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  1. There's a plethora of dice rollers out there, so it's hard not to. But that's not the point of if. I'm doing it for the fun of... well, doing it. And if someone find af use for it, and apparently there are, then great!
  2. If anyone's still using my dice roller, then I've just made an update that show a log of your recent rolls
  3. Take a look at this project called Space Station Earth. It serves Google Maps in a futuristic space style https://www.mapbox.com/blog/space-station-earth/
  4. What about EOTE? what's lightning in it? Technically there's no Force Lightning in EOTE... but it would be the same as FaD as the books go together (if the GM allows it).
  5. At first I was like, sure go ahead just make the **** switch. But then, no. There are mechanics for this, starting down this path just opens up for more customizations again and again. If the player is dead set on playing this specific career, then he must buy his way into the skills he want. Either by spending the extra XP on skill ranks or for example buying the Well Rounded talent (make two skills career skills), a 5 XP talent in some trees (Archaeologist f.ex.). If his specialization is not in one of the around 6 specializations that have Well Rounded, well he gotta buy one of them then. At least that's how I'd roll with it.
  6. I have a player in my campaign who wanted to have a droid with 6 arms. I let him have it narratively. If he wants mechanical benefits from it he's gonna have to pay the price of the cybernetics. Might even consider the letting him pay the exp to buy the additional limb trait.
  7. Nice work. Interesting idea with the research system. Makes sense to put some time into studying what you're about to craft instead og just being able to whip out anything from your base knowledge.
  8. You may also try out an online roller I've made . It's a bit slow on the very first page load, but that's because it's running on a free developer instance. http://rpg-dice-roller.herokuapp.com/
  9. Quite an exciting backstory, I'm interested in signing up.
  10. I let my players take the ship, but I also made them pay for it. Basically their entire reward from the adventure went into repairs. They went to Tahkba the Hutt to cash in the bounty and made a deal with him for parts and labor in return for all the glitterstim they had found. As for stats, yes sadly they used a ship that does not have any official stats in any of the current books. So we just did a search for any stats for a YV-666 or Hounds Tooth and found some I found reasonable. I'm pretty satisfied that they've found and upgrade from their old ship plus it has plenty of room for upgrades to suck their wallets dry I'm afraid I do not have the link to stats we use (one of my players found it), but you should be able to find some stats pretty easily.
  11. I just deployed an update. It now shows the rolled result and the calculated result in text, as well as a little text that despairs and successes are added to successes and failures.
  12. Triumph count as additional Success and Despair count as additional Failure. Specifically for your roller, would the user have to double check the original results to see if the success part of the triumph or the failure part of the despair was canceled out if they are only seeing the triumph or despair symbol? Also, this is a very neat tool. Thank you for sharing it. In the result I show successes from triumphs as success icons and likewise with despairs and failures. I'm not sure if it complicates things or it is alright. Maybe I should write a little helper text explaining the results.
  13. Oh enjoying it very much indeed I took inspiration for my "About" page from your SWSheets.com, thank you too I'd use SWsheets if it wasn't because I've made my own character generator in RoR as well Though that one I will not share as it is a full generator with everything in it and FFG might not like that
  14. My intent was to display the dice in the order of building the dice pool. At least in my experience it's ability then upgrade with proficiency, add the difficulty upgrade with challenge, finally add you boosts and setbacks... But I see your point.
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