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  1. Much and More reads: Any Phase: Reveal the top 4 cards of each player's deck. Choose 1 revealed card owned by each player, and add it to its owner's hand. Shuffle all other cards back into their owners' decks. Does this mean that the "Choose 1 revealed card owned by each player, and add it to its owner's hand" part of the effect still go off if both players can't reveal 4 cards. I had a player in my meta tell me this but there is no "then" anywhere on the card so why wouldn't the "Choose 1 revealed card owned by each player, and add it to its owner's hand" happen if one of us only revealed 1-3 cards?
  2. If I have Pyre of the False Gods in my discard pile and I used the event Supported by the Smith to put it (and probably some 0 cost location but that is beside the point), would the Supported by the Smith then be placed on the bottom of my deck or does it stay on my discard pile? Also if I have Pyre of the False Gods in play and I play a Deathbound event card like the Prince's Plans or Forever Burning, would the deathbound card go to the dead pile or the bottom of my deck?
  3. I was playing a game earlier tonight and I have a few questions about whether or not my opponent and I played it correctly. The situation is as follows: I have an Alannys Greyjoy (ODG) and I play Valar Morghulis. My opponent has Tyrion Lannister (LotR), Timmet, and a bunch of other clansman characters. The way we played it is that, although I cancelled Tyrion's save using my Alannys (the kneel a clansman to save effect), he was able to save Tyrion by using a separate clansman to pay the cost of the same effect. Also, we played it that the clansmen that knelt to save Tyrion then became cannot be killed because of Timmet. My 2 questions are as follows: 1) Can Tyrion use the same ability by using different characters to pay the cost? 2) Do the clansmen that were knelt to save Tyrion become cannot be killed, or are they in moribund because they were killed at the same time as Tyrion?
  4. I don't know why I said New England. The regional that I'm trying to go to is in Manchester, CT. Is there going to be room in a car that I can get a ride in? I'm staying in Park Slope but I should be able to get anywhere so as to make whoever is generious enough to hypothetically drive me not have to go so far out of the way to pick me up :-)
  5. I get in in the mid-afternoon on Thursday the 30th, so I will probably go to your cards that night. As far as any other day, I'm there with my GF to visit her sister so I have to play it by ear. I am very excited to play thrones this Thursday though; it's always nice to meat members of this great community, and my friend David Hopper (visited NY last summer) spoke very highly of everybody. On another note, do you know of anybody that would be willing to take me from Brooklyn to the regional event in I want to say New England that Saturday morning?
  6. I'm going to be visiting New York from June 1 through June 7. Is there any day that people will be playing in that window? Thanks, reedhackman
  7. Luke's deck had a few very unique and cool tricks, which seemed to be there to tech against kneel, which makes a lot of sense given the strength of city plots and how City of Sin would hurt his character base, as well as Lannister having such great kneel effects and (at least my opinion) is one of the hardest houses for Stark to deal with. Overall, I really liked Luke's deck, as the Dreadfort allows him to replace his cheap, cost effective Bolton characters with better characters to hold in hand for after resets and after his opponent plays A City Beseiged on the Dreadfort. Both of these games started out very one-sided, with me having a terrible start and him having a great start the first game we played, and the reverse being the case the second time. I managed to lose the game in the finals by making two major blunders back to back on the fifth or sixth turn which allowed Luke to claim 7 power that turn, and was unable to stall the game out until the plot deck reset so I could Valar again. That said, he definitely deserved the win by outplaying me (it's not the deck it's the driver after all), so congratulations to Luke for winning the regional undefeated and thanks for a very fun final game (the first game was not so fun for me =P )
  8. Will you post the quantities of the cards in your deck? (Meant for Lucas Reed)
  9. Crevic said: The Baratheon HoD decklist has Narrow Sea x3 in both the locations list and event list Probably Narrow Escape
  10. Baratheon Treaty with the South. Jeff Lebow took second with Martell Maesters.
  11. Hypothetical situation: My Opponent (targ) has a Dragon Skull in shadows and a Refugee of the Plains in play. He brings dragon skull out of shadows and I cancel the response. Does he have to put the dragon skull on his character or does it get discarded?
  12. Title of the topic basically says it all. In the rules it says that you can only bring one card out of shadows per phase, but I am wondering if that only applies to the window where you bring out cards from shadows at the beginning of each phase. Does this also apply to cards like meera or guardian wolf?
  13. I'm gonna go ahead and parrot John by also committing to the joust.
  14. Hypothetical scenario: My opponent uses the plot "fleeing to the wall" and I chose to discard a golden tooth mines. Does it stay in moribund long enough for me to use its passive ability or does it leave moribund before i have a chance to use it? Based on the timing of the framework action window, it makes sense to me that it would stay in moribund until step 6, with the ability being triggered in step 4, but some of the more experienced players in my meta tell me that it is put in the discard pile before it has a chance to be used.
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