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  1. May I add another tip of the hat to Crown Royal bags. Can't believe how long I played AH before recalling the old "Crown Royal" dice bags of my D&D youth. It was a pleasure to supply enough bags for AH, EH and Elder Sign.
  2. My bad! I meant "relic", not "rare".
  3. If I am told to search for a rare unique asset, am I allowed to take, say, a rare weapon unique asset if that is the first card I find with the "rare" trait?
  4. What is the adventure token for and how does it come into play? It's not in the rules and I haven't (yet) run across a card to explain it. Thanks!
  5. I played one game of EH with FL tossed in. It was a solo game in which I played 6 investigators. By the time I had finished activating the 3rd Mythos phase, I had: 6 gates open, of which I failed horribly at 3 attempts to close any of them; 1 investigator "defeated"; due to various card demands, the other 5 investigators all lost 3 toughness; due to no one able to roll dice to save their souls, the other 5 investigators all had the Madness condition. I backed away from the table, stuck up my hands and declared, "YOU WIN!"
  6. Thank you! Missed that completely!
  7. Hi! Old-time AH player here who's just getting into EH. While putting my cards into the protective sleeves, I ran across the "carbine rifle" which starts with the words "Once per round..." What, exactly, is a "round"? Can't find it defined in the rules or reference book. Thanks!
  8. My two buddies and I played 2 games of AH tonight, trying our first game(s) with Dark Pharoah. (The monster cup also holds the general monsters from DH.) Our first game ended in total disaster inside of 2 hours. In that game we drew The Terrible Experiment. It popped up just after 2 of us gated to Other Worlds. Bad card draws and a number of monster surges in the next two turns…by the third turn we hit the 8 monster limit. 8 monsters released onto a board with 5 monster already roaming the city with terror track at 10 in a 3-player game means we're now battling the ancient one, Yog-Sothoth in this case. We actually managed to removed 4 tokens from the doom track before we were all devoured. The evening was still young, so we started a second game. The third mythos card drawn was…The Terrible Experiment! We ended the evening before ending the game; we will return to it next week. We have four sealed gates, three on the Woods, the Witch's House and the Unvisited Isle. Azathoth is the GOO and at this moment has 12 doom tokens on its (14 space) doom track. We can afford monster surges (terror track = 2) on the current three open gates more than we can afford the opening of new gates. One player has the second Elder Sign Fragment; in two turns I can pick up 5 clue tokens for sealing a possible 6th gate, if we are given enough turns. As for The Terrible Experiment, we've kept it from growing beyond the following 5 monsters: Hunting Horror: -1 horror check with 3 sanity loss for failure, -2 combat with 4 stamina loss for failure, 2 toughness Magical Resistance Star Vampire: -3 HC with 3 SAN loss; -3 combat with 3 STR loss, 3 toughness Physical Resistance Formless Spawn -1 HC with 2 SAN loss; -2 combat with 2 STR loss, 2 toughness Physical Immunity Flying Polyp -2 HC with 4 SAN loss; -3 combat with 3 STR loss, 3 toughness Physical Resistance Nightmare 1 Overwhelming 1 Colour out of Space - 3 NC with 4 SAN loss; +0 combat with 1 STR loss, 2 toughness Physical Immunity Magical Immunity Don't think we'll be doing much more than keeping it contained before the game ends. :-)
  9. Wow! Have we been playing this wrong!! My game buddies and I are old-timers, been playing games like these for decades. We've always played that when a player closes a gate with monsters on it, the monsters are taken as trophies along with the gate. Why? Because that's exactly what the rules say … on page 3 of the 4 page rule pamphlet of the original 1987 1st edition of this game! We just carried this straight into the 2005 edition, no questions ask, until today. :-) For much the same reason, the "house rule" of placing gates face down on the board until an investigator actually encounters them is standard play for us, but here at least we knew it to be a house rule for the 2005 game. Wow again…can't wait to tell this one to the rest of my gaming friends!
  10. To continue this inquiry, so I come back from another world to an Arkham Location with an open gate and monsters. I do not have to encounter the monsters at the end of movement, but in the following Arkham Encounter Phase I close the gate. What happens to the monsters at that location after I close the gate?
  11. One Arkham Encounter Card for The Unnamable location reads as follows: You hear the scurrying and squeaking of a horde of rats from inside the wall. Abruptly, you realize that they are moving to surround you. Pass a Speed (-1) check to make it to the front door first. If you fail, you are lost in time and space. Since there is no specified result for passing the speed check, a passed speed check would be a default "no effect; nothing happens" result, according to the rules. Given what's happening (the investigator is beating feet to get to the front door before the rats cut him off) if the investigator passes the test (in getting to the front door first), shouldn't he continue (safely) to the street? As the encounter is currently worded, the rules say the investigator remains in The Unnamable, unaffected, but only IF he's able to pass the speed test and gets to the front door before the rats. For comparison, here's another encounter for The Unnamable: The ceiling beam suddenly buckles. Make a Speed (-1) Check. If you pass, move to the street. If you fail, lose 2 Stamina. I think in both cases the speed check is to make it safely out of The Unnamable and into the street. It makes sense to me, but I've recently discovered that what makes sense to me is not necessarily the actual rule in AH ;-), so I'm here once more, asking for clarification. Thanks!
  12. Just need a "reality check". The new(er) rules say that when a gate and monster appear in a game with 5 or more players, then 2 monsters should be drawn from the cup instead of just one. Is that applicable only in the Mythos Phase or does that also apply whenever a "gate and monster appear" during any Arkham encounter? Thanks!
  13. I want to thank everyone too, especially Musha. He pointed out the rule in his reply. I then looked it up in the rules downloads on this site. What he didn't do was quote the ENTIRE rule that made it a complete no-brainer: Gates and Monsters from Encounters Delay Due To Such Gates: If an investigator is drawn through a gate that appears as a result of an encounter (such as one that reads, "A gate appears!" or "A gate and a monster appear!") , then he is delayed, JUST AS IF HE HAD BEEN DRAWN THROUGH A GATE IN THE MYTHOS PHASE. (emphasis mine) The last phrase of that statement is what I was wanting to see! No ambiguity after that reading! I might not like it (as I said before), but now I KNOW how it's to be played. :-)
  14. Thank you. If it's explicitly stated that way in IH (which I haven't yet played) then so be it. I still don't agree with it nor understand why an investigator caught by an open gate in the Arkham Encounter Phase must be penalized more than when caught by a opening gate in the Mythos Phase. I agree that a correction was needed to keep a loophole in the Mythos Phase from allowing an investigator to get through an OW location with only one encounter, but then applying the same rule to the Arkham Encounter Phase unbalanced it in the other direction - 3 vs 2 encounters - for no good game design reason that I can fathom. But, as stated, apparently "them's the rules..."
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