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  1. My advise is for you to go to the Dust Facebook fan site. It's sooo much better than this lame site.
  2. Having to use an action to set up the gun would be realistic.
  3. I think my only mistake was paying attention to what you wrote in the first place.
  4. I thing we were all saying the same thing but didn't realize it. It's sad I can have a decent conversation on face book about dust, but not on this site. It's pathetic really.
  5. My point is both the spotter and the sniper hit on blanks as long as the spotter is alive.
  6. A unit with this skill carries binoculars and always accompanies a sniper or a heavy weapons squad in order to increase their accuracy. When his squad attacks, reverse the dice results (i.e., consider as , and as ). Because dice results are reversed, a unit including a spotter rerolls results (instead of results) when performing a sustained attack. Note the above quot from the core rule spotter skill. It says ' when his squad attacks” We have always counted the spotter as hitting on blanks in our leagues and tournaments. I think this is one to ask the FFG rule guys.
  7. Look I appreciate your passion for game, I really do. Spotters are a two edged sword. In my experience 5spotters is too many. You tie up too many points in weak units. The small advantage you get during the first two rounds is minimal. After that at least two units are usually dead and you opponent better units slowly defeat you. I really don't see this as an over whelming strategy. Just one more strategy in a game of many strategies. I have certainly lost plenty of games using it, and I don't see how it is the terrible monster you want me to think it is. Now another point you bring up is fair play. Don't get the idea that I am some idiot who's entire self esteem rest on winning a game at any cost. I think enjoying the game is more important, and that has allot to do with your opponent. I don't think I have ever met a dust player that wasn't a decent sort. Now 40K, wow you could get some real twisted ones their. Most of people I play with are really good games, and are very competitive. I personally like a real knock out drag out challenge. This way victory is sweater, or there is pride in a well fought loss. So I guess what I am saying that I agree with you as far as the spirit of your argument. But I think that using multiple spotters is just one more tactic in a game that has many.
  8. Jiltedtoo said: My understanding is the spotter never receives the sniper ability, but the sniper and spotter receive the spotter ability when rolling hits. If the spotter goes, the sniper loses the spotter ability. If the sniper goes, the spotter still has the spotter ability but never had the sniper ability to begin with. That is correct sir.
  9. Four player game really aren't covered in the rules. My advise is to cover all these concerns in the scenario breafing. This way everone is on the same sheat of music.
  10. I use my spotters all the time. They allowed to keep my lothars in cover and still kill my friend Fury of Ivan walker in a game today. One more victory for the Father Land! As for real tactical forward observers, they were used heavily in WWII. I use mine much like scout units that are used in the modern military. You see artillery is often miles away from the target they are engaging. If an artillery unit is engaging the enemy with direct fire then something at the front has gone horribly wrong. The point here is that my use of spotters is historically accurate, legal within the game, and a successful tactic. So you can be butt hurt and call me names because you didn't win the argument. I value your opinion of me less than two *****.
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