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  1. I read through the pistol in melee rules in the beginning of the equipment section of the core book, but was unsure about firing mode since I have the standard plasma pistol on my servo-harness. It has a semi-auto mode that is now a half-action since I'm auto-stabilized which led me to question if I still had to use it as single shot in melee. Single shot will still be fine for me Herichimo, I DID purchased those "role-playing" talents. They were crap and I couldn't use them successfully. Is it great roleplaying if my unarmed techmarine uses his Luminen shock and is the only member of his squad unable to subdue his enemy? It was not my intention to create a story where my advanced unarmed attack I installed was inferior to all other space marine attacks. Find something that a Space Marine does that does less damage, I challenge you!
  2. (First question is about rules but is related to my other Tech-Marine questions.) 1.) When using a pistol in melee to make a standard attack is SA attack allowed? Note: I have a Techmarine with the Auto-Stabilized trait. 2.) Does anyone find the Luminen Shock/Blast talents useful or used often? Personally my unarmed damage is superior, my other talents/ability don't apply and the Shocking quality has never worked. I prefer to use my built in Servo-arms or my plasma pistol on my servo-harness. 3.) Has anyone successfully made use of Ferric Lure/Summons talent? By that I mean: Has it been useful for the completion of a mission? 4.) Would other Tech-marines agree that the flavor talents are much less useful than straight skill/characteristic upgrades? Of course we have our share of great armor talents and I'm not saying the class isn't tough as hell. Just feeling flat compared to mechanicus characters from the other game books.
  3. A Space Wolf has the cheap option of taking the "Ritual Battle" deed from RoB. For 300xp you start with swift attack. I play Wolves on TT too and I'm fine with getting my "extra attack" without thinking about weather my pistol is actually doing the damage. Just stab twice one round and melee shoot the pistol twice the next round. No extra rules needed or wanted here -Praise Russ!
  4. You're working too hard Techmarine. Put a Breaching Auger on a servo arm with the Machinator Array talent and call it a day. It will do the same damage as your chainfist nonsense without making your GM and fellow players groan. At only 18 req, you can't beat that bargain! Oh, and it opens doors. Thick ones.
  5. You may want to compare this with the rewards of the "First Among Equals" distinction from Rites of Battle. 1000xp buys you 20 extra req and +10 bonus on renown when choosing gear. Sig Wargear talent is good for about 20 req and master costs you another 1000xp for 20 more. So I'd say that the cost of wargear is about 10-20 req per 500xp. Since the trade skill costs 600xp to train I'd just be clear with a player how much req he can build with it. Since it takes time to aquire and tweaking weapons is consistent with fluff, I think this is a cool way to improve that standard wargear. If he opts to improve it to +10 for 400xp give him some more req. Improvements seems totally believable and balanced. I wouldn't let a player build some prototype nonsense or scratch build a conversion beamer or anything.
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