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  1. A game where you are forced to prevent one Team/Nation/House from winning the game is flawed from the start. It is unbalanced by definition. You are forced to stop the House from winning. If you dont to x,y,z they win. So your options are to do x,y,z, to prevent them from winning or let them win. We played the first edition of this game over 100 times. It is flawed and so is the second edition. They didnt fix this flaw. A board game is supposed to be balanced so that all Teams/Nations/Houses etc. have an equal chance of winning the game. This game does not do this without help from house rules. So by definition this is a flawed board game. aka Unbalanced.
  2. Who in their right minds would pay to beta test a game? That goes against the whole concept of beta testing. Beta Test definition: A test for a product prior to commercial release. Beta testing is the last stage of testing, and normally can involve sending the product to beta testing sites outside the company for real-world exposure or offering the product for a free trial. FFG you guys are the biggest misers I have ever encountered. Every penny you can get, rub em together. Not to mention the broken games you guys produce such as Game of Thrones 2nd edition. Cash in on the hot title with the same flawed game from 5 years ago. Its laughable. I will not be buying any more games from this company. They are out for one thing and that is MONEY.
  3. I was wondering if anyone else was having issues with the 3 player game? We played 2, 3 player games and house baratheon won both fairly easy. Within 5 or 6 turns. We own the 1st edition and it had the same problem. We were hoping that this was fixed in the second version. If it is the goal of house stark and lannister to stop the baratheons then the game is flawed. You shouldn't have to have to houses gang up on one to prevent them winning the game every time. Maybe the 4 or more player versions don't have this issue. We are very disappointed with this. We love the books and the show and we want to love the board game,but so far we aren't at all. We are thinking of trying to start with other houses in the 3 player game or raising the neutral forces to 4 or 5 instead of 3 power.. Any help would be appreciated
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