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  1. I´ve read about FFG not doing Big Box Games anymore... whatever that means.. I´d love a new Horus Heresy Edition in a HUGE BOX... I´ll pay extra for it.
  2. I have them all… now i have all my cards sorted in a case, by race, type, cost, loyality… io am pretty satisfied. there is one thing thats bothering me…. if i want to play a game with alimited card pool, like drafts in magic… is there a program which would give me an output with lets say 150 cards? that way i would have a list of cards i would have to use to build a deck… same thing for my kolleague, then we could play … i dont care about the core draft rules.. i just want to play like magic online league games back then when that was still possible. of course i dont want to mix up all my cards just to do a draft game, because sorting everything to its place is quite time consuming.. i want to play more instead of seeking and sorting… so.. any suggetions?
  3. the card does not say "limit once per turn" can i use it several times in one turn i f i have enough token on it? example: i have 6 token on quest with unit on it. now its my turn, beginning, i trigger the quest, battle gets done, after battle it is still beginning of my turn right? so can i use it again?
  4. Mallumo said: Sacrificial Pyre: Action: When you sacrifice a unit, corrupt target unit. It's a triggered action. The sacrifice isn't a cost, the Pyre doesn't allow you to sacrifice a unit. It doesn't say "Action: Sacrifice a unit to corrupt target unit." So first of all, you need something else to actually sacrifice the unit, like a Slave Pen (Action: Sacrifice a unit to put a resource token on this card.). Additional costs are always the X in a sentence in the "do X to do Y" format. The Pyre's action doesn't have a cost, it just needs a trigger, it can only be used after you have sacrificed a unit. IF the Pyre allowed you to sacrifice a unit as a cost, then your opponent couldn't play the tactic, because you pay all costs upon announcing you're triggering the effect, so the unit would be gone by the time he gets to play a tactic in response, so he couldn't target it. But corrupting the unit wouldn't change anything anyway. When a unit is corrupted it can't be declared as attacker or defender, that's all. Nothing else changes. It can still be the target of effects, its power still counts, it can still be sacrificed, etc. ok, the german cards are terribly translated. i need to check for the english wording more often (which is also far from perfect in some cases) but back tomy question. lets say i have that that slave pen. when i trigger that action it comes on the stack, so my opponent can make a re-action. means i say i use slave pen ----> on the stack (is my unit already sacrificed and pyre triggered in that moment or is it to be sacrificed when resolving?) sacrifical pyre is on the table too now he plays "death in the shadows" he needs to corrupt his to damage/kill one of mine. this is on the stack and resolved first. now depending on when the sacrifice takes place, he is able to play his card or not is it 1. I havent sacrificed the unit because i have to wait to resolve, so he is corrupting his unit first damaging mine, then i sacrifice my unit not corrupting his.. 2. the action from slave pen takes place first because i have to immediatly sacrifice to play the action, therefore pyre triggers and i can corrupt one of his units which he will answer with death in the shadows to corrupt that unit first we got confused with the german wording. somehow we were asking ourselfes if i sacrifice a unti to corrupt a unit goes on the stack and he is corrupting his unit first if then my target was illegal if i would have to sacrifice my unit anyway or i cant sacrifice it because of no legal target… confusing enough?
  5. following happens I have sacrifical pyre and want to sacrifice a unit to corrupt my opponents unit. the action goes on the stack, the cost for the action is to sacrifice my unit right? therefore my unit is sacrificed immedialty?!! he playes a tactic on the stack which corrupts the unit first. resolving his first means the unit is corrupted now my action is to be resolved. if my unit was sacrificed as cost for the action i know nothing happens since my unit is sacrificed.. or is it like sacrifice to corrupt are both conditions which are to be met at that moment? taht would mean unit cant be sacrificed because the target is already corrupted therefore illegal… thnx for clearing that out
  6. ROLE: Player LOOKING FOR: GM/Group TYPE OF GAME: Online SESSION SPECIFICS: Anything but LARP REGION: Hannover / Germany SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: Always free to game. GAME STYLE: since i am new i´d like to start with something not too complicated, but i´ll go with everything
  7. Hi hello greetings. I was wondering if there is a chance to get a group for an online game with google hangout or what else there is… i am desperately looking for a real life group, but in my area i dont know many people who are interested in rpg´s at all, and the few i know aren´t too much into warhammer40k. So if there is someone else lacking a group or just with a wish to play this game on a regular basis, it would be great if he could join this threat and get things going. terra is big, there have to be enough of us to start this
  8. Okay, i made some progress. its still not finished, but i am getting there. i just wanted to share with everyone who would be interested. i also ask for help again… if you have the time and are in the mood, i would appreciate if someone checks my english…. maybe i use a figure of speech which isnt used in english or something else i did wrong. as for now i will add the clues and then the npc´s….. when it is finished it gets polished and in pdf so if someone is interested he may print it properly. https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B2-CSjW7YmsuYXBRc1JJUV9nS2s/edit?usp=sharing oh and every impression is received gratefully
  9. Thank you very very much! U just did everything i could ask for. Most appreciated!!! I will use your advise to finish this. I believe this will work fine. When It is ready I´ll post it here for everyone to use it the same way I did. However, there is still something I´d like to know. Since its a game for bloody beginners, how exactly would one make the first steps into the adventure like an tutorial. I mean what little tasks could i give him to become familiar with the dice throws… I know I´ll teach him close combat first with a small encounter, but what should i introduce first, if anything. It also would help me to become more used to it too.. Well, but dont worry too much about this… but if you have some advice how you do it with first time players i´d be happy to hear about it thnx a lot again
  10. OK, NOW THAT I Believe i did step 2.. how do i do step 3.. making the links and putting everything together… i really could use some HELP. thank you all ah and keep in mind this is supposed to be a single player adventure
  11. Ok now i do Step 2 from the sticky.. I am not sure if this is how it was meant in the sticky, so please correct me!!!! 2. Agenda 1 Search the Office of the Abbot for clues - the abbot is clearly suspicious from at least day 2 - there are letters with something strange clues (any ideas what it could be are most appreciated) 2 Observe the Monks - the monks dont speak - they eat only soup - they dont do anything exepct praying in silence - something what will give a clue, HELP ME i dont now what yet 3. Discover where the NPC´s have gone - The Organ in the concert hall is full of bodyparts from the npc´s - the remains of the bodys have to be somewhere 4. Find out the purpose of their deads - well they are transformed into a deamonic organ so a deamon of slaneesh can be summoned - what clues could be there to make the pc sense the presence of slaneesh cult but not too obvious 5. Who is behind this. - is the abbot the one behind this heresy or is there somone else, maybe a wealthy sponsor living on this planet - a letter in the office could be a clue to the mastermind 6. Prevent the Ritual from happening and/or inform the Lord Govenour in time - set the organ on fire, maybe it resists fire, i am not sure - how get a message out of this isolated place when everybody will try to prevent you from doing such a thing 7. The Inquisition comes and ends this heresy. the npc will be chosen by the inquisitor himself to be his tool in the future. his big achievement in this monastry prevented a world to be tainted by chaos and the npc is now an acolyte for the inquisition.
  12. ---------------------------- Cut ----------------------------------------- ok this is as far as i can imagine for now. the npc´s were pulled out of their roomes and butchered, their bones were made into keys for the organ, their skin was taken for the leathercover, the vocal cords were removed and installed into the pipeflutes. all monks have their vocal cords removed for all the other pipes, but the abbot needs a few uncorrupted vocal cords to summon a slaneesh deamon, which would be the first on this paradise world and since this world lives in wealth, would have a great starting point to corrupt this world. this is what the Pc has to prevent. of course not all by himself. the goal should be to uncover this madness and send a message to the lord gouvernour, who will take action by informing the inquisitor of this planet. when the ritual is in progress and madness seems to enter this world, the inquisitor comes to save the day. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What i need from you guys is more information on how to make that work. i am still a newbee GM and this is still far from ready…
  13. when asking the abbot about the guy missing, he explains that he came to him with urgent matters this morning. he received message about a death in his family, so he left the monastry early in the morning to meet with his family. he wont be back for the concert. one of the remaining singers, the one with the birth mark in form of an eagle on his forehead, expresses his sorrow with a prayer to the emperor for the guy and his family. after the breakfast they meet in the concert hall for practice. the organ is not working, so they have to practice without it. the abbot explaines it is beeing improved for the concert. if the pc wants to inspect it he´ll see that several parts are missing, like the flutes and the keyboard. also its coverplates arent in place. expect for that everything looks normal. the group makes a break for lunch, then continue practicing. the PC gets commendetion for his voice. after the practice the abbot tells him in private to be ready to take the lead in the concert. which is supposed to be in 4 days. Day 3 after a long and deep sleep with some twisted nightmares the PC awakes in the morning with bleeding ears again. the others complain about nightmares and the bleeding ears and one realizes that the one other singer is gone. the abbot will tell the group that the singer asked to leave, after the abbot told him he wont take the lead in the concert. he was ambitious to be the star of the concert and since that wont happen he wouldnt be a part of it after all. the abbot announces the PC will take the lead part and the 2 remaining singer will be the backgroung chorus. both npc´s seem to agree. Day 4 after a terrible night full of nightmares of the concert and not beeing able to sing because the npc lost his voice, the PC awakes again with bleeding ears. there is only 1 singer left. the one with the birth mark on the forehead was gone. the other npc seemed very concerned. he was disappointed and in doubt that they could do the concert with only them 2 left. the abbot explaines he left because he thought they wouldnt be able to make the concert worth his presence with only 3 singers left. so he quit and was gone after the abbot was able to reason with him. the abbot seemed very sad, however he was confident they could still do a great concert. the emperor was probably just sorting out those not worthy to participate in this event. now they had to practice how to do the show in duett. the organ still wasnt working, but progress could be seen. the keyboard was almost full in place and some flutepipes seemed ready to be installed. Also the coverplates were in place. if the pc inspects it he sees that the cover plates arefully bound in leather. if the makes a good dice throw he discovers a cover plate with a small black eagle shaped symbol on the leather. day 5 This night the pc awakens in the night when a robed men pulls the npc out of his bed. the pc can stay put and do as if he sleeps or engage the robed cultist in close combat. if he defeats the cultist he discovers that the cultist has a big scar on his throat.
  14. Ok. I tried to do as written in the sticky and this is what i got so far. 1. The HOOK the PC is a cleric from a paradise world. he has a profession which in his case is either cook or singing. The PC is chosen to perform at a concert to the glory of the emperor in a monastry on his homeworld. (If he is a cook he has to take care of the bankett) that monastry is on a mountain in a not very good accessible area, however a concert from the top of the planet would do nicely to show the planets inhabitants devotion to the beloved emperor of mankind. the PC and some other singer (maybe 5) arrive at the monastry in which they immediatly become aware of the silence ruling over this place. the monks of the monastry do not talk, they dont welcome the new guests, they just sit or stand in their places, probably praying in silence for the blessing of the emperor. one person is asking for attention while welcoming the new guests. he introduces himself as the abbot. He is a man with common size and an unremarkable face. He shows his guests their room, a hall with several beds, the dining room, the stage where they shall perform their glorious concert and before that, practice for the event. The PC and his companions then are asked to the dining room where they may eat and have some conversation between themselves. A little later they are called to the concert hall for practise, to show how much voice they have. since the PC and some other guy sound best, one of them is supposes to be the star of the show. After the first Night, the PC awakens in the morning after a very deep and dreamless sleep. When awake he discovers that his ears are bleeding and after asking around he finds out that all the others have the same symptoms, exepct for one NPC, who is… Gone. While at breakfast the PC gets a chance to ask the abbot about the bloody ears who will answer it is not uncommon because of the airpressure in this high region. tbc..
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