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  1. Much appreciated! Saturday can't come soon enough for me!
  2. Looks like us Americans finally got our acts together. Mine's just shipped today and I should get it by Saturday. I, too, wouldn't mind a board spoiler...or a list of cards spoiler.
  3. Only the Talisman cards with the purple back go in its own separate pile. You do not have to remove any Talismans that are in the Adventure, Dungeon, Woodland, Deep Realms, etc. I will say that the Talisman deck has gotten a little more interesting with these new cards...
  4. I'm not so sure if all of the Remnant cards are nice, either. That would be TOO easy. I'm thinking there might be an enemy or bad remnant here or there..,
  5. Another day, another update! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/4/4/no-longer-lost/ Hmmm, it says that the expansion's rulebook has been uploaded, but I don't see it...
  6. Here's a link to the City Pass: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1079326/some-house-rules-custom-city-watch-and-city-pass-c I do like the City Life card. It adds a little bit of a danger element to the City. Also like the City Pass as well. Another thing I like is a punishment for being a Lycathrope, which would mean that the Werewolf would be forbidden to chase you in the City. Will definitely have to try this!
  7. The Cataclysm expansion is now listed as being "On the Boat". We will probably get an update within the next couple of weeks (Don't quote me one that, though!)
  8. I figure an update will come before the end of the month...but we all know that watched pots never boil. Keep cool, we'll be updated soon enough.
  9. I missed the update, but the game is now "At the Printer".
  10. Patience folks. More info should come by mid to late February. I'm very much looking forward to this expansion too, but I'm not going to get myself in a tizzy about it knowing that Fantasy Flight usually doesn't give out previews until a little over two months after the announcement.
  11. I agree with you. Totally. My biggest gripe with the City expansion is too much reward and not enough risk. I think that there should be a mini set off about 20 to 30 cards to add to the City deck that adds a little more peril. How about a card that causes everybody in the City when the card is drawn to lose all of their gold or two lives? Or a card that closes all shops for two or three rounds? Or a Dishonest Shopkeeper Follwer card that you must take that forces you to pay double the price at all shops until you pay him ten Gold. Pretty much anything to make venturing into the Ci ty a little more dangerous.
  12. The more I'm looking at this the more I like it! I don't think this is a standalone at all! I think you can use all of the expansions with Cataclysm (Although I do wonder if Harbinger will be overkill with it.) If this adds more spice to the base board without taking away from the other expansions then I'll be one happy Talisman player!
  13. I don't think we'll ever see the end of expansions to this game. It will be about two months before we get more info on the game, so let the speculation commence! BTW, I get the feeling that the guy with long sword is the Barbarian. Every post-apocalypse HAS to have a Barbarian, you know!
  14. While the Dragon expansion is the only one my friends and I won't play with (The token drawing is too time consuming and tedious.) I'm very much looking forward to the digital version of it. I'm hoping that the digital version speeds things along and makes it easier took keep track of the token drawing. I also love the Dragon cards and hate not using them. That being said, I have completely fallen in love with the Harbinger expansion? And I wouldn't mind if Dragon came after that one!
  15. Looking through the Harbinger deck right now. This expansion is EVIL!!!!!!!
  16. Got my copy! Can't wait to try it out next weekend with my friends! It gonna be a great birthday weekend!!!!
  17. Looks like according to delivery confirmation I should be receiving Harbinger this afternoon instead of tomorrow. YES!!!
  18. So which one is correct? lol Well, stores usually get their new merchandise on Tuesday. Also the Amazon listing is from a third party seller, not directly from Amazon.com . You can tell which date I'm leaning towards.Also keep in mind that Fantasy Flight Games usually makes their releases available on the site AFTER FRP Games for some odd reason... MAJOR EDIT: FRP GAMES NOW HAS IT LISTED AS IN STOCK!!!!!
  19. Quick questions: Is the Celestial guaranteed to have at least one fate because of her ability? I can't imagine her having no fate, hence no craft.
  20. FRP Games has changed its release date from July 31st...TO JULY 21ST! http://www.frpgames.com/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=111534#.VaVV3or3anN By the end of next week I should be one very, very happy Talisman player!
  21. Hmmm, FRP Games estimates July 31st, which I strongly doubt ( http://www.frpgames.com/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=111534#.VZil2Yr3anM )
  22. And I also said I realistically don't expect to hear anything more until early to mid July. That's ALWAYS been the way when expansions are announced. It's usually a little over two months until we get the second preview, then we get previews about every two weeks afterwards. I'm pretty positive we will hear something by July 15th, but don't start panicking if we don't!
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