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  1. Downloaded on my iPad I'm going to play it today!!!!!!
  2. I don't believe FFG will ever do the second edition of this game. It would be kind of pointless as it's not a competetive game and there is nothing what they should fix in any way. But if they do i think it will be rather a different game more like AH LCG or maybe something totally new. It would be great if they will make last one cycle for the game and than end it in a big fashion(as it was already told here, each story must end). I would still be satisfied. I own every card of LotR LCG and it's my most played game of all time, we still play it each week or two with our group of friends and we love it. And there is still so much quests we didn't try and so much content we can still play with.
  3. It's not horrible box, its absolutely worst board game box i ever saw. I'm LOTR LCG player and collector and the best way for me to store quests is to put all quests from one cycle to deluxe box expansion. I hoped for the same approach with Arkham LCG, and they made this I'm really disappointed. Not to mentioning the small core box. I'm 100% FFG fan, i love most of your games. You make top quality products, but this box is really misstep. PS: if this was intentional and you will release some awesome cool storage solution for reasonable price, i will buy it (then apology accepted)
  4. I don't think they will re-skinned it to LoTR theme.. The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is much much much better card game and it has already lot of content.
  5. Lotr LCG is coming to the end But still, there is soooo much stuff we have.
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