social superior (in every way)the Chief Navigator. Has a marked lack of people skills. Obviously rather deal with people with mechanical enhancements. Deranged. Talks to his attending Servo Skull (possibly starting to fall to the ruinous powers talking to him through it). Rushes into hand to hand combat at the first chance. Fails to realize his job is to protect the most important crewmember on the ship (i.e. The Chief Navigator). Fixated on weaponry to the detriment of everything else, i.e. maintenance/ repair work. Failure to obey every order promptly issued by the Chief Navigator, his superior. Failure to fix the warp drives in a speedily time. Failure to maintain the Geller field. Again thanks to the quick reactions of the Chief Navigator was disaster averted. Failure to show proper respect to his betters/superiors. i.e. the Chief Navigator. Failure to do proper maintenance on ships engines causing them to overload. Informing Captain that engines were fixed when they were not. Only thanks to the quick reactions of the Chief Navigator was disaster averted. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RECOMMENDATIONS Chief engineer Marcus Praetorian is immediately demoted due to the issues raised. Engineer Praetorian reassigned permanently to the engineering decks under armed escort until such time as the necessary repairs to the warp drives are completed and performing at peak efficient. All work done by Engineer Praetorian to be certified by the newly appointed Chief Engineer. Immediate termination/destruction of the Servo Skull known as "Clavis". It is obviously exerting some sort of control over him. The Chief Seneschal is to conduct etiquette classes for Engineer Praetorian to bring him up to speed on the social graces when in the company of his Superiors (i.e. the Chief Navigator). Look at an implant (or lobotomy) to make him less aggressive. Have our resident sanctioned Pysker conduct an in-depth psychic evaluation to make sure he hasn't been corrupted. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Casmirre Varden Chief Navigator Signed for and on behalf of Captain Alexander Rogue Trading Vessel "Maximus Imperator" Koronus Expanse Sector by Chief Navigator Casmirre Varden dated 698 M41.
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