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  1. I was just checking the Talisman Wiki at www.talismanwiki.com/Main_Page and I see that there have finally been a few updates made. Looks like everything from the Blood Moon and City expansions have been added. However, there has been one thing from one of the two expansions that has been accidentally left out. Just for fun, let's see who else knows what is missing from the wiki!
  2. After finishing the Warrior's quest you can play the Troll, Druid, Wizard or Monk.
  3. You have to complete the Warrior's quests to unlock other characters.
  4. So I see now that the pre-order demo now includes the Wizard. Is it possible for any of us who already have the original pre-order to upgrade so we can getthe Wizard too?
  5. Just saw the latest spoiler at Talisman Island. The Spellbook has the potential to be pretty nasty if you well-endowed in craft…
  6. Hello everybody! I'm new to this board, but I've been a fan of Talisman since the mid 90s when I first played the game in college… and when I first turned somebody into a toad with a Random spell. Anyways, I've stumbled across www.talismanwiki.com and noticed that not too many cards for the Blood Moon expansion have been added to the page. I'm not familiar with wikis, and I was wondering how would one go about adding new entries to the page.
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