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  1. Yeah, I went down to Eb's and there was the whole wave 1 on the shelves - after I preordered and still no confirmation of stock/shipping.. doh. I wants me shippies!
  2. One thing I noticed my group say from the beginning of Armada is, "This is what Star Trek Attack Wing should have been" - so I'll vote for a Star Trek game. Personally, I'd like to see Battlestar.
  3. Hey, Kelowna! I'm in Vernon - good to know someone else locally in investing in Armada :>
  4. Lucky! I haven't got any shipping notice yet, but I'm sure it'll be soon.
  5. Has anyone got any shipping notices for Canadian stores yet then?
  6. So have any of my fellow Canucks heard anything more about shipping dates, etc? I've now committed to preordering from Boardgamebliss. The estimate I recieved is that they should get it on the release date, which was estimated by them to be at the end of May. How about everyone else?
  7. I had never even visited that website before - I like it ! infusco: I would suspect they are now allowed to 'release' product until the proper date, even if it's just to mail it, if it's anything like video games and such, but that's just a guess - it -is- a nice thought though :> I'll probably be ordering through this site too since my FLGS isn't going to carry the product and my other (un)FLGS isn't going to be an option for me.
  8. I'm perhaps being a bit too 'fluffy-orientated' but when I'm playing I try to imagine what is 'really' going on. While ramming is a legititmate strategy rule-wise, I think some players ( almost certainly more in the casual camp rather than tourneys ) would find it odd that the crew of these ships could be so suicidal - especially if their ship isn't even damaged yet. Taking the examples above ( for no particular reason ), a corvette ( basically the smallest ship ) has a crew of 30-165 based on Wookiepedia. Those many people would die barring escaping to do ( in itself ) minimal damage to, say, a VSD. Could you, as a general strategist, convince numberous captains/commanders of these ships to do so unless there was absolutely no other choice? This would be further compounded, I would surmise, by the rebels inherient lack of equipment and personnel - could they afford to use trained people and precious ships in any but the more dire situation? Looking back to the movies, it seems most collisions were based on loss of control ( such as the A-Wing that slammed into the bridge of the SD ) rather then as intented attacks. There are a few instances I can see it happening: the dying ship's crew goes out in a blaze of glory just before exploding, or you have a society that can inspire certain individuals to preform such deeds ( such as the kamikaze pilots of WW II ), but these would be rarer occurances - not just appearing on your side of the battlefield and ramming straight into your enemy as a general strategy. Anyways, as I said, this is strictly fluff-orientated, but I was just thinking outloud.
  9. Indeed - have to start watching the stores late next week or early the next.
  10. Hi all, I know this topic is starting to stale a bit with time, but I'd like to get one clarification too: The rule about "Line of sight only has to pass over terrain, the area of terrain does not need to be taller than either unit." messes with me a bit. Let's use another example: Say I have a regular trooper of some sort on the second story of a building around 3" up ( no walls left - he's just standing at the edge of the building ). His target is around 11" away and in the open. Between them, about 1" from the building is a single 1" tall wall. Going from what I read out of the rule above, that wall, even though it's no-where near intersecting a line drawn between the two minis because it's so short, would still provide cover because 'the area of terrian does not need to be taller than either unit'. Does that then indicate that, for determining cover, terrain is basically infinitely tall, or am I misinterpreting and the line still has to pass through the actual terrain for it to count? Thanks everyone!
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