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  1. * one attack for the double attack card sry im not a native speaker
  2. I would like to know if you guys out there use some house rules for Descent 2? Maybe you added some elements to make the game become more harder, or there are some rules u do not like and changed them. Regards Hendrik Our House Rules! (so far) 1st: We don´t like the rules for line of sigth, so we changed it to tracing the "shortest" pathway from one corner to another. Hasn´t affected game play as far. The "thing" we consider: To make Lieutenant a little bit stronger, some of our players suggested to make them count as Heroes instead of an monster with almost all benifits. Make them become real officers. ^^ The Search order should be removed for the Lieutenant! Stand up order for Lieutenant: He gains two Red Dice insted of one and the Overlord could use his cards to make him move or attack (once for the double attack) Maybe some specific monsters should gain the ability to Help him up (Humanoid like Creatures as Gobbos) ?! To deal the finishing blow the Hero who downed the Lieutenant has to make an an Attribute test vs the officers main attribute (e.g. Lieutenants highest attribute is Strength. the hero has to make an test on Strength test.)If it i sucessful the Lieutenant is defeated and removed from the game as normal, otherwise he is Downed. We tested this only once, but will keep on play testing.
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