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  1. $45 for each team of three. You do not need to announce your team until you check-in to the event. Check-in starts one hour before the event begins.
  2. The convention determines the registration date. FFG runs Worlds so they choose the registration date.
  3. Send me an email at roy.scales@novaopen.com and we can talk about it.
  4. I'm guessing, but I don't think so for this year. Destiny came out too late for Regional season and that is typically where byes would be awarded for Nationals.
  5. It's a 3v3 game where the central player on each team is the Emperor. You have to defeat someone to their left or right before you can attack them. First one to kill the opposing emperor wins. It may sound a little clunky right now, but to be honest it is much more fun than I originally expected. We're still testing the format and I'm sure we'll be making some changes in the coming weeks. However, it is much more fun than I originally expected. Its really intended to be a fun event for players who want to do something a little different than standard competitive play.
  6. North American Championship is at GenCon. US National Championship is at the NOVA Open.
  7. you in control? I am on the NOVA Open Executive Board.
  8. The Pirate Tournament is not a Narrative event. I will make sure that the website reflects that. For the last 2 years, the Star Wars Narrative Campaign has been a lot of fun. I'm glad that you all enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Unfortunately, the narrative is taking a break this year. In 2018, the story will pick up where it left off and all will be good.
  9. If it sells out quickly, get on the wait list. That is the only way that we know more people want to play. If enough people are on the wait list, we will consider expanding.
  10. Don't forget to preorder your NOVA Squadron coin. The preorder number lets me know how many people are interested, and I don't plan on ordering many over the preorder number. So if you want one, make sure you get your order in. The size is 1.75" inches. The green lasers from the TIEs are glow-in-dark. They will be going to the printer soon. This will be a limited run and I don't plan on ordering more until the end of 2017. You can place your preorders here. There is international shipping if you live overseas. https://afewmaneuvers.fwscheckout.com/
  11. Is there a link for the original statement?
  12. A note from the NOVA Open. 1) If you attempted to register for a SuperNOVA in the first half hour, we captured that, and will be working to make sure we vett any that for some reason weren't captured. If I have to go into my personal pocket to do it, we'll make sure to get extra bags to cover those that were affected by PayPal's error. 2) The NOVA WebCart automatically deducts the cost of a CAP from a SAP if you purchased a CAP already. Ipso Facto, if you go back into the cart now that PayPal is resolved, purchase what you want, inclusive of a CAP, and were in the first 100 to cart/waitlist during the errors for a SAP, you will be able to upgrade to the SAP For the difference in cost once we can ensure it's ready to go safely. We will contact people individually on the list of the first 100 who did not get it before PayPal broke, to ensure you are given proper chance to snag your SuperNOVA. 3) While the error here was on the PayPal side, it's still a NOVA Open item you were attempting to purchase, and we are taking full responsibility for working through errors with anyone who missed out on a SuperNOVA that should not have. 4) Long and short - go purchase what events you DO want, regardless of SuperNOVA, and we'll resolve the SuperNOVA carefully and with full respect for all those who attempted to snag one in the first 30-60 minutes while PayPal was, to quote our engineer, "throwing its error." - Mike B, CEO
  13. Well, today's the day NOVA goes live for more than just the feverishly busy Exec Board and Leads. Website: novaopen.com Webstore: novaopenstore.com Schedule: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6qMuAG1UTYaUjlzREt2d1o3Vzg/view Hotel Rooms: https://aws.passkey.com/g/55247835 Things I'd recommend snagging while they last tonight ... SUPERNOVA ACCESS PASSES (SAP). These lasted less than one hour last year. I have no problem saying they are the best VIP program bags you can find at a tabletop gaming convention anywhere. That doesn't belittle others, either. They're just THAT good, thanks in large part to KR MultiCase and our other wonderful partners. SWAG BAGS. Last year, over 1,200 individuals attended NOVA Open. Only the first 400 registrants receiving Swag Bags. Those Swag Bags are ALSO awesome, and this year get even more awesome due to the addition of special Golden Tickets by KR to many of the bags, good for free product (Some of it quite expensive) at the KR Booth at NOVA. It's very possible we'll clear our 400 swag bags early on this year - snag them while you can, even if you miss out on the SuperNOVA. SEMINARS. With the addition of 4-hour intensive workshops by Roman and Raffa, the return of super-popular sold-out classes by Justin McCoy and Caleb Wissenback, and the addition of very limited-space classes taught by acclaimed artist Jessica "Brushmistress" Rich, seminars are set to go very, very quickly, especially those in the most optimal time slots. Don't miss 'em. X-WING EVENTS. Last year's events all sold out. The X-wing Narrative Campaign and X-wing Hunger Games events sold out shortly after registration opening. There are fewer Hunger Games events this year, to make room for new Armada and Imperial Assault additions to the schedule. When they're gone, they're gone. In addition to the Hunger Games, we'll of course have the NOVA Open X-wing Championship tournament and the weekend long Star Wars Narrative Campaign. ARMADA EVENTS. We have a great line-up for Armada. It all starts with the NOVA Open Armada Championship to crown our first ever Grand Admiral. The fun continues with the weekend long Star Wars Narrative Campaign that links into the other Star Wars game systems at NOVA Open and ends with a epic final battle you have to see to believe. Finally, for those Admirals looking to hone their skills, we have the introduction of Last Fleet Standing; eight fleets enter, only one leaves. IMPERIAL ASSAULT EVENTS. We will also be running 4 days of Imperial Assault events this year. The NOVA Open Imperial Assault Championship along with the weekend long Star Wars Narrative Campaign should satisfy any Imperial Assault player. STAR WARS NARRATIVE CAMPAIGN. For the last three months, the Leads for X-wing, Armada, and Imperial Assault have been tirelessly developing a story that brings all three games systems into one narrative campaign that picks up where the X-wing Narrative Campaign ended last year. The mission successes (and failures) of your faction throughout all three game systems over the weekend will affect the narrative as a whole. Victorious missions in Armada might mean reinforcements for X-wing. A failed mission in X-wing could make life harder for Imperial Assault players. And be prepared for special appearances by your favorite Star Wars heroes and villains. So don't miss on your chance to fight for the cause that will drastically affect the entire galaxy far, far away. These passes will most definitely sell out quickly. OTHER GAME SYSTEMS. The NOVA Open isn't just for Star Wars. We also have Warhammer 40K, 30K, Age of Sigmar, Malifaux, Lord of the Rings, Blood Bowl, Dropzone Commander, and many more. OPEN GAMING. Our gaming ballrooms will be open 24/7 from September 1st - 4th. If you're looking to get in a game at 3am just sit down at any open table in the ball rooms with your buddies and play. ALL THE THINGS! Last year's NOVA was by about 400 people the largest yet. It only looks to get bigger this year. By and large, most of our events sold out. That is likely in 2016 as well, only at a faster pace. So don't wait to get registered! HOTEL ROOMS. This one is unique for this year. We've already booked 20% of our room block and convention registration hasn't even opened yet. You really don't want to miss out on the ability to stay in the convention hotel. Even locals and staffers now stay at the hotel instead of commuting during NOVA. There's just too much to do and too much socializing and fun to be had well into the wee hours of the morning each night. Good luck getting the events and items you want. The NOVA's exec staff will be online and ready to triage any issues you have. Contact us at novaopen@gmail.com with any questions that arise.
  14. This year at the NOVA Open, our weekend long Star Wars Narrative Campaign will combine X-wing, Armada, and Imperial Assault. Its going to be awesome!
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