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  1. I'm trying to set up an online game of rogue trader with my friends but I'm having trouble finding preset character sheets, and dice macros. Theres ones for darke heresy but not rogue trader. Does any one have or know where I can get a preset module for Rogue trader?
  2. Thanks for this, will these work for ship battles? Also I was thinking of having a google doc where I could paste inmages of people the rogue traders are speaig to while using skype. So it would sort of be like the original starcraft campaign interface at the begining of each mission with a bunch of talking heads (with me providing the voices over skype). Are there better options? I've always been a big fan of using props in my game.
  3. Hi All, I've been running a campaign for 4 years now and we're all moving away and getting spread out all over the map. My group is still interested in continuing the campaign and I was wondering if any one can point me towards reasources I can use to keep this campaign going over the internet? So were planning on having a drop box to keep track of all the stuff they need to see and we can use google drive to share files but I was wondering if there was any programs to run combat on? Please help!
  4. Hey all I was wondering if there was any one living in HRM who would be interested in playing a game of TI3? Let me know and we can get in contact.
  5. Something else you want to remeber is its good to draw the players in right from the start with a bang. Sex, violence and humor. Think about how romeo and juliet starts, there's two gaurds making sex jokes then a fight breaks out. A great way to start your campaign with a ready made explanation for why the ork is there is you caould have your rogue traders father or mother or uncle or what ever die right at the start of the game in an attack somewhere in the expanse. Your ork is hired to help fight what ever force is attacking your players house. Your rogue trader inherits the warrant suddenly and your players are immediately thrust into the fray. Don't hold back either, my astropath had to burn a fate point the first session we played it drew my players in immediately. But it is your game do what you want. I've always wanted to start a game where the players are gathered at some familly function and the warrant holder is assasinated which kicks off a sudden civil war in the house their a part of for control of the warrant. I just think that would be a great way to start a campaign. Think game of thrones in space.
  6. With this detailed back story to draw on it grounds the characters and I can reveal more things about them as they go through the campaign. Secrets from their past. For instance Trenne ended up dicovering her sister was still alive and being held captive in the heathen worlds by a slaver. She is currenlty in the process of reclaiming a world she is the ruler of by birth etc... This is why FFG stories aren't as fun as making your own, you can't ground them in a sort of context that really incorperates your players stories. That being said their books are great for stats and premade settings.
  7. Don't use the FFG material for story, they have good settings but the stories are dull. They won't be character driven it will feel like a cheap action movie. I guess it depends what your going for. I'm sure you can do better. TO really get a good story like that going you need to have detailed backstory. Here's my captains backstory. the Lady-Captain Trenne Zypher Her father was Edmund Zypher a moderately powerful rogue trader who had aquired his wealth through the exploration of a small but rich stellar cluster known as Dewain's Cluster. Together with his closest friend and ally Fauchsmund Thayne they had plunged into the unkown whethered ork assaults, battled reavers and claimed their riches for humanity. Her mother was Suri Yundai. She was the descendant of the exiled roalty of Geistzieg, the Bowguan. Suri had been sold into slavery at a young age by her parents so they could maintain their exorbiant life style, and continue to pretend that the world their ancestors had ruled before the Imperium had came was still under the dominion of the Bowguan. Sometime before Trenne Zyphers memories bagan Thayne and her father had had a disagreement which led to war. A short war ensued with little gain or loss by either side until that fateful day that's burned into her memory for all time. Edmund was gathering his fleet for a sudden assault on Thaynes ships while they were being docked and repaired, what he didn;t know was that an informant in his own fleet had tipped Thayne off and before the Zypher fleet could gather it's full strenght Thaynes reserve ships dropped in on them, and silently crept through the system into the gas giant belt where Edmund was docked. Thayne fell on Edmund like rapid dog, the Zypher fleet was not fully gathered and at this battle they were outnumbered four-to-one. Thayne was here to crush Edmund, worst of all was that Edmund's wife and two daughters were still aboard when Thayne telleported onto the bridge and met Lord-Captain Edmund in single combat and cut him down before our young captains eyes. She was six when this happened. In the aftemath of the battle many Zypher ships were either ambushed as the fleet tried to rally or they went pirate. Edmunds youngest daughter was lost and is presumed dead. Finally Borrus Godwin, Edmunds head Missionary and God-father to his daughters manged to rally what remained of the fleet but was forced to sell every ship but one and discharge the Zypher armsmen to pay the Zypher Dynasties debt which it would be unable to pay since thayne had siezed thier intrests. Shortly after our captains mother died. And she was raised in the cliff cities of giestzieg under a new identity, when she got older Trenne Zypher leanred the art of commanding a ship under the tutoring of the captain of a Naval patrol around the maw. A mission which lasted nearly four years. She was educated in the ways of the markets as well as the courtesies a noble-born of the imperium must know. Once she was 18 she reclaim her former identity and at Footfall stepped back on board her flag ship for the first time in 12 years. Thayne was still out there, hellbent on vengeance. If Trenne was to stand any chance of surviving she would have to amass a fleet to that could rival Thaynes. Fortunatly for Trenne her father had a contingency plan, one that would take deep into the expanse to face things man was never meant to know. But if she could survive all the daggers in the dark and the beasts lurking between the stars she would reclaim her destiny and restore the Zypher Dynasty to it's former glory.
  8. Start at footfall. What I did with my campaign was I created a massive list of endevors they could complete. At one point they had like 30 possible endevors they could choose from each from different organizations or individauls. As they completed these endevors tehy became more associated with some organizations than others this closed some of their old options and opened new ones. They also had some endevors they could complete that would not force aliances but the above option is fun because it forces the players to make allies and form enemies this ends up creating their own stories as the players get embrioled in the conflicts around the expanse. I also have an overaching story line which the players get less chance to influence. This allows me to plan ahead more so I can create cooler scenes and write dialogue instead of just having to come up with things on the fly. They still get some degree of choice but not to the same extent as the smaller less story driven endevors they can choose from. Are you having trouble thinking of ways to force your players down certian pathsÉ
  9. First off ask how the crew got their warrant of trade. You need to ground them in history, how many generation has the family held it, who are the captains syblings etc... Now you want to ask what brought all the players to this point. Character creation has a built in backstory creation so look at that and use it as a framework for the campaign your building. Now get specific, what brought these characters together? How have their paths crossed and what drives them to do what they do. Who are their enemies and who are their allies? Are they a promising house or one that's near bankruptcy? Here read this short story by cycnical cat it should really get your juices flowing: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/19297-inherit-the-stars/
  10. I make my players role for every warp jump. At this point we've been playing for 4 years now we all know the drill it takes all of 4 seconds and it adds a bit of tension. Not so much that they could end up in a terrible warp accident (unless their crossing the maw or deep in the expanse which has happened). The time delay can wreak havoc with their plans and Its important to include that. Also its been interesting. We've been keeping track of travel time and the warp effects of travel since we started and the results have been interesting. In ship time has been about 5 years but compared to "terran standard time" it's closer to 18. I use the travel time to do the same thing as tenebrae and roy as well. Healing and a good excuse for leveling. Occaisonlayy something interesting happens.
  11. I created a clan of Kroot who are specific to a region of a world I created called Geistzieg. (Info on Geistzieg can be found here: http://community.fan...ity-and-kraad/) In short Geistzieg is a terrestrial planet which orbits a red dwarf star. Since red dwarf stars are cooler than yellow dwarfs (like our own sun) a planet has to be closer to the star than earth is to our sun to be warm enough to support life. The closer proximity results in the planet becoming tidally locked, in other words it has no day night cycle. Humans live primarilly in ruined hives on the night side to avoid the large amounts of solar radiation. Humans were not the first species to live on this world, it has been industrialized for many hundreds of thousands of years which has resulted in massive amounts of pollution but on Geistzieg the pollution has selected for life which can survive in this poisonous environment. Chemicals which are poison on other planets are basic nutrients for the ecosystems of Geistzieg. There is a region which surrounds on of the three major cities on the world called the Ash Forests. It does not thrive on solar energy since it is on the night side. Instead it is dependant on the heat and ash provided by the nearby volcanicly active canyons and the cities pollutants. Imagine if you will some sort of dark forest with black ferns taller than a man filled with bioluminescest organisms. The air would be to toxic for human to use without a rebreather. Giestzieg in home to several small communities of kroot who live alongside humans in the hive cities, these small communities are thought to have formed from crimials banished from the warsphere they once called home. A couple hundred years ago a few dozen Kroot migrated from their life in the cliff-cities and decided to venture out to somewhere they could call their own. Why they were attracted to the ash forests only they can say. But they are the only intelligent life to be able to call it home. Prehaps it is this sense of solitude and belonging that attracted them. They are a highly reclusive tribe who will sell their services as mercenaries to outsiders in exchange for materials they cannot find in the ash forests such as metals. They have little in the way of trade save for that which can kill you. Fortunately death is a highly lucrative trade in the Kronus expanse. Their forests are filled with deadly beasts which sell well to fighting pit owners as well as deadly toxins. These kroot have another service they can trade, themselves. For generations they have been consuming ariel predators in the forest and now sport black wings like a harpy. They have grown pitch black of skin and like everything else in the ash forest these kroot have become poisonous. Their jaw has changed as well, it is split down the middle of the lower half and opens wider to show rows of serrated teeth. Their blood has become blue and glowss in the dark. Together these adaptations have gained them a fearsome reputation as hit and run killers. Perfect for hit squads in the incessant gang warfare that takes place in the cliff hives between competing Doh Guan families. It is not uncommon to hear of a crew boss who gained a few to many enemies to be taken out by the so called Black Wings or the Tuok'gee in the kroots own tongue. Tuok'gee Kroot Tribesmen. If you want to use the Black Wings in your adventure use the standard Kroot profile in the rogue trader rule book with the following modifications: Increase Strength by 5, Flyer (6) trait, Climb (+20), reduce their Dodge down to just an unmodified role, Dark Sight, All their melee attacks (including their beak and claws) have to toxic quality, and increase the penetration of their unarmed and beak attacks by 3. Their bite attack does 1d10+8 R damage with the tearing quality. Thier size is increased to hulking and if a hit hits the body there is a 50% chance it hit their wings which have no armour and if they suffer damage they cannot fly. If their wings are hit while the kroot is in the air they will take falling damage. All their gear which has metal in it is coated in an oily wax from a cactus like plant in the outskirts of the smog forests near the freezing cold night side tundra. The plants wax protects the metal from the harsh air of the ash forests which would otherwise render any sort of metal object useless after a few weeks of exposure. In the hands of others who are unaccustomed to this it makes their knife and kroot rifle gain the unwieldy trait (cannot be used to parry). Shapers are armed with Footfall pattern bolters, five reloads, two frag grenades, Tuok'gee Tomahawk and a knife. +10 willpower and intelligence, body armour 4 primitive. Two weapon wielder, Medicae +10, Psynisciance, (Command +10), Nerves of steel, Iron Discipline Tuok'gee Tomahawk: Traditional weapon used by the black wings shapers. Coated in the acidic blood commonly found flowing through the veins of the most deadly predators in that awful place. Made from the highest quality metal the tribe can aquire. (Basic One handed, Melee, toxic, primitive, 1d10+13, R, Pen 5, Special rule: Acidic coating: if a character is wounded by the hunting axe first aid tests on medicae suffer a -10 to the attempt)
  12. Here's a thread i started a while ago with the same agenda. Yours is better though Vandigrath. Lots of nice artwork and stats. I'll probably be stealing some of the stat lines and re-branding the characters to fit in my own campaigns! http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/57513-incredibly-cool-villin-database/?hl=database Out of curriosity is there any way to tag a member in a post they might find interesting?
  13. I like this argument. And I do tend to ascribe those stories of marines taking whole worlds on as being not lies but exaggerations. And I think that adds to the setting, George RR Martin adds those kind of details in his books and it adds t the authenticity because jut like i our n world you can't trust everything you hear and some of it's clearly bunk. It seems I've been to devout of an imperial citizen ad just swallowed the propaganda without thinking it through.
  14. If you really wanted it to die just don't post on it and it will go away. I understand they have rules but I can still point out that their hypocrites. The only reason I don't like the rule is I think it detracts from my the fan fiction section. Let the artist do what they want.
  15. Wouldn't an eldar and a human having sex technically be bestiality? That's revolting.
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