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  1. You have a unit measuring for attack range to another unit at elevation, up on a cliff/building, or vise versa down onto a target: 1) Do you measure from above the units as close to base to base as possible? A two dimensional space measurement really, not accounting for the difference in height, which will shorten the range. 2) Do you measure at an angle from base to base? A more accurate line of sight measurement, accounting for the angle and full three dimensional space. There does not seem to be coverage for this in the reference that I can find?
  2. https://www.gamestop.com//toys/star-wars-legion-board-game/152756
  3. Thanks After some further reading, Appendix III in the Rules Reference (pg 27) does cover campaign setup too. I missed #2 on trauma damage/horror in campaign play the first time, and #7 tells us to gain 5 resources to start.
  4. Are resources, damage and horror tokens carried over to the next scenario as you advance through a campaign or are they all reset each scenario? I can't seem to find clarification in the rules and set up descriptions don't cover this in the campaign guide either. Physical and metal trauma are clearly carried forward, but I can find no mention of what to do with damage, horror and resource tokens. Any ideas?
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